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40 plus friendship group

40 plus friendship group

Relationships can be complicated and difficult but you can never have too many friends . The purpose of this group is to form fun friendships just for the sole purpose of fun , networking and connecting with people who have the same interests and hobbies.

Must be over age forty

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Looking for People who lives in MALTA

Since i live here I am looking to discover some interesting people
I know Malta is a very small island however
I believe that I will find some from this community
rajiv11online now!
rajiv11online now!

looking for friendship ... :)

tell me can I become your friend


Hi Everyone

RE: Hi

hello me i rechearch friend lover serious very difficult to threwkiss

Long term relationship

Good morning everyone
I want long term relationship
I am simple but I am loveable guy love

RE: looking for long term relationship

hey, interesting profile you have got, i will like to know you better i think we could make really good friends.. i am always there to respond back.

looking for long term relationship

Hi.. am ellen from the Philippines. am looking for partner for long term relationship.


Any maltese pls

anyone here?

been through a few groups and says has all these members... yet no one is talking. So raise up and say hello. [email protected]

RE: Hi

It's my first time too to join this thread..wanna make friends all over the world..from Philippines: Ceciliateddybear

i look 45 so does it really matter im only 39

guess ill have to hang in the cougar group.....not really the scene i capitalise on....cougars want young dudes...not old looking toy boys....what do i do?

RE: hi everyone

Hi Cari - I'm in Dublin. Just joined the group also and looking to make friends who want to go out and have fun - hard when your close friends are in relationships

hi everyone

Just new to this group...would like to make friends on this..with any irish anyone from ireland reading this drop me a line


I've just joined this group, can anyone tell me how it works? Do we just leave comments or is there more to it?


Hello everyone! My name is Damien Windsor and I am 45 years old. I recently join this site, to meet some great people! Maybe make some friends along the way.

My hobbies include Bike riding, Hiking, reading and writing! Not to mention cooking. I enjoy preparing both American and Chinese dishes.

I am currently employed. But I am on Christmas vacation. So, I don't return until after the New Year!

Okay, I will keep this short and sweet!

Thank you for reading!

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