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Sweet Jane Tab

Pleased to be here , am looking for someone who might know if theres actually a Tab for the Intro to Sweet Jane by Steve Hunter and d*ck Wagner , I know that its similar to the Stairway to Heaven and Samba Pa Te intro but would be cool if anyone knew of somewhere it is

RE: feeling

Wish I'd been able to read this thread years ago. It's all excellent advice! Can't agree more with the "out of the comfort zone" idea. My playing improved noticeably and it opened new avenues of listening pleasure as well. Go down to the crossroads by all means,but listen to what's driving through before you go into automatic blues mode...
Inspiration & enthusiasm are not always present when I want them, so I've pretty much stopped doing live stuff & just entertain myself these days. Aren't looper pedals a wonderful thing!

RE: feeling

it comes and goes,,, you cant just expect to be creative all the time or you will burn out... the winners keep winning but they never win and the loosers keep loosing but they never loose,. thats pretty much the laws of the universe/evolution.. if it wasnt for that then the universe will burn out or get sucked into a black hole...

when you are feeling creative then thats the time to record your creative ideas, or write them down or what ever.. its best to record them so that you can go back to them and listen to them for more ideas... at the times when you are not so creative that when you work on the structure of the song, practice hard parts etc...

i sometimes think i get more creative when the moon comes out haha .. we are about %80 water or something like that and the moon do effect the tides... just dont turn into a werewolf

RE: A new blues improv video- What do ya think?

my brother and i each take a song.
the volume was a bit much for the camera microphone, sorry.


i think i have found the solution to loss of feeling,
or at least a solution to those of you that are like me,
in that i am not a walking encyclopedia of cover tunes.

jam with songs that are out of your element.
go to you tube and pick songs that you have always
liked, but may not necessarily fit your style.

don't look for the key, find it, then try out the
licks you would normaly use in that key.
if they almost work, but not quite,
alter them.
try to bring your particular style to the song,
but at the same time,
try to be tastefull and not lose the feel of the song.
in other words, imagine your band and you are covering this song,
and you are trying to come across as,
"yes, i can play something good that fits, and this is how i feel it."

i just now realized that i get in a rut when i keep playing
the same songs with the same feel.

i am so far from being a virtiouso,
but,i have noticed, so many songs in different styles with different feels
have the same exact, or at least very very similar chord
progressions to what you already play.

so you can use your own stuff,
cop a different feel than what you usually do,
and then bring this new feel back to what
you and your band are currently doing.

it really makes you appear like you know what you are doing,
and that you are a little deeper musically than you may actually be.
but, if you start to get different feels, you end up actually being
a little deeper musically than you really think you are.
note choice can be important,
and i am always trying to improve that.

but, in the end, feel is most important.
old school shit,
but it is true.

if you don't feel what you are playing,
no one else will either.

if you can passionately play one or two scales
over a chord progression instead of five,
your melodies are going to stick
in someones head more than a barrage of notes.


not ignoring this, just hard for me to get on lately.
i'm not exactly sure what you are looking for.
are you just looking for a lick, or an idea to toy with?
i suppose both would amount to the same thing.
give me a bit, and i will put some more stuff up.
in the meantime, (i never get to use that word)
if anyone has anything to contribute, please do.

is anyone familiar with playing four note groupings,
and how the one beat falls on the second note of the grouping
when you reverse it from ascending to descending?
then on the third if you reverse it again,
and the fourth, if you do it again?
it gives you four different ways to phrase the same exact lick.

not a coincidence, in a four note grouping.


A new blues improv video- What do ya think?

Thanks for the compliment. If There is anything I can help with, let me know.

For blues, and most rock based stuff start with the main pentatonic scale patterens. Make sure you take the time to find some good notes in the patterns to bend. I personally have a hard time making anything musical out of the basic "box" pentatonic pattern if it is played straight. I find the intervals to be a bit wide and tend to fill them in with additional notes from major and minor scales. You can get away with quite a bit if you phrase it right and resolve a passage on a good note.

One of my all time favorite guitar players is Rik Emmett from the band Triumph. The song "Little Boy Blues" is like a case study in blues phrasing and how to use pentatonics. I learned most of this song many years ago. It is always worth revisiting though! I never get tired of hearing it. It is really more of a modern progressive rock take on blues, but that is what I love about it. Here it is -

What is good about this is that it is mostly slow, so you can really hear the notes and phrasing.

Of course you have to go back to SRV and Clapton among all the other icons too!

I can give you a lot more to work with, if you want. If you like the Rik Emmett song, I could show you some of it to get you started.

Glad you like the vid,



RE: suggestions?

how about learning lick's shreds and the use of scales in that form for those wanting to advance in there style of music?

RE: A new blues improv video- What do ya think?

dude sick lick iv'e been trying to figure out how to work with lick's specially blues

RE: A new blues improv video- What do ya think?

here is some of my free for all improv.
not really tight, either behind or ahead of the changes.
but anyway...



hey, thanks for a legitimate answer.
it sounds like you know what i am talking about.
i improvise all my leads,
but try to borrow heavily to keep the flavor.
i kind of want to have creative freedom,
yet still try to fit the song somewhat.
but it gets weird sometimes.
like you push your ear to its limit.
you push until it feels like you can't play a bad note
if you phrase it right,
and that lasts for about a week,
then all of a sudden,
nothing sounds right.

then it seems like you have to start all over again.

RE: feeling

wine g'day man,I accually read your reply a few day's back now and I've been trying to think of something meaningful to add,and I'm struggling to find something I must say,but you make some good points there and you know,If you do prove my theory wrong,well it certainly wouldn't be the first time I've been proven wrong,so I hope you do!!thumbs up Do you ever question your enthusiasm,I do,and I find it hard to accept at times,but the fact is,after 24 years for my-self,well,it make's sense,the thrill of simply nailing a tune you've been practising,or seeing definite improvement,it was enough to keep the interest high for many years,but alas,not quite the same now,and although I still play pretty much every day,and still enjoy it,It's not for hours a day as it used to be,and to force my-self,well,not an option,start thinking about what's for dinner as opposed to immersing my-self in the act of playing.Just going through the motions as such!!So,I'm wondering if maybe the missing feel you speak of,could be more indicitive of a wane in enthusiasm??Considering there's a fairly repititous element involved,especially with practising,is it possible to play for any fair lenth of time and not have it wane a little?Not sure for others,but it has for me!!Does one need to step away at times,rejuvenate,so to speak,confusedMaybe,Not sure,guess where all different,So anyway,speaking of dinner,bit pekish accually,and I think I've babbled on quite enough so I'll leave it at that,and good luck with it all!!beer

RE: A new blues improv video- What do ya think?

Admirable technique in the YouTube performance, showing an advanced level of professionalism.
Are you open to collaboration?

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