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all welcome. must be nice
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HelloFlagmount58610Dec 23
Loststiffnrigid2770Mar 2015
hi everybodyDVK2994791Jun 2011Jun 2014
Love thin,petite,cute,sweet blonde Irish women.elednuw3970May 2014
hey ppztogoodtobetrue73730Feb 2014
hey..JaneWater4141Jul 2012Nov 2013
looking for a beautiful green/blue eyed man :)blukub4520Aug 2012
hellomidwestirish3560Nov 2011
Hi AllDreamTheater26084220Jan 2011
Hi Friendsjibranak4130Oct 2010
karthikkarthikvignesh4800Sep 2010
karthikkarthikvignesh3430Sep 2010
Is the weather affecting your datingjaverwockey5411Jan 2010Aug 2010
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