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Teachers of the World Group I thought it`d be fun to get to know and share experiences with other fellow teachers from all over the world. Interested?

If you`re a teacher anywhere, you`re qualified to join in!

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A teacher in Papua New Guinea

Iam Sinclaire a male teacher from Papua New Guinea.I have been teaching for 18 years now and and excited to join this forum so that I can share my experience.
marinivanonline today!

RE: Introduce yourself

I just joined the group.
As far as I could see English teachers prevail here.
I am a Spanish teacher. I taught at Foreign language schools,
mosltly, and Russian at primary,professor

Special Education Teacher

Hello everyone!

I'm a 23 y.o female from Indonesia. I've been a Teacher for special needs children for 1 year. I have passion in children and education. Care to share about all these teaching stuffs with me?

Take Care!

RE: Introduce yourself

hi, titsy, wellcome..wave

RE: Introduce yourself

Hi I'm Titsy,

I'm an English teacher for Junior High School students. I also opened up an English private tutorial center and teaches there in the afternoons and evenings. I'd like to meet other English teachers from around the world...

RE: Introduce yourself

Hi, I´m Maria, I´m a secondary teacher in Spain; I teach technical drawing and Art, and I must to say that I enjoy it a lot. I have 15 years of experiencie and I think I´ll teach to rest of my life..laugh wave

RE: International Teacher

Hi, i'm an ESL teacher and the director of a language institute in north of iran . I would be glad to hear from you and your experieces.

RE: Introduce yourself

Hi, i'm Mohamad. An ESL teacher here in Iran. I am the founder and director of an English school in a city in north of the country. I'm eager to be in touch with other teachers around world.

RE: Overseas Teaching Jobs

Hey Charli,

Subscribe to TIE (The International Educator). It lists recruiting fairs and job openings from all over the world.
If you are a science teacher I will be hiring for next year in my school.

International Teacher

Hi, I am a Canadian educator who has been working in Mexico for several years. I would like to hear from other international teachers and their schools and experiences. Presently I am an AP at a private school in Monterrey, Mexico.

Teaching English in Ecuador

I would like to teaching English in Ecuador. I'm a 54 year old Canadian that now lives in Arizona. I enjoyed my teacher's training very much and would prefer to teach high school and college age students.
I've never taught in another country, so any tips, tricks, experiences and opportunities you would like to share would be very much appreciated.

English teacher, over 50, divorced and living in France...

...... and it's virtually impossible to meet anyone. Check the members and they're mostly down on the South coast, Paris or elsewhere that is far away.

Anyone in France, near the edge of Britanny, Mayenne who would be interested in getting to know each other? An occasional friend, short term or, better, long term friend would be good - I'm not looking at marriage ever again.


RE: Introduce yourself


I am "Atyafa". I've been a private tutor for 10 years. I don't really make my living from teaching, just as a hobby and passion. During the day, I am a regular employer of organization that provides consultancies to Govt.

Students can give smiles and become my inspiration, especially when my days were hard. I am also a volunteer teacher in community center or orphan house. I teach all subjects, from primary student to highschool/secondary school. Literature, sciences, but my fave are Math, Chemistry, Literature and History. I have no plan to be a formal teacher, coz I want to keep teaching as my passion; avoid being trapped in a system and find disspointement of system (I experienced this many times during my professional work). Teaching is a part of my life and it will be just like that, anywhere, anytime .

RE: Introduce yourself

Good evening everybody,
I am French but have been living for 13 y in Mexico, where I teach in the French Mexican school as elementary school teacher.
Specificity: French school for kids whose parent language is mostly Spanish. A substantial portion of kids are Mexican, many kids of binational couples, and French kids of diplomatics or expatriate executives.
Take care, teddybear

RE: Introduce yourself

Hello, my name is Vanessa, and I am a preschool teacher. Currently for two year olds, but I have also worked with three yearolds, and toddlers.

Teaching in Vietnam HCM

Hello everyone. I started teaching English this year here. It's better to try and get a TOESL here because it was less expensive than on-line. Good luck to all you teachers around the world

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