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Bipolar Unipolar Depression Dating Schizophrenia Group

Bipolar Unipolar Depression Dating Schizophrenia Group

this group is only for people who are suffering from Bipolar Unipolar Depression or schizophrenia who are finding it difficult to have a date or dating somebody... and who are looking a serious similar person to be a partner

Anybody who is suffering from Bipoar, Unipolar, Depression or schizophrenia finding it really difficult to date .... and finding a similar person who can be good enough to live together may join.

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Have u suffered Depression, Bipolar or Unipolar....

Are you one of the person who suffered Depression, Bipolar, Unipolar or Schizophrenia in life.... pls. comment...

Does Love makes a difference in life of a serious disease person

Hi, I believe empathy sympathy and love really really makes a big difference to the life of a person... specially in case of a person sufering Bipolar, Unipolar Depression or schzi types of illness.... would u like to date a person who is stable on treatment and now well but having the disease...blues

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