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Music Trivia Quiz Fun Group This group has been created so that we can torture one another with yet more trivial banality than one could have thought possible. For example, just to get things rock and rollin', I shall name the song (though our music shall never be limited in genre), and you name the artist who wrote it or one of the several that recorded it. All music trivia in whatever context is only welcome. We thirst for a challenge, baffle us.

1. I knew I'd want you.
2. My back pages.
3. Woman.
4. We ain't got nothin' yet.
5. The legend of the uss titanic.
6. Since I've been lovin' you.
7. Oh boy.
8. I'm looking through you.
9. Sweet baby James.
10. True love tends to forget.

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richie havens

Name the performer(s), name the song

1. Donovan- epistle to dippy
2. beatles- I'm looking through you
3. stones-paint it black
4. dylan, then byrds-Mr. Tambourine Man
5. John Sebastion- rainbows all over your blues.

Name the band or album

1) Keith Richards, Stanley Clarke, Ron Wood, Ian Mclachlen, Bobby Keyes?
2) Brian Eno, Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen, Adam Clayton, Luciano Pavarotti?
3) Nick Lowe,Terry Williams, Dave Edmunds, Billy Bremner?

sunbury music festival 1972

1 Who can name the 1st performer who opened the Sunbury Music Festival in 1972.
2 How many years did the festival go for
3 Where was the other festival in Australia at that time.

RE: woodstock

according to my research canned heat was not on until day two. the first performer listed on day one was Richie Havens. first song was Minstral From Gault.
Canned Heat were listed as 7th performers on day two.
[i assume you wanted the 1969 show]

RE: By the Seekers

the correct lyrics are as follows
There's a new world somewhere
they call the promised land
And i'll be there someday
if you will hold my hand
I still need you there beside me
no matter what i what i do
for i know i'll never find another you
[most if not all their lyrics can be found at seekers]

RE: Name the performer(s), name the song

3. Rolling Stones Paint It Black
4. Bob Dylan / The Byrds Mr Tambourine Man

RE: woodstock

Richie Havens, perhaps?

RE: woodstock

Would that be Canned Heat? Rory.


which act or performer opened "woodstock"?

RE: By the Seekers

lol!!!! hi hedi ....hows you x

Name the performer(s), name the song

1. "looking out crystal sunglasses, I can see you've had your fun"
2. "love has a nasty habit of disappearing over night"
3. "I have to turn my head until my darkness goes"
4. "cast your dancing spell my way, I promise to go under it"
5. "let's go for a bounce on my trampoline, I can show you the prettiest mountain you've ever seen, you better run to your closet and fish out your blue suede shoes"

RE: By the Seekers

Er...duh..the seekers

RE: By the Seekers

the new christy minstrels..."a world of our own", which was soon followed up by "I know I'll never find another you"....

RE: By the Seekers

anyone gonna talk lol,,xxxxteddybear

RE: By the Seekers

and ill be there some day if you will take my hand .......x

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