40 plus friendship group

40 plus friendship group

Relationships can be complicated and difficult but you can never have too many friends . The purpose of this group is to form fun friendships just for the sole purpose of fun , networking and connecting with people who have the same interests and hobbies.

Must be over age forty

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Yeah they're less boring than filling out forms to be a candidate.. Well that is all I have to do to make if official. Then I will need volunteers to collect and average of 5000 signatures to get my name on individual State ballots.

So it makes sense that if you become my friends (AND UNDESTAND my qualifications) I may get your votes.

Well a few days ago on LinkedIn I was invited into Homeland Security. My first introductory post received over 1700 views. That happens when you mention being invited to join the ILLUMINATI. (DEEP STATE)

Before that last year I was offered work on the NEXT vector control Stealth aircraft. Before that almost simultaneously the Presidency of the University of Windsor (Canada) and Director of the US Department of Defense. That is ironic for one with a World Peace Plan. Nuclear and Conventional.

I will share more later if anybody wants to know. It is late now.applause


I need a girl.any girl want freindship come to inboxcheering

RE: Time to activate this group

Yes friendship is good.. First friends then any relationship

RE: Time to activate this group

Yes, can the moderator have a group event, like a meetup?

Time to activate this group

Great friendships becomes great lovers, becomes forever partners.

There is no such thing as a SOULMATE.

Two people need to work at it and keep it together. banana

Time to activate this group

It's time to make friends.

Come on group members, platonic friendship should not be hard.

Let's bring life to this group.banana
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RE: looking for long term relationship

Good morning dear
How are you
How hope you and your family member are fine
Can we chat here or any other way?heart beating

Looking for People who lives in MALTA

Since i live here I am looking to discover some interesting people
I know Malta is a very small island however
I believe that I will find some from this community

looking for friendship ... :)

tell me can I become your friend


Hi Everyone

RE: Hi

hello me i rechearch friend lover serious very difficult to threwkiss
reabilianonline today!

Long term relationship

Good morning everyone
I want long term relationship
I am simple but I am loveable guy love

RE: looking for long term relationship

hey, interesting profile you have got, i will like to know you better i think we could make really good friends.. i am always there to respond back.

looking for long term relationship

Hi.. am ellen from the Philippines. am looking for partner for long term relationship.

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