dog lovers community Group

dog lovers community Group

For dog lovers, what kind of dogs you owned or would like to own? share your story here

i own a labrador retriever name max

No drama and stay on topic.

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I never owned a dog... It always owned me!

To all the wonderful creatures, dogs or cats who cared to share their short precious lives with me:

*****T H A N K Y O U *****
You taught me a lot.
You made me laugh, even on times I really couldn't
You kept me warm - body and soul
You trusted me
and you showed me what unconditional love means
I never "owned" you but you openheartedly gave yourself to me and I ended up being yours!

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I Am A Dog Lover!

I really love dogs since when i was a child. I have shih tzu, golden retriever and alaskan malamute. They are so cute.
Study show that dogs reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Hello fellow mutt lovers

New here, I'm from Scotland ?????????????? and I hope all in here are well ??wave

RE: single animal lover seek for her soulmate

Hi Chiara,
How old are your dogs?


Hi there. I kinda just saw this group and thought of introducing my pack. There are currently three members, although that changes from time to time, depending on fostering availability or petsitting. The senior and wisest member is Giggs, an Irish terrier cross with who knows what, he's 12 years old and enjoying his last years and my first dog. Second in command is Rose, just over 2 years old, an all white retriever cross with akita. I rescued and adopted her last year as the previous owners didn't want her anymore. And, last but not least, Yona (bear in Cherokee language), labrador cross with black shepherd, at 4 months old is almost as tall as an average adult male. He was rescued and adopted two months ago as the owners had him locked up in a small balcony and barked a lot (i wonder why). There is also a cat, Abby.


Hi everyone i have a 4 yr old german shepherd she rocks no bad boys get past her lol

Japanese Akitas

The greatest dog to have as a companion.

RE: what kind of dog do you own

I have a Japanese Akita - the third one - they are great dogs.

Good morning!!

Hello my name is Rhonda and i have a chihuahua. She is a great dog. she is my trail dog.

hello all .. Rottweilers are the best! am Rotti Mum

Hi guys,

I have a Rottweiler, Jaguar is his name loves him so much.. he is like lmy baby .. he is away from now but he is always on my mind .. thanks Max for creating this group.

RE: My Golden

Hi billy, would you send me your dog pic? He must be pretty dogteddybear

I like dog but don't have yet

Hi all, when I was child I have dog. She's very funny, but I'm living in the country who avoid dog. Then my neighbors hate my dog. Someday my dog wanna play with their kids. The kid crying and screaming much, so my neighbors angry much.... My dad sent my dog out of home and I'm starting don't have dong till now..... I wish someday Im living in a big house and have big court, so I can have some dog and play with them.....
If you have dog please send me your dog pictu, I like every cute dog much....teddybear

Good day all

Hello i rescue dogs in my spare time and saw this animals group, so i just want to say "HI" to all the group members. have a very nice Christmas!


hello everyone i m new here :) i love dogs i have 4 :)


just joined this wonderful group.
I have a white female peeka-poo named bella
and she's my little girl who I love so much
and I have a black sheep dog named shoogie
also female and adorable as all get out

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