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I'm creating it for people that feel like me lonely but with hopes to find their charming person. For any one that feels to give another shot....

hurtfull feelings

I caught my wife in bed with another guy, this is what happened. I was at my house with my wife and her friend, my wife just walked out and asked me if I worked within that particular day, I replied yes, so she went on telling me to call in sick and I did and also followed directions. I parked outside of the apartment and opened the door slowly, I've heard weird sounds coming from the top floor apartment and thinking something was going on, so I ran towards the yells and quest what I found, her on top of some man screaming more, more, more! I blanked out and once I woke up I found myself on the first floor, my arm bloody and my hand grasping his hair with force, his face bloody and what I believe a torn lip. I was freaked out and released him so he fell to the floor, I looked up and there she was, shedding tears begging me to stop. When the cops came to my apartment he was arrested for home invasion and I was let go.

That guy was arrested for home invasion,the apartment was under my name and I was paying for the whole rent, same for the reason for why I was let go, it was my right. But now I'm divorced because it was my choosing, she choose another man, so I let her go free. I loved her so much, but after five years I'm ready to find someone who will love me and not another man. Me? Well I don't care if someone cares about this story. I'm just going have to see what happens within my life time, if I don't find nobody I guess dying old and alone is ok as well.

Keep on loving and
have a wonderful day


RE: It sucks

i realize your feeling.
forget the past and start new live.

It sucks

It sucks.I'm new to this. My wife just asked me for a divorce.
Having hard time doing it by myself. So here I am alone on here
looking for help. So how long does it take for the hurt to stop?
Well thats all for now.

RE: Lonely but with hopes

It sucks.I'm new to this. My wife just asked me for a divorce.
Having hard time doing it by myself. So here I am alone on here
looking for help. So how long does it take for the hurt to stop?
Well thats all for now.

Lonely but with hopes

So good to know there are so many very lonely people out there trying to find some and gets so exausting. Do we all have to be perfect to find a new Friend or a Loving Relations? Warren

RE: hi every one

i am confused.
the members of this group are alone and needs friends, but at the same time they dont contact with eachother.
may be the reason that everyone is looking for a friend at his same location (country- city).
and may be the reason is that no one is seriously wants to find a friend.

hi every one

hi..every one i am in your group please tell me how can i join u all ............thanks

RE: I like being alone with the hopes that

i understand and recognize you, i share some details with you, may be its my destiny to keep alone forever. alone is better than noisy people

I like being alone with the hopes that

if I ever meet the One and Only that there would be no hate...misunderstandings...Most people I've met I do not understand their evilness...Most of the time I find I'm listening to them...trying to understand them...they never listen to me, or even want to know me... Believe me, I'm not self=centered...It's just that I do not agree with all the followers that forget who they are inside because they want to be people who follow....demogods..Did you read Nat'l Geo this month? What do you think about the articla about the REDWOODS,,,or the article about the Islands? Yeh, I'm alone.

RE: Lonely Heart

Hello Rebecca,

Nice to meet you. Billhug


Hey folks,

It is nice to find a group going through the same thing I am.yay

part of my name

"alone", is apart of my nickname.
i wasnt alone.
at my chid, i was social, may be i was having the biggest amount of friends in my school, until some events happened in my live let me started getting away of the people.
also, live conditions rule on me to keep alone in a medium where i am feeling that i dont belong to. alone in my apartment.
it was o.k with me, until i waked up one day and think about this subject, can i keep alonr forever?

i decided to try to change, this is not easy, i missed the practice required to gain friends even i am honest, sensitive and care alot about the feeling of people.
i need a friend, i am brave to pronounce "a female friend" to talk with, to walk with, to share the moments.

but, the result untill now is: failed

hello all

looking forward to meet anyone in u.k

Lonely Heart

I come to this group with a void in my life and in hopes of finding Mr. Right instead of Mr. Wrong.


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