I'm a nerd and i'm proud of it Group

Im a nerd and im proud of it
the purpose of the group is to get other members online to express what they would like about anything nerdy or geeky. It was created so that maybe members who are into the same things, wether they be star wars, anime', d&d, cosplay, RP's, and anything that is usually construed as "nerdy" or "geeky". It should be an open forum to express whatever opinions people have toward any subject.

This group is for anyone that is or enjoys anything relating to nerdiness and geekiness.
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how do i nerd... let me count the ways...TattoedMonk460May 15
Hey...howdy and helloTattoedMonk440May 14
Favorite comicsvegancatlover500Sep 2016
Welcome anyone and evryone!!!scottvista2721Jun 2009Aug 2014
Favorite star wars characterscottvista3143Jun 2009Aug 2014
Hi evevryonejkhollow781600Feb 2014
Windows XP tweakingmxyz250newb2362Jul 2010Oct 2010
Yay, new members!!!scottvista2641Jun 2009Oct 2009
Genius Testshy_boy_31412780Jul 2009
Herro HerroBOBANBOBAN2620Jun 2009
Star Warsscottvista2550Jun 2009

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