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friends with heart
i am looking for people who love to chat and socilise with others.
people who are willing to be there if anyone needs some advice on anything.

people looking to make friends with other caring compassionate people
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HopefulToid2017680Jan 12
MichaelMarble_collecter690Jul 2017
Requestakmaljung2191Jan 2015Nov 2016
IntroductioNeighbors!Holykis740Nov 2016
new to the placemater39781801Nov 2015Nov 2015
Guys give me a warm welcome.Lathash1960Jul 2015
Guys give me a warm welcome.Lathash1780Jul 2015
hipippy1231990Jan 2015
welcome new membersrebeccakelly784268Oct 2010Jan 2015
hi theretonygwemt2250Aug 2014
Hi BE Friendly & Exchange knowledge how to enrich your heart.azuddurdab2430Mar 2014
happy sunday to all.prinnyprincess3010Oct 2012
Hello from Vicksburg, Mississippibilly391802760Oct 2012
Only three Blogs during November?!!cloud94ever2940Nov 2011
hiarisekola3271May 2011Nov 2011
The Eternal Love of Friendship.JJStar2960Nov 2011
hisweetthing502700Jul 2011
hi i like this groupabin252750Jun 2011
hi i like this groupabin252900Jun 2011
Helloangelwheels42682840May 2011
Gonna visit Praha later this yearCALLMERON3170May 2011
yet another new felladeoge32783491Feb 2011Feb 2011
that is me as wellcuddles48622830Feb 2011
being singlerebeccakelly784939Oct 2010Feb 2011
starting oversherman463150Feb 2011
Hello !!!laralove823591Feb 2011Feb 2011
Been away for some time, what's newcondo623220Jan 2011
saying hellokent102780Jan 2011
I am new hereCaring323110Nov 2010
Hi I'd like to introduce myselfCanoock2662Oct 2010Oct 2010
Im newHollyspring3352Oct 2010Oct 2010
very friendlymissfairbanks44313Oct 2010Oct 2010
true friendsmy_chel572541Oct 2010Oct 2010
hirebeccakelly782480Oct 2010
manu1010: "I'm afraid to fall... "(meet us in the ecards)

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