40 plus friendship group

40 plus friendship group
Relationships can be complicated and difficult but you can never have too many friends . The purpose of this group is to form fun friendships just for the sole purpose of fun , networking and connecting with people who have the same interests and hobbies.

Must be over age forty
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anyone here?TattoedMonk330May 16
Hianglojoe1691Jul 2017Feb 16
i look 45 so does it really matter im only 39Ozzypost670Oct 22
hi everyonecari52871Oct 2017Oct 2017
Hello!thecadillacman16800Dec 2016
HiYunlin1382Oct 2016Oct 2016
Hivasvas910Jul 2016
Hello to everyoneyarnic930Jul 2016
Hi to everyonelabasyaricoman1701May 2016Jun 2016
Hi All,naveenkum411100Jun 2016
Hi All,naveenkum41940Jun 2016
Hello...greysjunkie703071Sep 2015May 2016
hiramstkota2300Oct 2015
hiiilesh2390Oct 2015
FRIENDSbrillo592491Aug 2015Aug 2015
Hello and GreetingsWoadan2550Aug 2015
like to joinblushlooks052540Aug 2015
Hellonyuki2920Jun 2015
Hianksharma842520Jun 2015
IntroductionKal83102932Mar 2015Jun 2015
Annieaniekerk3040May 2015
Annieaniekerk2760May 2015
Annieaniekerk2660May 2015
Annieaniekerk2760May 2015
Attention Pleaseazamzain2880Mar 2015
New on heredellboy692740Feb 2015
hisingle_dad412700Feb 2015
HelloLadyM81492650Feb 2015
Anybody alive in here?Debra_Charente3291Jan 2015Feb 2015
new memberNILOYHOSSAIN2991Oct 2014Jan 2015
Looking to make some new friendswhitewolf1964503111Jun 2014Jan 2015
ALWAYS bleeding from wound HEART??1960adil2860Oct 2014
helloDawnboop3300Oct 2014
NewHawram2832Oct 2014Oct 2014
true frienfdshipsexyboymanu252900Sep 2014
hiGenuinefriend3951Sep 2013Aug 2014
I'm newstickymuffin682910Aug 2014
single durban guy looking for lady friendschristog2270Jul 2014
HiRILEYHUEY2200Jul 2014
Hello everyoneGhaga2222720Jun 2014
I need help from any lady in South Portugalisabelita46242800Jun 2014
hi any lady wanna have video chatThushal2650Apr 2014
hi friendsamal12570Apr 2014
BedfordOversixfoot2500Feb 2014
This is the reality of online dating.FlowerBullet4922May 2013Feb 2014
Hi from Canadaelednuw2850Nov 2013
faganda123: "simply me...."(meet us in the profile reviews)

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