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Fck The New World Order Group

F*ck The New World Order Group

I want people to wake up to what is happening in our world. Yes our world, not the greedy power hungry elitists who run it. If something is not done soon our fredom will be but a distant memory. Look at what is happening in our world today. None of these things are by coincidence. The engineered bank collapse followed by recession. Great amounts of money vanishing with no answer as to why given. Engineered virus'. Propaganda and shocking lies from the corporate controlled media to get us to buy into the war on terror. Climate change which is taking place not just on Earth but through out the solar system yet it is still our fault. Ireland and the rest of Europe more or less being forced to ratify the Lisbon treaty which will give birth to a policed European super state(which is what Hitler wanted.) Soon to be Mandatory vaccinations against swine flu which have yet to be tested.

The lies will get worse and the people will play along unless something is done soon. Before its to late. We must stop listening to what the so called experts tell us. And look outside this false world which has been prepared for us.

Anyone can join.

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MayDay is comming up!!! Check your citys and support your local occupy!!!

Get active

I think just sitting down and be idle is not going to help. why not come to public forums and expand the number of people who hear you?applause

It started sometime ago though ...

Yes all this and more is true ...

Where do we go ... no where, they lead us ...

Who are "they"? ...

"They" are hidden ... But "they" are real ...

I looks like civilization was evolving and improving, slowly, but doing so, then came the II Word War ....

Whatch the film "Why we Fight"...

Is it there when things started to go out of control? ...

What do you think?

on top 10 read my top 10 conspiracy theories

on youtube type in (the president who told the truth, type in (jesse vantera secret societies part 1) type in (reptilian bush the video that woke the world) alex jones and david icke has great knowledge of this stuff to

top 10 read my top 10 conspiracy theorys

i know everything about illuminati, rockefellers, bilderbergs, all 3 secret societies, reptilians, majestic 12, fema camps, chemtrails nwo list goes on, 9/11 inside job, 13 royal bloodlines that control the world, chinese secret societie challenged illuminati


yeah,Yeah,Yeah.Wake up people.You spend youre time bitching and moaning about the stupid shit that goes on in this country and like to many other people you are to afraid to do anything because our WORTHLESS LIEING SO CALLED"for the people" political leaders have got you so scared to speek up.Its nobodys fault but our own for letting this happen.OH MY the "MAN" is comeing after us.Bull shit!!!The people stood by and watched all this happen and now before its to late you need to speek up damnit.This is supposed to be the greatest country in the world so lets act like it and take it back.I have writen letters and made phonecalls and have got threats and opposition from our government for what?I call it how I see it and question what they do and for that I'm labeled left wing extremest and trouble.I dont give a damn.I'm an American citizen damnit.I have fought for this great country and I will die for this country.But I WILL NOT go over and fight and die for a country that has been fighting since the begining of time and could care less wether were there or not.We spend our resources takeing care of everybody else around the world and not takeing care of business here at home.Again I say BULLSHIT.Im sure I will catch hell over this but I really dont care.Arest me for what?haveing an opinion?Im not talking about a revolution I'm just saying if you idiots would spend more time takeing action instead of just bitching and wineing about things and dont back down or give up when "THE MAN" dont like it things will change.Its all up to you folks.Nothing is going to change untill you get over youre fears that our government has put in us.Our founding fathers are probably rolling in there graves.I realy dont think this is what they had in mind.Didnt we come to this country in the first place to start new and escape all this?Our constitution starts out"We the people"not we the government.HELLO!!This is all Im going to say for now because I have to go to work to help take care of my family and the rest of the world.Screw the rest of the world damnit.Whos going to have our back when we start to crumble and fall like so many other great nations because of the same shit that goes on here.We should go back to public hanging.Cruel and unusual punishment my a**.Whats the worst that could happen?OH my I might get a needle stuck in my arm and go to sleep.Keep makeing youre guns so the world can be a safer place.In the mean time I will keep on farming so I can feed my family.Just think.With whats left can be distributed around the rest of the world so I can sleep at night knowing people around the world are fed and people in my own backyard are hungry.WAKE UP!WE HAVE NOBODY TO BLAME BUT OURSELVES.I welcome youre comments but please all I ask before you reply is that you know what the hell you are talking about before you open youre mouth.And one more thing,If you cant speak out and all you want to do is complain but you dont want to take action then dont bother wasting youre time writing anything.And those of you that can read mite want to think ab out reading the Bible and try to get a better idea of what this country was founded on.That is if you believe in God.If you dont then you dont believe in America.If you are offended in this in any way then I say"TOO DAMN BAD"


i relly need asking you why we but alot of money on making guns and in the same time we can making another thing good for humman in our cuntry with same money??????dunno dunno dunno dunno

RE: The Rothschilds

I have heard that the entire money system is ruled by this family. is that true?

P.S: There is so much that we do not know about the curroption of the money system. It feels as if they are almost unseen. do they exist? and if yes, how did they manage to manipulate the entire world?
it is time to reform the money system altogether, i believe.

RE: New world order will come befor obama goes out of office

Have you read the book 'The Divine Revolution' by Stephan Attia? it is all about the inner change of mankind. i read all of his books, i was surprised to find out how we live in few dimensions of reality. You are right and i feel the same way as you do, but let us not despair, because the truth is already out.
i joined this group today and i simply love the reactions of all members. finally people who speak up agiant the tyranny of the jungle law.
We will win. Love will win. peace will win. we must not lose hope.
Peace on earth

Lets name the groups involved (in a polite way)

Ponerology is a relatively large subject.
Satanism/transhumanism is however growing dangerously fast.

I would like to recommend everyone to go visit . I feel Alan Watt speaks the truth. I have been listening to him for around five years now.

living or legal person

the strawman is the "legal person"with "your name" in all capital letters...bare with me,this may sound weird but freedom motivates..."living persons"(people),exist in real world..."legal persons"(corporations), exist in a fictional world...governments,corporations,agencies,FICTITIOUS CORPORATIONS,etc,are examples of a"legal person"..."legal persons" can only deal directly with other "legal persons"(agencies,states,etc.)..."legal persons can not deal directly with"living persons"(you) order for "legal persons" to deal with"living persons" there must be a connection,,,a fictional legal person was created deceitfully by government...for that purpose,your lawful name of birthright was fraudulently replaced with a LEGAL NAME ..your name in all capital letters is not "you,the living flesh and blood person"..your name in all CAPITAL LETTERS is the strawman (,just make believe ,fictitious)..this was accomplished without your knowledge by using your birth certificate as the m.c.o(manufactures certificate of origin) and the state in which you were born was used as the (port of entry).under.admiralty law.....this fraudulent act gives the government a "legal person" with whom to deal directly.....the LEGAL PERSON has "your name" but in all caps..this is strawman under fraudulent arrangement you(volunteer) to take responsibility..when judge calls you in court it sounds like you...caps isnt english its "legalese" law language

strawman effect

how government uses your birth certificate to use as a secured negotiable instrument,,,,since 1930's government gave away our gold,,,,in 63 our silver..our country is broke,they use the only thing left, means of all capital letters in your name,this is not you,but a strawman. one million invested in your account borrowed from i.m.f.guaranteed by taxes you pay.when a baby is born,it is declared dead,and the corpse becomes a corporation,as a supreme court judge declared the baby dead (intestate).carried out in closed court when a rep. of the registrar applies for babies birth certificate.the judge acting on behalf of gov,calls out new borrns name,then hearing no reply,the judge declares the baby intestate(meaning dead no will)....location of warehouse(residence) of issue of receipt(date issued)...receipt number(number on b.c.usually in red)..descrip of goods(name,sex,d.o.b.)..signature of warehouseman(municipal clerk,state registrar)...with that said...a birth certificate now appears to qualify for warehoue receipt=per u.c.c rules,,,,, now warehouse receipt considered a title(negotiable instrument)used for finance with inventory as security,,,,it has father and mothers maiden name,contract has two unsuspecting witnesses,,,,the gov is very manipulative

New world order will come befor obama goes out of office

Well the new world order is the devil in the skies devil sucks in many ways, we all be controlled like dogs on a leach and they will control all of our emotion and moods, but the new world order is going to cause OUR NEXT WORLD WAR III AND THE END OF IT ALL ....


but what can we do about it confused ....nothing

anyone got any ideas


RE: matt 1956

i'm english, and you're right!

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