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Single Farmers Group

Single Farmers Group

single farmers both men and women who wants to have formal chat in an effort to get to know each other and anyone who wants to take the opportunity to make new friends.

No gays and no lesbians please only straight men and women and must be willing to abide by the rules of the website.

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Gives you experience in understanding other living creatures not just thinking of your self unlike some jobs people just cant wait to get off go home and be an a**.

RE: dream work

I am chestnut farmer i grow and i eat but some day got left overs some one can continues the traditions


thumbs up they woud never understand this kind of work until they tried it it is real work an sometimes hard work but it's also fun doing it too

RE: Stewarding five acres for the Lord

Hey i congradulate you for your hard work. I pray god sends you the right person. Myself i was married and am divorced so i can't remarry and can't date as the bible says but i am happy being single serving Gods people below. :)

Stewarding five acres for the Lord

I got this five acre brush field in 1997 because it was what I could afford. I planted orchards amongs the brush. No electricity until I had enough equity paid in it to get a HUD loan so I could bring that utility underneath the highway (cost $10,000). No running water until 2002. But today I enjoy my orchards that are bearing fruit and nuts and all my small fruit, garden and flowers. Along with dogs who have five acres fenced to run in and my chickens. I am looking for a "retired" farmer who misses his slow easy lifestyle in a small community. Or a dreamer who always wanted to be a farmer on a small self-sufficiency ranch. He needs to be in the 65-75 age level and wants a woman who loves homelife but would love to have someone help with the chores as he also gets to enjoy the homelife. I love my home and lifestyle, but it gets lonely living alone with no one to care about and share with. Any serious takers? Men only please.

dream work

i always been an office woman and never thought i will become a farmer. now i enjoy it very much. it is a dream work.grin


some people I meet think that working on the land and with horse is a hobbie not a job what so you think?dunno

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