i want to go canada Group

i want to go canada Group

hi hi come and join this group

hi hi come and join this group

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No you don't

I only joined to correct people on this group chat, no you don't want to go to Canada, unless of course it's only a visit. I lived here my whole life and it was only up until a few years when Canada took a turn for the worse.
For Instance Canadian emergency acts on protests.
Superior treatment for refugees.
Being locked up over mispronounced gender.
And of course the over stepping of political power through covid restrictions and lockdowns.
Canada is sadly a multi cultural shithole, with dictatorship in control.

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RE: how?

Hello, am fine. Hope you do.

RE: how?

Hello how are you doing friends

RE: how?

Only speaking from experience, the first best n most important thing to do is try to find someone in the area you are visiting, moving to, or vacationing at, who can Sponsor you, by this i mean that Sponsoring doesn't cost anyome a penny, but there is a but....the Sponsor must be responsible for you every second of your time n whereabouts of you n your family...the communication goes thru at the Border crossings only n not thru Immigration (that's too much red Tape), the Border officer must call the Sponsor must be agree to sponsor you n allows you to visit here...all in all that if you have a sponsor, do not go thru immigration or anywhere else except at the Border where an Officer will have to call the Sponsor to allow you clearance...
do you understand ?


I was born in U.K. So I hold [if I want, a British passport].
I am now in 60s but young, and have lived in Ireland but would love to move to Canada.

I have savings, but i would need some help financially. Could I possibly get part time work there ? if not could i get a pension there , and live a simple lifestyle?
I would appreciate any help and from what I hear British Columbia , among ohter parts, are majestic places to live in


Hello everyone.

hi i am new here and i want to find new friends

i am electrical engineer and i want to get more study like ms in any electrical field. can anyone help me or guide me how i can get scholarship or sponsorship for canada???????????


hi good day people who is up to talk with

hi there

please i would like to know how this group is about

I am a new member in this group !

Hi,Dear..I am a new member in this group ! Hope every body are well & good health, me too! SO I am from Dhaka Bangladesh,love to meet people around the World,to know each either Coulter Language etc..hope you will write me ! my mail address are babulswiss64@yahoo.comhandshake teddybear love peace


hi every body, i would like to have a nice, fun, passionate, caring man.

Economy Standard...

Can anyone enlighten me on the economy stability in Canada pls?.

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