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Teaching English in a new country (not the UK).

Hi folks,

Aspect 1). I was wondering, while I'm an articulate individual, should I still apply for jobs to teach English (to adults) if I admit I cannot always explain the reasons why our grammar is the way it is? I understand English as my native language but I cannot (admittedly) explain it so well, (why an adjective is an adjective etc etc etc). Could this be a problem in getting work as an English teacher (for mature students)? I'm guessing I'd need an ESOL qualification (or similar), but will employers still hire me if I don't?

Aspect 2). On a slightly different note, what about foreign employers (not language schools etc), would they potentially hire me BECAUSE I speak English? If yes, who'd likely employ me? Manufacturers? Galleries? Factories? Offices? Game developers? Internet companies? etc etc.

Any thoughts on those two aspects, please? Thank you.


hi group member i want to learn english please help me

RE: Re: My Business Group

what is the task?

Re: My Business Group

Please kindly join my new group, Business Group, if you are open to earning extra income.
Thank you

Hello There

Hello to every one in the group applause and I am glad to join your group and introduce to good people like you, I am trying to improve my english skills as I am native mother language is Arabic, and I am ready to help if anyone needed.


Hello from Venezuela

Hi Everybody, I would like to update my teaching skills, I can help You in Spanish skill if Ypou want

Greetings from Indonesia

Hello there!

I'm not a certified English Teacher. I'm a special education teacher. I teach my students english language too. This semester I have a student that is still learning to read the phonics. She's a very talkative girl, can speak english, but can't read english words (she's able to read and write some familiar words tho).

Any suggestion about the teaching materials? I'm a newbie in teaching world. So.. :D

Thanks! :)

I am looking for a pal in the group and more !

I am a teacher of English, German.
Please contact me NOW to discuss things and become friends !
[email protected]

RE: Does anyone still use this forum?


you take the words out of my mind.

Would you be insterested to work in proof reading?



Does anyone still use this forum?

Hi, I am an English teacher and have plenty of ideas to swap and share. The only question I have is 'Is anybody out there?' or will I just be talking to myself?

Teaching Position

Salam....got a mail from Monster.com

10 English teaching positions open...fluent in English AND Arabic

for Basra,Iraq

if intersted send me a mail..I will give you the info.. even so it will go to my filterbox I will check it

RE: hi

nice to c u here.


i am a teacher of English in the kingdom of Bahrain. it is a pleasure to be a member of this group and i hope more members from inside and outside Bahrain get interested, too.


It would be nice to have someone to share some teahcing materials and ideas too..

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