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LGBT Group

LGBT Group

For me personally I am confused and I would love to get advice from anyone willing to give it. This group doesn't accept hate of any kind and I would LOVE to meet people that are LGBSTA(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Straight, Transgender Alliance) I just made it up I think so spread the word!

This is a LGBT group and even straight alliances are accepted.

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Why is that?

RE: .

Bi people always fascinates me wine


I'm bi,
If anyone wants to ask me anything....

"Out" to everyone?

I'm always struggling with this even in still my 40s. I cane out at 21 and never looked back. However, with that said, I'm wondering how my people are "totally" out to everyone (family / friends / workplace). The world is changing, sure, but Prejudice is still going strong in some areas. So, what are others opinions of being 'out' at the workplace?

pleas help me am i bi gay or what

So im had alot on my mind so im a25 year old male that love women but for alot time now i have wanted to suck a d*ck better way to put it is bouth sexs turn me on i have never been with a guy but i might try it and i thank ts and shemales are sexy to so should i try sex with a guy or not pleas jelp

Glad to meet u all

hi i am new,i am straight,here to say hi to u all,
so can we all share each other experience,

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