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Jobs Demands Offers Group (1).For members who are unemployed and are actively searching for jobs anywhere (2). Members who have information about jobs demands or offers anywhere (3).Members willing to assist those without jobs to procure jobs in their related fields of endeavour(4).Members with old/new ideas for industry or labour that may from time to time provoke conversations , dialogue,debates or knowhow on related terms.This group aspires and in like manner, seeks either by adhoc/temporary or permanent means to resolve the unemployment problems of those members without jobs.

This Group is a Public one & is openned to any member that have jobs to offer or those demanding jobs.Any Demands or Offers emanating from any geography are highly welcomed.Therefore all classified announcements relating to jobs of any category anywhere in the world are equally welcomed.Members must be people with the drive to search for jobs in their fields of endeavour. Each field must be well defended by such member.Such defence include individual academic or vocational backgrounds upon demand, individual cv or resume upon demand.The group welcomes reasonable ideas by all members that could lead to achieving the groups objectives.Discussions for or against any theme related to labour are welcomed.Members should also note that the existence of this group depends largely on the mercy of the owners of this site,given the fact that these services are free of charge.Some moral & legal ethics would be highly valued and appreciated.Membership or Withdrawal is voluntary & free.

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Re: Business Group

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Thank you

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What a dead loss this group has become!

Everybody but me found a job, decamped, and left the state!
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Job search

My cyber name is Afrodick(a.k.a.,not my real name).I am a 43 years old man resident in Spain for the past 11 years.I am of African origin.I have worked in my fields both in Africa & Europe for more than 20 years.I am searching for the following jobs:
a)Airconditioning Installations & Maintenace.
b)Electrical Installations & Maintenance.
c)Digital Antennas & Satellites Installations & Maintenance.
d)Heaters & Boilers' Installatons.
e)Photovoltaic Solar Systems Installations.
I am prepared to work anywhere in Europe, Africa, or beyond.
Any member of this group with the remotest idea of any job related to the themes should communicate me here just leaving behind a (a)Note,(b)A website or email .
Thanks in anticipation.

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