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United In Age Gap Dating Group This is a meeting place at Connecting Singles for guys seeking to date younger women, and younger women seeking to date older men. Preferably for long-term relationships, and/or marraige!

This group is for men seeking to date younger women, and younger women seeking to date older men. Preferably for committed relationships (long-term).

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RE: Hey guys

interesting lady.. ??? mmmmh. x

RE: Hey guys

Great devil Lets chat.

Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

TattoedMonkonline today!

RE: Hey guys

are you still part of this group?
TattoedMonkonline today!

anyone here?

been through a few groups and says has all these members... yet no one is talking. So raise up and say hello. [email protected]

Hey guys

I'm new hereguys! I'm very friendly, open-minded, nonjudgemental, fun, a lil sassy sometimes and can be very very naughty! I'm very easy to get along with! I can't wait to talk to you guys and make friends!dancing tongue head banger cheering love thumbs uplips lips b XXX

RE: hie

yes i am interested to be love for ur life

named/called how?

An older lady who dates a (much) younger man is named or called a COUGAR .

Whatever that means?

But how do we call a man who preferes to date a (much) younger woman or girl?

What is wrong about it when the love is really thru and straight from the heart?

with sincere feelings,


RE: new here and giving my reasons


I understand completely but only recently.

I first joined a dating site 10 years ago and at 40 then, it was so much easier. Everybody looked better. Getting things going was much smoother, I got more messages, went on dates, had a few relationships with 1 lasted 5 years.

Now, at 50, something has changed. Not so easy anymore. Those 2 numbers together keep people away.
My skin may have sagged a little, granted but I still look young for my age and much younger at heart. I possess more energy and vivacity than my colleagues in their mid 20s.
Meeting men my age became a problem.
I am not into younger men but recently, it seemed that is the way to go, because, mind and body wise, hell, I still rock.


any serious guy looking for real love out there

RE: Soul mate

I'm not keen on fake profiles with for instance a "height = 3 ft..." ... lol devil

RE: hello :)

This Sashawalker profile, seems like coming rom an ordinary scammer .. cool

RE: new here and giving my reasons

No reply here (I'm first :-) ) is telling a lot.
Even in a group ABOUT age gap, people refrain from reacting on testimonies...
Even if the other one is dating in age gap environment, he is still hiding ...

How I see it

The age gap is comfortable attractive to me, if it's comfortable attractve for the woman as well.
(Twice honest)
At the other hand, with me it's no must at all. I could date same age or older then me.
But, I do not feel it controversial to date 10, 20, 30, 40 ... years younger.
Perhaps, as a summary I could say I'm by nature not 'age-hooked' ?


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