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Those who are interested in TRAVEL and HIKING in Austria, their CULTURE (e.g. their great MUSIC CULTURE) and would like to meet each other.
Sharing their experiences about their life or vacations there,and if you need - helping each others by practical travel advises.

You are welcome in our society! From now on you can also invite new members, friends or whom you think would be also interested in our group. ( Click on INVITE botton or you send them a personal message in the usual way ).

In the Threads - all of you can write or reply.
I visit this side often, but sometimes you can find me in the FORUMS, or in BLOGS too, or of course at MY PROFILE.


AUSTRIANS and ALL WHO LIKE Austria and Austrian culture

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i want to live australia


Mein Deutsche ist so so. I have not been to Austria but would love to visit. It is on my bucket list for sure. I would love to see Hallstaat and stay for a while. I have been fortunate enough to look into Austria from Schloss NeuSchwanstein in Deutschland.

RE: Hello Bogart,

Hi Maria

Sorry, I did not about you post.. i believe i have been "lost"... here in CS

Thanks wine

Hello Bogart,

You are welcome here! cheering

Hi New Members! Welcome!

Hi Tony,
I am glad you found pleasant people for Wien.
It must have been a nice journey of Eastern-Europe, and you are lucky if you can work in different places. Then you can see a lot of different parts of the world. Surely Pennsylvania is also a grandious place of the world.

Actually I am very satisfied if I can see Austria, next to our country-,it is still reachable for me.
But! I am very goal-orientated in travel, and fortunately it is my target country as I feel so that surroanding is one of my best subjects for my pittura and those mountains, waterfalls, villages, towns,culture, etc. that I need.

Of course there are other countries too I am interested in e.g. Scandinavia, France, Greece, England, but they are too far from reality for me this moment.

For this Summer I plan to have a nice hiking in the Alps of Austria, and with a more- persons cheerful company it would be very pleasant,( such a one that they do not definitely go everywhere together). I have organised some very nice hiking tours with friends or family.
joy joy cartwheel joy

RE: Hi New Members! Welcome!

Hi Maria, See the feel of Vienna is so real and strong. Today while at the gym I'm talking to one of the trainers and she tells me she's going to Vienna in May to listen to the 'sounds of music'. She said I'm welcome to go with her and and her mom. Now, seriously what are the odds of that conversation happening??

Anyway, I spend a long time in Riga, Latvia (twice)....a CS date.. We went to Estonia, Lithuania, Greece and Rome. It was a world of education for me and then some. I just love the Europeans thirst for travel to connect with other cultures. I agree, your all quite blessed over the pond. Every country that I read about has so much interest, art, architecture, history and of course music. Actually,Latvia is very classically orientated, spent many times at the symphony and the opera (thank god they have this streaming video in English).

I've been in PA for 27 years. It's a beautiful area of the country and has all 4 seasons that makes it 'ever changing'. But, there's a world out there to discover, it is so vast and fascinating to me. Haven't made any plans yet for 2013, but with my job I can work anywhere in the world as long as I'm 'connected'. Hope your enjoying your weekend.....


RE: Hello dear Cosmopolitan !

No! Of course not you! I ment Cosmopolitan, as you also addressed to her. But I also say: no problem! We talk here, even if she is not here. May be she is on vacation... In the Alps in Tyrol.cheers

RE: Hello dear Cosmopolitan !

May be you have not visited our group since your registration as you did not answer. (?)
No problem.

RE: Why do you like Austria?

My nice memories of places, people there. Zillertal villages and the Tiroler Abends!.. and Vienna !

Hi New Members! Welcome!

How do you feel in Pennsylvania?
Have you been living there for a long time?

Hi New Members! Welcome!

Welcome here, Sands!
I can absolutely understand why you feel a calling to Vienna, I also feel same about it . I have several precious personal memories about Vienna , the great culture of that city, and about my Mum, with whom I were there several times, and we appreciated together the atmosphere there.

Also I agree Western Europe is more ejoyable than Eastern Eu, inspite of that i love my country, Hungary has plenty of cultural values too.
Which Eastern European countries have you been to?

Ah, Italy! Wonderful! I have been there too a few times. First with my ex-husby on our honey- moon in Venice and a few other places! Greece - I am very interested in, as I have read a lot about her/its ancient history and I hope once I will see the places where those famous battles, etc. were set in.

Beyond Vienna I feel a strong affection for going again to that special hiking where I have been to , in Tirol, to the Wolf’s Gorge, which was a hard tour but elevating experience! ( a place of pilgrimage).
Just now I saw the movie (1985) Sissi,- you know ,about the life of Elisabeth (Franz Joseph’s wife) , starring with Romy Schneider, original Austrian places, mountains in the film.

Have a nice time here,

wave Maria

RE: Hi New Members! Welcome!

that should be privilege

RE: Hi New Members! Welcome!

Well thanks Maria for making me aware of this group. Being from the US, I had the privelidge of visiting Europe twice in the past year. Although, I spent most of my months in Eastern Europe I enjoyed western Europe much more. Greece more than Italy and I'm Italian. One of my goals was to get to Vienna and listen to the music that I hear is beautiful. It's almost like a calling to get there and like I've said to you maybe 2013 will be the time to listen. It's like a magnet, I don't know why. Thanks again, maybe I can get a little education here before I go. wave

Hello dear Cosmopolitan !

I can see you are from Tyrol, so if you read our threads I wrote about that Tyrol is one of my most favorite places in Austria . I have been there first the last summmer, and hiking became the highlight of my trip.
So, you have a sporty life! I hope we will still talk here well.
Have a nice time here! and Merry Christmas,


Hi New Members! Welcome!

I hope you will feel well here! I have invited ladies too, (probably they are busier before Christmas ?)
But you also can invite girls,too.
I am glad if you write a little about yourself or about your relations of Aaustria, your memories, experiences, etc.

Have a nice time here!


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