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Analytical Minds Group

Analytical Minds Group

Enjoy questioning questions? Finding reasons for the unreasonable? things like that? Come on in and see if this groups for you! cheers

No general philosophy category in which to place this, so 'thinking as a hobby' was as close as I could come up with for a fitting category.

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RE: How do you "receive" Love?

Take away All the good reasons why,,..
Take away All the would have should haves
All the promises...
All the lies....
And ALL you're left with IS ...
What Has Been Done.
That is how you see truths in Anything.

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RE: Where is the balance?

most people cant handle silence they think there is something missing or wrong with the situation, the male and female divide is extensive there are a lot of things that women value that men just don't think about, i read that men block out unecessary information, hence the men never listen argument, or men look for a word but women look for the shape thats why men cant see things in the fridge, an example i allways use is peoples birthdays, nobody ever asks me when a persons birthday is it never comes up in conversation it only happens once a year so for the rest of the year that information is usless so i forget it, but to a woman thats a mortal sin and im an a**hole , vast difference between us

RE: Where is the balance?

I'm not sure if putting any sort of response that after, I think 3-years of the original post that there's going to be anyone to continue this thread...if there's an answer to this thread, then we can continue from there ~ make sense?

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RE: If a question was an answer and the answer was the question.

I would say no. We would be at cross purposes and see the world differently.

RE: A thought.

That is an interesting question. I'm not sure what part of evolution theory that covers. I would say they adapted to their environment but what made them know they were better off flying or walking?

RE: Is it a disadvantage to have an analytical mind?

It can be both. Benefits are, you can know what's going on at a deeper level, you are less confused about people and events, you can know what to do in an emergency to fix things. Disadvantages, you can be critical of everyone and everything, you can over analyze things and create problems that weren't there before. Maybe you can't stop thinking. I've been at fault for doing the latter.

RE: emotions + agreements + social intercourse ?

For me, its a comfort knowing that some of the questions are answered ahead of time. I'm not good at small talk. I can learn to, I guess. Dating is such a risky endeavor. So easy to be rejected so you have to prepare for that. Hopefully, you meet someone you are genuinely interested in and its mutual. If there are agreements, at least you know what makes will make people comfortable with you and what won't. I am learning to be more assertive with people rather then passive. With greater numbers, there is less pressure. You can sort of pretend that you weren't focusing on one person if that person doesn't want to talk to you. Then you can find someone that shares your feelings. If it only goes one way you can just say,"nice meeting everyone. gotta scoot"..

RE: Is it a disadvantage to have an analytical mind?

To some people, and some women .. the
answer is "yes". Worse still, when
someone sizes one up as being gentle,
sensitive, and artistic .. too, in a
"I am not interested in you" way!
(And the assessment was correct. It's

RE: A thought.


RE: A thought.

Hi PA, yes I think about it a lot. I think I can get my head around how the most simplest single cell life forms started due to this planets elements, chemistry and temperature but how the complexity and variety came about is truly wondrous and baffling.

Regarding flightless birds, taking the Penguin for example, due to it's habitat it doesn't need wings to escape land predators, there are no insects to catch in the air, no trees with fruits to fly up to, so flight has become unnecessary and the wings have evolved into flippers and the body streamlined like a fish in order to survive and compete in it's environment.

A thought.

Ever wondered what caused life, and why it's so divergent. For instance, why can some birds fly and others can't?

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