Jesus is the only way to the kingdom of God Group

Jesus is the only way to the kingdom of God Group

This is for people that love jesus and know that he is the only way to the kingdom of god if you do not ever except Jesus christ as your lord it is blaspheming the holy ghost and you will be cast in the lake of fire with the false prophet and the antichrist

you must have a desirer for understanding christ

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RE: the lord has work for us

This is good,because we are to exhort one another daily & so much the more!
HalleluYah,for you,many thanksgivings,all thankfulness for this site,by GOD,your admonishing us,by The Holy Ghost!
Please remember me in your fervent prayers NIGHT & day as we together agree to loose our brothers & sisters from s.I.n.(selfinaughtiness!),bind with tight fire-brands enemies of truth & reward,rulers of darkness keeping people in ignorance,princes of error,wicked spirits-causing hard,wrong ways to continue with the people called by GOD's holy name!

Gather Holy KingdoMusicans!

Please Faith-Family,
Pray fervently day & night for the
manifestation of our LORD JESUS musiciansingers from all nations,
as HE causes the music-magicians of
Babylon-world system to cease!
As I continue to prophesy upon my harpserving in office of holy apostle
by the will-wisdom-TRUTH of our Father GOD!
Many thanksgivings,all thankfulness!
My LOVE be with you all in Christ.
Mercy,grace,blessings with FULL joy
in SHALOM be multiplied!

Not Speaking Against The Holy Ghost!

Agreeing with The WORD of The Truth of The Glorious Gospel of Christ,our
Contact-Connector;obeying HIS commanders it is written in Mark
We are held accountable for every idle WORD.So let our Religion be pure,let be wise in our speech & with
Grace-seasoned!barf 8

Gathering His Good Wheat-Seed!

The Wise Virgins are making themselves ready for our soon coming BrideGroom King.
The good seed of The Kingdom He's gathering!
HIS mighty glorious Church is manifesting!

RE: Faithful God!

Waa Ashika that was wonderful indeed. Yes indeed Christ Jesus was very faithful to his God, he worshipped his God in Loud cries and tears ... (Heb 5:7) - Yes we are all human beings cry (Including the Mighty Prophet and the Son of Mary - Christ of Nezarath); that's our nature and God has made us all that way. Yes, we all err and sin and God alone, the God that Jesus worshipped to will forgive us if we repent and seek his forgiveness.teddybear

If Jesus is the only way what happened to the people

who lived before him???
Gone to the hell? wise up pls.

Search for God!

Search for truth and you shall find beauty. Search for beauty and you shall find love. Search for love and you shall find God. Search for God and you shall have them all!


Everybody have a good holy Sundayhandshake

Trust God!

When God fix things for you don't knock it back out of socket again...stop breaking things that you know are fragile!

Faithful God!

Jesus is faithful. He will stay by our side even when we have endured so much that we seem to have no faith left. We may be faithless at times, but Jesus is faithful to his promise to be with us to the very end of the age (Matthew 28:20). Refusing Christ’s help will break our communication with God, but he will never turn his back on us even though we may turn our backs on him. angel

Give thanks!

Remember to thank Jesus! When you give thanks for everything in your life- you become a magnet for blessings!!! cheering


sorry peaple for the folds in my wrighthings on the post ,i she it now .I have dislexy,its not nice to have beleve me ,bud i think God want this for a reasen God bless you al .I hop i spel it rightteddybear

RE: I have a disturbing felling

HO ho brother,i think you make a litle mistake are you meaning ananias en safira hand5.This is an ather time then weare living in,be happy of this atherwys ther wil be nobady going to heaven,in the begin time the holy ghost was working very strong,this was nesesery begores,they had no bijbel like us,from hand 15 yo get an ather pickteur,a new beginning of time for the church.WEn e read the bijbel carfuly the we sheing more chances.thebook handelingen is the hisoty f the chuch from the beginning til the end lookat hand 27 its a profetsy of the end of the chuch its al love from God that hi children are coming in heaven no one is better only his son Jesus christus.rev22 sad flower

RE: Jezus lives!

Yes i no he always warns me of danger,he is ouwer King,Bud he stil is working for us he,s praying in heaven for us its wonderful.Hebr8


Yes Jesus is more then just a cross Gal6:14,God became humen to dye for ouwer sins,it was the plan from his son an the father.Pure love,he gave his only son for us.Therfor Jesus is more then only ouwer vavier he is ouwer king

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