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Gamers Club Group

Gamers Club Group

This group is opened for members who would like to find people that have the same interest as themselves. Those who smash in Xbox, play on PS3 or any platform for that matter, i encourage you to come here and find anyone who could compare with you and enjoy playing games like you do!!!

Have a common interest in games!!!!!!!!!!!

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BRIDGE, as in the card game,

PLAY CONTRACT BRIDGE WELL. and willing to travel some, let me know if you have interest, good at most card games steve


don't have a ps3 yet but will have one soon. when i do, i gotta play god of war 1, 2, and 3. i think i can play bioshock infinite on both ps3 and xbox 360

RE: Socom, RB6, COD4

Hey.... I do play COD Ghosts......Ur welcome to come and join my buddies and we might send you a clan invite NBK1...or you can add me to your friendslist: PeerHag1....see you in there...

Looking for my player 2.

Any nerdy girls out there? Not looking for sex sorry. Must not smoke or have kids (Not against kids). I just want to meet a nice nerdy/gamer/geeky woman who has the same interest as me.


hi everyone ... GTA5 gamer... xbox360 gamertag is jkhollow78... hit me up and lets game... :)

Racing CPU Games

CPU Games,In general,are "Very Very hard".
CPU's Racing Games are Relatively Easy to Play.I played two such
Games:1-Moto Racer 2-Unlocked "Reverse Mode".2-"Need for Speed"
.In "Need for Speed 1",in my CD,the "Left Control" was "Corrupt"
which was "Described" by "Game Develepor-......-to "Incomply" w-
ith Certain CPU's.The Game was "Easy",and,"Long" without "Any O-
bjective".So,"Need for Speed 1" is "Substandard".
"Need for Speed 2" is a Good
-quality Game.In "Knock-out Mode" of "Need for Speed 2/NFS 2":It becomes "Hard" to Even Get "3rd Position".
I Motivate/Encourage/Advise Players to,At least,Play Above-
mentioned Games,And,In general,Play much of CPU Games.

RE: hello gamers

Yea I'm a fan of RPG but I play everything really

RE: hello gamers

I first started playing games on my dad's SNES and later his SEGA. I played every game we had, but it was the JRPGs I fell in love with. As I've grown older and, sadly, good JRPGs grown rarer (here in the states, anyway) I have found myself growing increasingly found of sandboxes, though I play plenty of other genres as well. The only genre I don't really play is COD/MoH/ect. style FPS, only sandbox, such as Fallout. I used to play them quite a bit in high school, but now only play them once in a great while at the insistence of my brother and/or friends. I guess it's just hard for me to think of war as fun and games anymore. It's a bit of a shame, really, especially hearing such good things about the Battlefield series and knowing I couldn't enjoy it the way it deserves.

RE: hello gamers

I love FPS Halo,Gears of War. currently playing Bioshock Infinite . Old school games are still fun sometimes . 2D side scrolling.platformers , etc... I've been playing since the beginning.Pong,Keystone capers. I remember playing E.T. on Atari. just about everything about me is gamer. I wish I could do it for a living. I'm looking forward to Destiny by Bungie. meet alot of cool people on Xbox Live. now with the kinect I can video chat . I love the way videogames got better as I got older and keep getting better .

RE: hello gamers

I epicly love rpgs, mmo... everything.

I am currently playing the new Tomb Raider.

RE: cod modern warfare

No how is it is it a war game I just love war games have you tried call of duty black ops.


RE: hello gamers

Love rpg skyrim tha best game ever

ps3 black ops ranked 326 prestige tdm beast lol

rayray_loces ps3 network, also ranked #1 on super street fighter 2 turbo hd remixe, cod 5 6 and 7 im to beast lol, camping is weak i run n gun

hello gamers

just wanted say hello too my fellow gamers shame their not more post here been gaming since i was 3 !!! how about you guys? what your favorite genre? mine rpgs Thu i love all games

Prince of Persia

Mmmmm I would have to say my fav game is P.o.P.
I have played all of them, and even tho they are challenging, its almost uphoric when u beat a particularly hard boss or a nerve wracking puzzle...are there any P.o.P lovers out there?

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