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Christian singles Group

Christian singles Group

This group is for Christians who would like to meet other Christians to build a relationship for possible marriage

Must be a christian who is in need of a christian spouse

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RE: hello

hi , how are you

RE: hello


I’m a good hearted Christian man looking for love

I’m a god fearing born again Christian man who has been single since 2009 and wondering where are all the good women at? sigh

Tis The Seaon When 2are Better!

Is there ONE hearing the SAME call to connect for multiple-services to special groups? Or Musicians hearing our trumpet to gather?!
STOP, & let's chat about that!
Good LIFE!
My love be with you in CHRIST!handshake


I'm Michael

A big hello to all. I'm a Christian and an old school gentleman. I am not here looking for true love. I have known true love. Believe me when I say it's every bit worth it. Worth weeding out the bots,scammers, liners and cheats. True love is worth all the headaches and heart aches. I'm alone because my wife(best friend and soulmate) passed away. March 27th 2015. I here to make friends and preferably a new female best friend. You can't find true love while your looking for it. It finds you. Best friends tell each other the truth therefore gaining trust. Best friends have fun together and enjoy each other's company. That's is the secret to a good relationship. A good foundation.
Kolindaonline now!



just want to say Hi for this group

Real Christian Singles

It's nice to see a group like this when there are so many fake groups out there and so many fake christians.
I know for me looking for a christian woman I will not settle for anything less than a 100% christian woman.
The minute we compromise our faith and out leading from God in finding the right mate that's when we give the devil one foot in the door and we all know what that means.angel angel thumbs up

5'4"Spirit-Full &Led By The LORD!

Yes,I keep asking seeking knocking,because I am NEEDING HONORABLE MARRIAGE!
Here I am among YOUR people just as Eliezer in
Genesis 24:13...let the appointed promised perfect
Ribone for YOUR holy Levite-Psalmist-Apostle
be drawn out as one set apart to be with me!
Many thanksgivings,all thankfulness,to my FATHER Who gives every good gift,large,full & free!
Forever for she who knows she's my queen & she
knows I am a king in GOD'S Heavenly Kingdom!
angel applause hug kiss

Spiirt-Filled Christian Female Like Me!

Where are you ?!
Come OUT of hiding,as if Adam & Eve after they fell short of the GLORY!
CHRIST JESUS has restored us to HIS GLORY in
THE FATHER,just as it is in John 17!
Our Father,I suffer long,keep waiting in hope
as I'm trained,tried & being prepared.
Many thanksgivings,all thankfulness,LORDGOD promised,it won't fail!

RE: bless the Lord christian singles

Perfect PEACE!
Many thanks!
I just noticed after posting from the book of Ruth
your noting it!
That a great sign of agreement,as should be with
Christian FAMILY!
My Charity-LOVE be with you all in our LORD CHRIST-Who is fulfilling John 17:22,HIS prayer
that FATHER'S GLORY make us ONE!

Home For My Crown & Joy!!

This is to fulfill
Blessed be she who comes softly & unknown,And
Blessed be THE LORD Who has not left me alone,
but has made a female suitable for helping me
so that WE can manifest HIS Kingdom,a virtuous
woman,bone of my bones,flesh of my flesh,ONE
in GLORY,my expected end promised & we shall
not be ashamed!
All thankfulness!

Home For My Crown & Joy!!

I truly rejoice in having been through much tribulation to know what it means to reach
perfection through sufferings as our LORD CHRIST
I am here because I know I will be in the full glory
of male with his female!
I am full of The Holy Ghost & speaking,praying,
singing in my native Heavenly language my virtuous companion will be one of war-worshiprayer as well,no need for any other drinking!My prophesying with my harp,being a Levite,an holy apostle,she wil be one with,as well
Heavenly Kingdom Businesses of our own!
May The LORD now bring her to me!
Many thanksgivings,all thankfulness!applause
goldenglossonline today!

RE: My name is .Michael

Your experiences sound exciting ~ God has obviously been working in your life. I for one, would love to hear your testament, when you are ready to do so.
goldenglossonline today!

Firstly, does anyone know of a really good Christian prayer Group/church/ where I can go to worship

I feel left out sometimes as apart from 2, my friends are atheist, or just not bothered. It is hard to go it alone in this world without a Christian community.
I would like to make friends of both sexes and I live in the South Dublin Area [Green Luas line if that helps] thanks for allowing me join the group.

Love at first sight

I quess love at first sight is possible. I think it would be like winning the powerball. I think it would be wonderful at first but, I don't think the fortune would last a lifetime. It takes too much for true love to work. It takes time and total honesty to trust in these times. True love takes respect, understanding,compromise,devotion,and selflessness. I can't see it happening instantly. True love take complete monogamy. You can not possibly make to people feel special at one time. It takes going together down Gods path.

I can not not believe 2

This is kind of fast forwarded almost one year. It took place March 5th of 2016. How I found out my faith was fireproof. My house burned down a long with everything in it. God never promised to keep life from happening. My house caught fire. I live in a small town and volunteer fire dept. It was gusty winds. I had no insurance. I lost everything in the fire except the clothes I was wear my old car and one of my dog's. I put my complete trust in the Lord. God gives of the strengths and wisdom when we need it. I handed the burdens to him. He gave me the strength that day and the wisdom. He took the worry away from me. I stood there and watched it burn. Insread of seeing everything I was losing though because of his help I was able to watch him work his miracles. I can't count the miracles people helping me. Giving me money offering a place to stay even the redcross helped. Just before the fire dept. left a man I did not know came up to me and said" I have an old camper over at my house you can have to live in." His only request was that if I ever deside to get rid of it, not to sell it. Give it to someone who needed. Pay it forward. I was so blown away I cried. He gave me back my independence. It doesn't matter what the camper looked like. I stayed the night at a friends and went to see it the next day. It was 1993 16'' Eddie pull behind camper. It was just like brand new condition. Gean Hutchison is the mans name. He gave me six pairs of jeans t-shirts socks underwear a hoodie and a ballcap as well. God Bless that man for what he did. That day and sense then I received more Blessing than I could ever count. Because God gave me his strength and wisdom tho. Because he took the burdens away. I was able to concentrate on rebuilding my life. The baggage was lifted off. Im now in a lot bigger trailer and have replaced most of the tools. I have learned so much. I travel light because I trust in him.Do I believe in God? I know God is real. Im not a fan im a follower. I am a sinner, and a dumb sheep. Im a happy dumb sheep tho.

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