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shy singles Group this group is for shy people who sometimes find it hard to meet someone new..

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Hi everyone!

I'm new to this group and hopefully can find new friends. I'm a shy person and is hard for me to make new friends. Is easier for me to talk to people online then if I meet them in person, I will feel more comfortable. I'm quiet at work also. :) I was taking some dance classes but it felt weird not to go with someone that I know, but it was fun though. I'm planning to go back in the near future. I also would like to meet or chat with artist who does paintings as I would like to learn more. I do it as a hobby but since I work, it has taken a while for me to learn some techniques.

Hope to chat and/or meet new friends. Have an awesome day!

Kells Katherine

hello everyone

Am a shy kinda guy until I get to know the person

Never guy on forum

Hi fellow shy people! It does not look like there's much activity on this forum, yet I figured I would post a hello anyway. Hope you are having a great day! God bless.

too shy to ask

I am not the type to pick and choose, though I do have what I am looking for in mind. As I am not the one to ask, it seems all I get are scammer types picking me. I have had over 30 try their luck at attempting to scam me, none have succeeded. I seem to be on their target list.

When and if a real person were to try and make contact, I would not know, being targeted so many times. While I give each person that I would be interested in a fair chance, something always shows to make the scammer type. I have been on many different sites, and every site that is FREE, has scammers all over them. I have left most of those sites, staying on a few that don't seem to be as bad as others.

I even tried eHarmony once, they took my money and played matchmaker, missing the value I hold highest from their list of options. After using up all the time I had with the person that I never met and eventually disappeared, I was left with nothing to show for the money I spent there. So, now I stay away form paid sites.

Maybe its because my religion is so different from the norm in this country. While scammers don't care what your religion is, real people claim it matters. I believe it matters also, and that really limits possibilities.


take me also in your group

Hello people

I'm a 56yo widower of two years. I have known a true love. I lost her to cirrhosis of the lever. I'm a Christian. I'm lonely but happy. I love life. I'm looking for .y last first kiss. I'm completely monogamous. Always have been. Always will be. Because I find it Impossible to make a person feel special if there are others involved. I don't think God wants me to spend the rest of my life alone.

borred cab driver

hi all im new here male 48 new plymouth new zealand hows it going.

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday from a new user!
With Monday I will make a week in this web site. I think this website it's better than social networks, and well I have found my new "home page" :D ! I come from Italy and I wish to know new friends and my special one, maybe. So this is an hug for all the women here!
I hope you will enjoy today and the next week too!!! See you Monday again!

I want to find my girl

I'm Brazilian and I really want know a special girl with open heart to start a new and good relationship. I'm a nice guy and open to offer my heart!

Hello and welcome to everyone

Dear All, i am santy and wish to connect to some descent girls with good heart and soem sense of humor . pls maintain privacy and connect one to one with me at [email protected] .i am Business Analyst by profession and work for a multinational reputed company . do connect with me to explore more

Am shy and i have never met any girl before

Hi am Dennis from uganda, East Africa, am 18yrs of age, my problem am shy but I want to met someone in the same way I am, we get to know each other, I think its time to find a soul mate,any one more, brave , not more shy inbox me, we have atalk

hi everyone i am new just thought i would try this out

How are of you? Just looking for friends right now. Don't know when i will start dating again gotta get over this badly broken heart before i can do anything don't want to get someones hopes up and then hurt them because my heart break came back.

RE: I want to find a man

i need a real lover no matter how she is

RE: The new girl

Hi i ll be your special1 .i'm looking same as u seeking.

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