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For people to be aware of much people are here with fake profile!!BE AWARE!!!!!


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Tools scammer use.

I was scammed initially once I started using this site, that was a long time ago in 2009. My first experience was with military personnel. At that time I was inexperienced. Once I was able to talk for the first time immediately knew he was a scammer... I did lose some money, not much compared to being hurt. After that, I was never scammed.
Scammers start very lovingly, gaining your trust. They want you out of this site offering you their email.
They use very crafted profiles to trick you, be on the watch for that.
Compare their picture with their traits, some are faked.
If you encounter someone that attracts you and after some emails back and forth. Ask him to meet you. Do not offer any money. If he tries to convince you, make your own excuses. There isn't something more secure than a face to face. Be very careful, meet in a public place and be sure to bring someone with you that will be checking you out. In this encounter interchange IDs, so later you can do a background check (If it is the USA in every state) they are very affordable for only pennies).
We all live in a busy world and is very difficult to go on a date these times and more with a pandemic going on.
I know of several people that have met their partner on dating sites and are still together.
I met someone here finally but did not work.
I tried other options like magazines and I was lucky to find two candidates, one gentleman that was far off on age even if he did not look like it and another one that after going out a couple of times found out he was married and that was it.
At this time I have decided not to pursue anymore. I live a peaceful and busy life. Whatever years I have left I am enjoying it my way with friends, family, and my Dear loving Jesus that is with me always.SM

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