Lonely but with hopes.... Group

Lonely but with hopes Group I'm creating it for people that feel like me lonely but with hopes to find their charming person.

For any one that feels to give another shot.

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Feeling Lonely

After being alone for a very long time I hoping that I'll meet someone special.

RE: Can one really find real love here

teddybear Being with yourself, you should not feel loneliness. You must love and enjoy yourself (love your own company) perhaps of being literally lonely because you are longing for someone to love you.
That is a horrible feeling, (being alone) but when you appreciate the smallest thing beyond yourself, you will never be lonely. Don't be lonely, don't be so caught of having approval from someone for you to feel worthy; you yourself are enough for self worth and approval.

One day, there will be the right person for you.

Don't feel lonely, enjoy your own moments.

After all, at the end of this journey; we are all alone.

Before everyone learns to be alone; we are get used to it.



Feeling lonely even in your nice trip to an amazing island is a terrible trial. Nice to find this group to share our feeling to be better ..alone

Thank you all

Hi ^__^

I'm a new group member..nice to meet you....grin

finding True Friendship

Hi I want to tell you a story about how I found love on this site we were together for a year o changed everything in my life for this girl only to have her leave me so I am here once again to find live but this time I don't feel so lucky am I cursed

Loneliness for me

Loneliness is my least favorite thing about life. The thing that i m most worried about is just being alone without any body to care for or someone who will care for me


hi, i am looking for a girl 18-45.



hi Dear

Hi, I´m Abigail .I´d like to know friends because I´d like to find my better half. Have a great day, , See Youteddybear

Any biker

Single?Love riding motorcycle ??Looking for riding partner,relationship and romance??? Free to join --- Bikerdatingsite.net -- to find what you are looking for!!!

Anyone wana be my friend?

sick of lonely life frustrated

RE: Tired of being alone

wow can you meet me in here laugh

Tired of being alone

Being lonely is not a nice feeling, i just turned 30 and just haven't met anyone who suits me yet, i don't want to settle for just anyone, she has to be very special....

I love being creative, drawing, singing, writing, love music, big fan of The Doors, Pearl Jam and Tom Waits,
Big movie buff, love Liverpool F.C.
Looking for a nice girl between 18-35, who is slim, pretty, into art, music and film, outgoing, with a gsoh, who's sweet and caring and respects herself.

Is anybody out there?

Even if for a moment

By jayjay1969 © Jason
All rights reserved

How I wish I had a lover to hold
How I wish to have a Lover to love
How I wish to be one with someone
Even if it were for just a moment
It would be a moment that would last an eternity

How I wish and Hope
Just for a moment at least
To have a heart that would be complete

To have a love is all I want
Even a Moments love will be enough
Enough to give my heart a little lift
A moment that would not be swift

Oh how I wish and hope
For someone to reel me in
Even if only for a moment before throwing me back in

A moment will do
A moment of love

A moment’s embrace is a lifetime embrace
A moment’s embrace you can never erase teddybear

RE: Lonliness is such a horrible feeling...

Not having female friends can certainly make loneliness more difficult. I can clearly understand how you feel. Seeing all the films with women together during life's toughest times makes me long for such. You are not alone.wave

Can one really find real love here

Being trying so many dating sites but could not find my soulmate. l think l will here, am looking for someone with kind heart, someone that believes in real love...

RE: Is there True Love online?

i think at least it's a chance to meet new people... so I say... WHY NOT? grin

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