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Radha Krishna and Gopi Group Find those who want to know? Who am I? Why I am human? Where do we go after death? How long we stay in Heaven or hell, is heaven/hell permanent? Why we need Guru (master)? How to do real Meditation? What is differnce between Dharma, karma, gyan and bhakti? Who is God? Is there one God? Can we meet God before death? What will happen to us if we meet God? What is cycle of birth and death? Based on Eastern philosophy and Vedas we will have open discussion, No hidden agenda to convert or put anyone religion down or ones believe system, just trying to open our horizon via healthy chat and share our knowledge and experience on this spirtual path.

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Knowledge is terrible think to waste

I'm on spirtualpath from past 8 year, I always wanted to share my experience and knowledge I gained in this journey, before coming to this path I know it is lonely path and few souls like myself must have a
Platform to support each other.
I learned we don't choose to become spirtual one day, But I know this path chooses us, signs were there but we don't know what was that cause of restless, until one day boom! Whole puzzle starts adding up. Hope to hear other members story.hug

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