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Classic Foreign Art Films Group For those interested in films beyond this week's Hollywood blockbuster. (And for poking fun at same.) Discuss, analyze and recommend films!

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RE: Can you name that actor?

Charlie Chaplin in Monsieur Verdoux, I believe.

RE: Can you name that actor?

I thought it looks like Charlie Chaplin.


Favorite film: The African Queen

must see film

Called Silk, visually stunning, sensorial treat, highly recommend for those with an alternative taste in cinema.

RE: Film Suggestions

Amadeus? It is super!! 8 Oscars, with Tom Hulce - a great acting!
I think Jezus of Nazareth suits very well to Christmas! I absolutely accepted the figure of Jezus as if I were there and met him !
I will watch the About a Boy- movie, I like Hugh Grant ( I heard about this film ).

RE: Hey, is there anybody here?

Hi, I am awake! I do not know where others are, but I am for example here.

Hey, is there anybody here?

sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep Hey, do not sleep.
This is the place where you can talk! conversing heart wings

RE: Film Suggestions

angel Hi! MERRY CHRISTMAS! I would offer three great classic movies for Christmas but afterwards too:
Amadeus directed by Milos Forman,
Jesus of Nazareth by Zefirelli,
About a Boy by Christ and Paul Weitz

Film Suggestions

If theres a film out there that you really think people should see or just a film you think people really should avoid post it here.

RE: Welcome film fans!

Yes, I agree with Miss Black Adder.... I love Black Adder.
These days, as a mom I find that all film that isn't advertised in the movie house or on TV is foreign simply because it is unknown to me since I simply don't get out much. I would dearly love to live in a central location where there were foreign films on the big screen to share with my daughters. It would be great to have a video shop with FFilms. I am less able than I am willing to download from the internet. So, I will steal an evening when in toronto during the holidays to hit a rep cinema or the OCA Cinematheque.

RE: Welcome film fans!

I think that as long as the film is made with the sensibilities of the native country and not adapted to please worldwide and, particularly, Western or American audiences, then it can be considered a "Foreign" film by those not of it's country of origin. jmo

RE: which is your favourite classic movie?

Citizen Kane regularly tops both critical and public polls of the Greatest Films Ever. But I'd rate The Bicycle Thieves (Ladri di Bicicletta) above it, for sheer emotional power. As personal favorites go, though, I'd vote for La Strada.


which is your favourite classic movie?

Mine it's the Citizen Kane....

RE: May not be foreign but any Tarantino fans out there?

Some of the stuff he has done with Roderiguez, under the "a band apart" brand is pretty cool too.

No one can deny that "Desperado" wasn't freakin awesome... Tarrantino only had a cameo acting role in that, I think.

Anyone seen "Machette"??

I didn't really like jackie Brown, but watched it many years ago.

Pulp Fiction is an all time favourite of mine.

RE: May not be foreign but any Tarantino fans out there?

You should really watch Kill Bill. It's a masterpiece. a spoof of so many genres. Really you ought to watch it! Reservoir Dogs is the only one I haven't seen. I've heard it's pretty violent. Kill Bill is ART.

RE: May not be foreign but any Tarantino fans out there?

Certainly some would regard Pulp Fiction as a classic, or even art in its narrative structure. The only other Tarantino film I've seen is Reservoir Dogs.

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