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No drama No games No liars Group This group was created to weed through those who are not here for a real relationship.

Mature men and women of all ages who are tired of liars ,scammers, cheater and drama freaks .. Must have profile with real pictures of themselves!!

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cmariemcevonline today!

RE: is there any real people in the world?

There are scammers but also genuine people as you will find on the forums. Stay positive and persevere and you will find the right one for you..wave

New Member

I am a brand new member of this group. I am currently looking for new friends to chat with online. I am also looking for my price charming. I am right now a full time mother with a 7 year old little girl. I am a very open book about my life. Please feel free to ask me anything you want so you can get to know me a lot better. I look forward to meeting some new friends in this group. teddybear laugh grin grin banana
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RE: is it normal to ask for men to ask a female for cell phone numbers need responses

Yes, I agree too Debbie,.wait until your asked by most women on here, they state to me Oh, I have to change to another site"Hangout"? These types of women must be guys, that have the fake ads, as they are the ones that want to get your credit card numbers, or email info. using the "Hangout" site to subject you to follow what they say? Most women I chatted with wanted me to help them to go borrow cash, because they were stuck in a foreign country? Maybe, they are really in jail? Or should be?dancing
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is it normal to ask for men to ask a female for cell phone numbers need responses

Is it normal now days for men to ask women for there email/cell phone numbers lately i have been getting alot of this off this dating site then shortly after i find out they are fakes they send me pictures of there shirts off giving me the sign that they are just looking for sex which i am not looking for what ever happend to talking on line for a few months and getting to know someone before giving out personal info i would like your responses plez it would mean alot to me on where our dating is going in this world . thanks Ladycountry48sigh
Ladycountry48online today!

to me it is iffy to have real pic now days

i can see why some ladies are not putting up pictures of them selves just recently i was hit twice on this site by two different scammers so i just today took down my photo and am also thinking about closing my account i am finding there are many fakes on this site i had my account with my picture up for more then two weeks most the men who messessed me were men who made big money not like that matters to me cause i was looking for personality but they would ask me to send them money after getting to know them after a short time i think in our online dating women are tired of it . yes it is nice to see a picture to know who u are talking to but u have to be careful cause u don't know if it is there real picture i watch to much catfish the tv show. and have learned lots from that tv show on what ppl will do to others to use ppl it is sad God bless ya all Ladycountry48
Ladycountry48online today!

RE: No drama, no games, no liars!!

i agree debbie i just got done talking with a guy who i met on here who i found out wanted money from me once we talked off line i now have him blocked on here it seems there are alot of fakes when it comes to online dating it is sad that the good women cannot find a good man i find it very sad and very disheartening i am 48 years old and feel like giving up on even trying to find true love anymore i feel like when i get messages from guys they are all a bunch of liers and no one tells the truth anymore oh the painz


RE: No drama, no games, no liars!!

You are absolutely right Debbie
I had experienced different way of how 5his scammers put you in.
Thanked God I learned my lesson.

Now got one who is really someone that I can chat without hesitation.


Knowing me knowing u

We came from different areas of this world
with our own native language,ethnic groups,life styles and so on and so forth.
Knowing someone in this site is a chance to meet and greet.

Newby here

RE: Real Relationship

wave hello newby here....cheers
Ladycountry48online today!

RE: Real Relationship

i am very old school barry and i have learned that the way we are going with texting each other is kind of a turn off with communicating i personally miss the old days of talking on the phone with a guy or even getting emails , when u get a text it is not personal it takes away from hearing the persons voice nobody wants to talk to one another anymore and it makes the relationship less of lasting is how i look at it. the last person i texted got all personal and asking right off the bat how much money do u make to me that is to personal u do not ask a lady that u ask that later once ya all get to know each other when ya all feel comfy . the dating world has gone to the dogs Barry. like i said i am old school good luck with your dating search Ladycountry48
Ladycountry48online today!

RE: Looking for soulmate

i believe it does exist if u have faith then u should believe .i also have bumped into
a lot of scammers and fakes out here on dating websites which i think is said there are not
that many good men out there am starting to wonder myself where all the good men are it is sad i find that many ppl want to get off the websites right away and text and that is where the head games come in and the hurt comes in cause they completely change who they are off line they know they can be someone different off the site . Good luck Handsome Mikki with your Search Ladycountry48

RE: really

Yes true love does exist. I know because I have had a true love. She was my best friend wife and soulmate. It's wonderful. It's very hard to put words to. Sometimes we could communicate without words.just a look or touch of her hand could say so much. I always tried to never let a day go by with telling or showing her she was loved and appreciated. She was like an exstintion of myself but different. Her imperfection were patina. Have you ever heard the term Love Hurts. That term is true. It is usually not used correctly. People use it when they should say lack of love hurts. When you are hurt by someone who doesn't love you. The true is love hurts when you hurt because the person you love is hurting. It hurt to see them hurt.
My late wife(best friend and soulmate) passed March 27th 2015. We were married almost 10 years and together 14 years. Her liver went bad and there was nothing they could do. I could have gotten angrier at God for the years we could have had. I chose to be thankful for the time we did have. Truth is true love is real. I did not join this site to find love. True love finds you. I came here to find a new best friend. Trust and friendship are the vary foundation for true love. True love finds you. When you find that special person you trust with everything. The one you have so much fun with. The one you can tell anything to and they won't think less of you. Well it's pretty easy to fall in love with them. So find yourself a real person to become good friends. Go from there. May God Bless you.


Good friends

Hello everybody.

I'm Michael. Let me start by saying I'm not in here or on this sit looking for love. I'm really looking for a new best friend. I have had true love and I know what it is like. My true love wife best friend and soulmate went before me. So I'm looking for a new best friend because that is truly where it starts. I'm not going become best friends with some I can't trust. So be honest if you want me to trust you. I don't lie and don't like people who do. You ever heard the term Love Hurts. It's true but not in the terms it's most used for. It's usually used when someone hurts you. Or cheats on you and your broken hearted. Fact is that is a lack of love hurting you. If a person loves you they won't cheat or hurt you.
The only time love hurts is when someone you love is hurting so bad you are hurting for them. It hurts to see them hurt.
When people first meet me they think I'm a little crazy what can I say. But once they get to know me well. Then they know. Loldancing I know there is going to be things I can learn in this group and hopefully things I can teach. So there for I'm very glad to meet you all.wave

RE: date sites

I'm Michael. Welcome to the group and good luck to you. I'm a widower and I'm here to meet friends. Don't give up on your hunt.

RE: Looking for love

I'm Michael. Welcome to the room and group and goog luck on your hunt.handshake

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