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Traditional Dating Group

Traditional Dating Group

This is a group for people who do not want to play "the guessing game" of trying to figure out if the person you are dating has old fashioned traditional family values like you or not.

The dating scene have changed dramatically from compared to 10 or 15 years ago when men and women played more defined specific roles in a relationship and though there are those who prefer the more "modern dating ritual" those of us who prefer the "old fashioned dating style" have a place where we know for a fact that we share the same views before we even go on the date.

Hey , isn't it great?!

Old Fashioned Values

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RE: Howdy ya'll.

Hello everyone am new here ,I couldn't agree more I really believe there are still some good fruits ?. Am Sasha
goldenglossonline today!

RE: I wonder

Hello Rainloverz
I love your post. I agree, the oldfashioned values of virtue, manners, courtesy and having character and respect to me, are, frankly sexy, they make for viva la difference !!
The total sexualization by the Media of relationships, and via porn has ruined romance and real love. No, I am not prudish but passion in its place. I love the idea that real love, respect, genuine friendship and passion with loyalty and fun and an interest in all that is around us, besides materialism can survive. Thanks for a lovely post. Goldengloss x
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Am I being used?

I just want to thank all those who went to the bother of replying. Uhnfortunately, for the first time using this site, I cannot access my replies, I particularly wanted some help on this one... as thought it might be me. my post is oOK but I cannot access the replies and there are many people who went to the trouble of replying,Thanks ! but I can't access it on the site here. I posted a reply to somebody so, I dont know whats wrong. Goldengloss xconfused Ut's very frustrating. x
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You sound lovely Joe, would love to meet you for long chat and cup of coffee.... however I am in Ireland. All that atlantic Ocean. sigh sending you a hug, I live alone too. Longterm relationship over.... dare I say it, happy, independent but lonely at times. hug take care,
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RE: Howdy ya'll.

Hi, I am back having been away for some time. I hope you get this reply as I wrote a post and cannot access my replies. You have to give this site some time and get to know the scammers, there are decent people on here. x
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I cannot access the kind people who replied to my post on 'Am I being used '

I dont know whats wrong but I have tried and cannot access the people who were decent enough to reply to my post 'Am I being used' I could really do with some advise but am not getting any replies underneath my post.
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goldenglossonline today!

Am I being used ?

I see I have 4 replies but cannot access them here, Im wondering whats wrong.
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RE: for the women

Agree, good manners is something I admire in a man, old fashioned good manners in a man who admires that you are his intellectual equal
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Am I being used ?

I am now friends with my ex whom I had a 4year relationship with, deep, intense and was very much in love with him.. Sadly it ended. However, I managed to become friends again via telephone as we have alot of hobbies, interests in common. Since that, he has also become very friendly with his X, the woman he had a relationship with before me. I was the love of his life, whereas, this woman seemingly was colder, didnot share his in, iterests... The weird thing is, he goes to her house forluch [a long drive ] once a week, she rings him every day [although she has an off on relationship with a man] he says its platonic, and thats fine, but he seems in awe of her, and they meet. I on the other hand, get phone calls from him, discussing politics and other things she wouldnt be interested in , Art etc., [we are both artists] I did say I found it 'weird' that he never invited me to his place or to meet in person for a coffee and chat and that I felt I was just a telephone friend. Ive only been out to meet him twice in over a year, whereas the other x seems more in his life.
Again, please believe me, I amnot inlove with thisman, but he would have been a good friend. He did admit last night on the phone that he does infact enjoy being with this woman. Although nothing s*xual or romantic, I live alone, have no family and could do with some support, and I feel abit used that he only phones and never suggests we meet. Am I being used or selling myself short? I am aware this sounds very weird. I have been on this site but havenot met anyone I fanced, he knows I am quite lonely

RE: for the women

Holding the door always makes me feel like a lady but both are sweet.blushing

RE: Howdy ya'll.

I'm new here too.



Howdy ya'll.

I'm new to this site. Has anyone had any success?

RE: I wonder

I agree, but mutual respect is equally important. I think with the equality/gender issues we have lost a lot of ourselves in the process and are now afraid to show good manners in public for fear of being ridiculed, probably the result of watching to many sitcoms.

Wouldn't expect a guy to hold open doors all the time and bow on ceremony but a little old fashioned courtesy goes a long way.

It seems that modern day society is to blame for all the confusion and one trend I have noticed is that many seem to confuse humour with sarcasm. Humour is good, but flippancy is not.

Like yourself feel that life is ticking away and am fed up of all the falsety out there.comfort


Just want to say hi

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