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We can exchange tests,teaching matterials and form international sister school projects together.

Teachers who teach English as a foreign language.
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hihussain121850Apr 2015
Re: My Business GroupJen502941Jul 2013Jul 2013
Hello Theresissyso2810Apr 2013
Hello from VenezuelaAlexiEnrique2500Apr 2013
Greetings from Indonesianightfury2780Jul 2012
I am looking for a pal in the group and more !wood16232590May 2012
Does anyone still use this forum?PJM233111Jan 2011Jan 2011
Teaching Positioniamwhoiamyousee3050Jan 2011
hijenny9924593471Nov 2009Jul 2010
hellowindhover223220Nov 2009
Singlefor2long: "Welcome to my world"(meet us in the quizzes)

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