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50s and over Group

50's and over Group

For all of us at this age that can relate and want to get to know each other.

Late 40's and 50's and over age group.

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RE: hi

Good morning, fast-food workers. Which establishment offers the highest quality 'popped corn'? cool

RE: Dating at 50 and over

What has age got to do with it? You are young at 50 something, so stop worrying. Be brave, be honest and you'll have lots of dates. Sharing is a great way forward, so hold your own unless the date is really insistant on paying for everything. Time to get a passport and when the planes return take a holiday away from the status quo.


I am new

RE: Looking for my soulmate

Hi Myrna! you seem to be a wonderful person. Like a chat to see what happens next...?

It's a crazy mixed up world folks.

Hey , so much has been going on, I think 2020 isn't going to end in 2021.
It seems as soon as you think nothing more will happen, it does. Can you all imagine the USA without law enforcement? We would have the special military in our towns . They have been training for this for a ling time. I can't imagine what the children of today will have to deal with as adults of tomorrow.

Who's up in the usa?

Hey, any one up? , it's almost 1am . Here in the good old us of a. wave
NOSTRUSonline today!

RE: 50 and Over

I've just joined . I'm not good at groups or joining I lack the skills get easily put off I've been told I don't suffer fools lightly but I do try honestly I do but it's exasperating at times and I feel like being forthright cos I hate bullshit. . I'm more than over 50 I'm well over 60 . Time comes though when you need to accept things like you're just too old too wrinkly for a man to want you for anything more than your retirement pension cos he's squandered his life on risky living and lied and conned his way into your life .. .I wont bother going into discussing the young dudes who think because you're 50 plus you'll be grateful for their offer of sex without strings yuck yuck yuck it happens a lot . I get more interest from under 50s than over 60s and im not flattered in the least . Be wary of these types of men they're out there just waiting to come into your life and tear you down . Stay safe stay alone What I'm saying is don't accept second rate because you're lonely . I've been alone for years( with a couple of blunders in between quickly seen off) but you can have a fulfilling life without a partner of course ideally we want someone to hug to care to be there but it's too much to ask of most people ...of course there's nice guys out there but they are a thousand miles away . But then maybe the guy at a great distance is the safest guy !! Lol

RE: Hello

Greetings everyone I'm new to group ??


I need love, the greatest energy in the Universe which is an infinite energy that never dies.


Hello Everyone in this group!

I'm a new comer.

RE: 50 and Over

Is nothing good in wrinkles, it's all just an excuse.

Looking for my soulmate

Hi My name is Myrna I am 45 years old, I live in Mexico, I have two boys 15 and 12 years old, Im Accountant, Im sincere and honest lady, I dont like games and I dont like lies either. Im looking for a good man to start a good relationship friendship and maybe in the future we can build a nice relationship.teddybear

RE: 50 and Over

Too calm over here. I was barely 50 as this thread was started...
and now I' ll be 60 sooner than I would like.

We're from all over the globe. Being or having been 50 is the little detail uniting us.

RE: Xxx

im yuor guy!!

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