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RE: How to persuade disbelievers?

confused errr...I thought the pagan romans killed the Jews around 70ce hoping to get rid of them and their god. I also thought that there was a difference in those who followed the living walk and ways of Jesus was totally different than those who claimed they did exploiting the name of Jeusconfused confused confused

Many have fraudulently used Christianity so they can kill and what ever evil they want to do I thought! confused confused peace

RE: Curious

Y-ellow Maureen & All.

You know, when I was a kid, we were for a time, forced into doing "religious Instruction." once a week. That was, until I finally figured a way to weasel out of it. But I digress. To be honest, I couldn't tell the difference between bible stories and Cat in the Hat. Except that Cat in the hat was funny. And bible stories wouldn't even rate as a cheap horror movie.

I can distinctly remember one "Bible Instructor" giving this long winded explanation of David and Goliath. And then conceding that Goliath probably wasn't really a giant like as in Jack and the bean stalk. He was probably just a really tall guy. I'm not gay but I haven't been able to stop laughing ever since.

Of course they never told us about Revelations. Where the giant mecha-robots and apache attack helicopters rained down death from the skies. Or was that Iraq? I forget. But if they had, there was always a slim chance I might have thought that be something less than lame. They did think it's important to tell us about Sodom and Gomorrah however. And how it was actually OK to f*ck your sister because it's in the Bible. All the s*xual stuff was right up there. As a 7 year old, you can learn a lot about how to treat women from the bible.

Later in life I figured this about the book.

Books weren't available in paper back in those days. They only had one shot to wrap up, what passed as, "The best" of contemporary writing back then. They scooped up a bunch of stuff. Then, 400 years after the guy on the stick died for our sins, someone wrote it all up. A best-of anthology. There's something for everyone in there. Even cheap porn. Whatta you expect? The Catholics didn't come along till later.

But essentially, it was just another brand of faerie story from a bunch of really weird sickos. I already knew Santa Clause was dead. That babies were neither delivered by Storks or born in cabbage patches. -Although at one time, I was assured the hospital I came from did, in fact, have a cabbage patch. I can't verify this now of course. But once again I digress.- And I discovered that the girl down the street had interesting working parts that I didn't.

When I did have 2 very brief flirtations with religion as a kid, I found the people involved were glassy eyed morons. The first time, well maybe it was just a bad church? But when I went to a completely different one (Don't even ask the denomination. I don't remember.) I met exactly the same whack jobs.

My uncle was a head honcho in the local Seven Day wonders. I once had the misfortune to shake his hand. Took me a week to wash the slime off.

I met a p*dophile once. He was a down right decent fellow compared to these a**-clowns. At least his deception was based in reality.

More recently, I liked what Bill Maher said in his film "Religilous" Something like. "If you're so eager to sit on the right hand of "God," then why don't you just kill yourself?"

Or what Dara O'Brien said in his stand-up show. "Dara O'Brien talks funny." "The bible was just a nice bunch of stories to tell the kids on a long donkey ride to Bethlehem."

Lots of Love and other Chemicals. XXOO

Batz. <---Yes that really is my name.

RE: Who is your favorite?

Has everyone forgotten "Bob?" The Church of the Subgenius predates all of these, is so well established, is eloquent in it's dissent. I'm proud to be an ordained Minister of religion now that I've found "Bob." And Conney of course.

As Robert Crumb himself once put it. "It's the best of all the one-true religions."

The only "For Profit" Church on the planet. I can't wait for the coming of the Rupture. Hell, (Not that there is one) I might have to end the world now.

Lots of love and other Chemicals. XXOO

Batz. <--- Yes that really is my name.
Hans4711online today!

RE: How to persuade disbelievers?

Hi Guys,

Sadistic, religious bustards have sacrificed, murdered, tortured, humiliated, raped, sexually abused, tormented, crucified, tens of billions of human lives over the centuries in order to satisfy their own desires while all along pretending to satisfy their would be precious deities. If the truth be known, all this has been done in the past to secure their own position as a leader of the people by keeping the people living in a constant state of fear, nothing has changed it still goes on today. Governments still use terrorism and religion to keep the populace living in fear so that they are easier to manipulate and control. I use the term ‘governments’ because that is the highest level of control that most people can comprehend but governments are just the ‘front’ for the people who control everything from behind the scenes.

Hans4711online today!

RE: How to persuade disbelievers?

Hi Guys,

Most of you probably understand that religion was created as a tool to control the masses but how many actually know how the subtle changes were made from paganism to modern day religion...

Paganism in itself was not as much of a religion as it was a life-style for the early cultivators of crops.... They studied the seasons and the stars to help them understand the cycle for growing different crops...

They created a circle with the sun at the center, this circle was dissected into quarters to divide the four seasons then each quadrant contained three more sectors making a total of twelve sectors that we understand to be the zodiac circle. This circle was to be their "Planting/Harvest" calender. This was so important to them that it was almost considered a religion, some civilization built large stone structures eg: Stonehenge they also held festivals at different times such as to celebrate the harvest and other events....

The sun at the center of the circle was of the utmost importance for a successful harvest and like most early civilizations they gave it a name now referred to as "Jesus". During the winter solstice when the sun was at it's lowest point in the sky it remains there for three days before starting to rise again... Now remember the division of the four seasons in the circle has created a cross, therefore "he died on the cross and on the third day rose again" This event was celebrated then and is now referred to as Easter.

The twelve star charts that we refer to as the Zodiac is in fact the "twelve apostles".....

In later times this crossed circle was simplified and taken up by some of the "newer" religions minus the zodiac sector as can be seen in this Celtic cross...

Many churches were built on top of once important pagan sites by the Romans...


RE: How to persuade disbelievers?

That's the thing though. Atheists believe in lots of things. God just doesn't happen to be one of them. I guess you have to feel sorry for someone who believes that everyone believes in everything he does.

RE: How to persuade disbelievers?

Why bother most of them are so brainwashed they can't see the truth in front of their face,
It's a waist of time for 95% of of them.rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Curious

It never made sense to me . Way too many contridictions in all of them.doh
I fail to see why normally intelligent people fall for that stuff.
I just believe in one less god than they dorolling on the floor laughing

RE: Who is your favorite?

The Flying Spaghetti Monster has the litigation record on its side. But the Invisible Pink Unicorn is funnier. Tough call. Personally, I'd rather choose to believe in "That," an unspecified item on my mantlepiece (no one but me is allowed to know which item it is).


Who is your favorite?

The Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) or The Invisible Pink Unicorn (IPU)?

my approach...

Hello to all members.. I'm not sure of site etiquette and the idea as such for free thinkers may infact be ridiculous but I joined by pressing a button and though it best to ask if any pre-requisite intro permissions or qualified mind-sets where prefered rather than thrusting myself upon an already good and established friendship group without consent due to site regulation.. I simply don't want to just push in.. My site name is Jontree1.. I studied Philosophy at Bristol.. My areas of interests are post-structuralism/chaos philosophy, although all realms of thought are of interest to me. The prior category is more about arming yourself with the tools to break pre-concieved notions withing the machinations of thought not theory (unlike others) to break or hinder self-refering systems with which you believe you are already thinking freely, Thus clearing the path, so to speak, to set your own trajectories.. I suppose I would (if labeling) call myself a pluralist, in that I dont believe in singular "lines of flight" Prefering the hetro to the uni-vocal, singular, homogenous systems of approach.. Multiple, polyvocal, hetrogenous, complex and diverse to linearity and stasis.. I could babble all day but in fear of sounding pretentious I will withdraw from such aggrivating, loose-jawed rants..Ha!! I just wanted to outline the premise of my particular (variable and shifting) base of approach.. Would be really happy to meet some like-minded people.. And finaly apollogise for my terrible spelling and punctuation, i'm an pseudo-academic fraud..Ha!! Just lazy with the essentials.. In addition I am currently talking to a self-proclaimed wicker on site at the moment as I think it is truly educational not to negate but learn from an oppositional mind-set, belief system and the characteristics of an otherwise seemingly floored belief system.. It has been a truly welcomed and benifitial curve.. Anyhow, I hope my appearing here will be welcomed and I look foreward to meeting you all.. Thanks for reading.. I'm probably writing this in a completely inappropriate text space but hey!! Toilets may become tables...(not as a preferance though..

RE: How to persuade disbelievers?

Any tips on how best to make it clear? Or is it better to just smile & nod?

One of my friends, atheist, simply states that he believes in non-believing (non-faith). Sometimes it works laugh wave

How to persuade disbelievers?

A few years ago as the winter holiday season approached I had a conversation with a coworker in which I stated I was an atheist. The term was unfamiliar to him & I had to explain. After I did though he simply could not grasp it. He ran through all the major religions he could think of -- was I Jewish? Was I Islamic? Did I worship Buddha? -- and finally declared, "You have to believe in something!" No, I don't, I replied, but it was no use. Eventually I told him I believed in The Great Pumpkin.
Now, he wasn't hostile about it. But he simply couldn't wrap his head around the idea that someone could declare NO faith and NO religion. Anyone else ever encounter this sort of disbeliever? Any tips on how best to make it clear? Or is it better to just smile & nod?

RE: Curious

When I was young my family attended church regularly, but to me it seemed my parents at least viewed it more as a social organization. Acceptance of actual belief seemed merely assumed.

I myself decided upon atheism in my 20s as a development of existential philosophy. Since I cannot detect god with any of my five senses - sight, smell, taste, hearing, or touch - I had to conclude that no god existed.

RE: Curious


You hit the nail on the head. We are naturally born without the garbage in our heads. We don't believe in Santa Claus or the tooth fairy, or in god(s) until someone fools us into believing.

Rational thought is natural. I was never brain washed into any religion, so, I grew up without all the baggage. I have been atheist from birth.


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