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For those interested in films beyond this week's Hollywood blockbuster. (And for poking fun at same.) Discuss, analyze and recommend films!

Must enjoy films!
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Can you name that actor?Dagosto3982Apr 2010Mar 2016
Hellogs73781580May 2014
must see filmmichellecar2130Jun 2013
Film Suggestionsdesignhiro2512Aug 2012Jan 2013
Hey, is there anybody here?mariamozart2271Jan 2013Jan 2013
Welcome film fans!Dagosto3832Apr 2010Nov 2011
which is your favourite classic movie?sofita2991Mar 2011Apr 2011
May not be foreign but any Tarantino fans out there?Nawzis2813Jun 2010Mar 2011
Subtitled or dubbed?Dagosto3807Apr 2010Jun 2010
CannesDagosto2740May 2010
Your 3 to see?Dagosto2950May 2010
Three to seeDagosto3080Apr 2010
gnj4u: "Happy Anniversary "(meet us in the ecards)

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