Inter Racial Relationship Group

Inter Racial Relationship Group

To create one race among all races, ensure friendship, love, affection and common sense that we are all one in all we are not different from one another. We must seek true love, true feelings and affection for one another in enviroment of respect of culture and religion towards one mind in all

Must be ready to date other race other than your own, drop the bagage of discrimination behind before joining the race any form of discrimination will lead to membership termination.

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RE: hello

Hi! great news for you: you've got an admirer here. Please get back to me at [email protected]

Attn: member Koala Bear

Fortunately, I joined this excellent group yesterday... mainly out of my love & respect for you babe.
I'm leaving herein now, but would you PLEASE contact me....please?
Love, (heart with a BIG crack) Cincinnati ??

Group, thanks for having me as a new member.
I support you in every way to raise awareness & banish bigotry & racial hatred in any shape or form on our precious Earth.

Thanks to all again.


Your love is your love

I read somewhere that

"Phrases like “true love” can be problematic. They can paint this picture that there is a dictionary definition of what a healthy, loving, beautiful relationship means – and the bottom line is that that picture will look different for every person on this planet.
Your love is your love."

I hope your picture of “true love” is one that’s painted with the strokes of honesty, and loyalty, and love, and laughter.
I hope it uses warm colors, too.


Sending beans of light and blessings your way from South Africa

For All These People who are Searching Here!

If you have found good one, why are you still looking for a better one?

After the better one, comes the next better one - and after this better one comes the next and so on and so on!
You will search forever! Always for a better one!
The search does not stop!
You never will have a chance to create a little family!
You NEVER will feel REAL love!
You NEVER will have a life in happiness and harmony,because you are too busy by searching for something better!

At the end of your life you will feel very lonely because you have always searched, but neither lived nor loved!

it is a very sad end of your life! Believe it or not! for more love tips,visit here,
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RE: Lookn' for love

Pity u smoke babes

RE: Lookn' for love

hey Debbie I have really liked u WhatsApp me on 256702362419 am serious or mail me on Robertmutaawe38

hey dear members am Robert WhatsApp me 256702362419

am looking for a female friend to share I deas wth,love ,jokes etc WhatsApp me please 256702362419 or mail me on Robertmutaawe38

RE: Lookn' for love

Hi halobu stil in the group?


I need love, the greatest energy in the universe which is an infinite energy that never dies.kiss heart wings

looking for that special someone

Loving,caring,honest and full of life heart beating

Lookn' for love

Hi, I'm Debbie. I'm 58 years young and looking for an interracial relationship.


hi i am new here just wanted to say hello to everone

Hi Alex here from India,searching a woman to marry!

Hello everyone,i'm new to this group; i'd love to meet women from China, Canada,Brazil,Australia,New-Zealand, & who are interested in marriage.' heart beating heart beating heart beating

RE: Building a foundation

Yes that's me Cindy female black from southafrica on 31yes old... [email protected]

Building a foundation

Is there any good woman out there that believe not to give up on a relationship?

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