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Go live with you

I'll go marry and live with an Asian woman that has her own business love

RE: how?

Hmm I'm interested in this, can you be the one that sponsors me? Don't worry I'm not interested in relationship or sex.

RE: how?

Hmm I'm interested in this, can you be the one that sponsors me? Don't worry I'm not interested in relationship or sex.

RE: Sailing where you want to go and see Ladies

Can you take me in your sailing boat to Canada unnoticed?
I want to return to that country.

RE: Hey

Ok drive to Rosarito Beach, Mexico and come marry me love

Adopt me

I'm looking more for an older woman to legally adopt me after my mom passed away from Covid, looking more for a mother-son relationship with no sex involved.

Love has no sex

Being Bi, there really is no boundaries within loving someone, so yeah I support this group and the community as a whole.

My experience, as to does it work.

I was involved in a relationship based of this idea, and my honest opinion, it does not work in the long run. Jealousy and hatred comes out of it.
But the idea at first is very interesting of course.

Like I said

Again, keep in mind, it's not for everyone. I've noticed and spoken to alot of weak minded people.

No you don't

I only joined to correct people on this group chat, no you don't want to go to Canada, unless of course it's only a visit. I lived here my whole life and it was only up until a few years when Canada took a turn for the worse.
For Instance Canadian emergency acts on protests.
Superior treatment for refugees.
Being locked up over mispronounced gender.
And of course the over stepping of political power through covid restrictions and lockdowns.
Canada is sadly a multi cultural shithole, with dictatorship in control.

RE: Terrorism and The New World Order

Thank you for sharing and yes the links would be good thank youpurple heart

RE: living or legal person

Thank you for sharing yes learning about this the last few monthsheart beating


Wow that certainly is a lot to think about
heart beating

Look for in Foley, Mo 63347. Sex of course, also love and a LTR someday

Seeking a female in my area of Missouri. Foley, Mo which is close to St. Louis, Mo. Any age really but mostly over 21, so we can also go out dancing, dining and drinking before or after having sex or both. Of course read my profile and see my pictures.

RE: Hello

Hola saludos a todos desde Cuba

70s and 80s metal..

Any old school metal heads out there ?
I have been finding a lot of great Motorhead songs lately, I also like a lot of old school Black Sabbath too.. head banger

RE: What defines GOOD to you ?

I define goodness as caring for others and mankind. A person who does that will usually have those other traits. Kindness, for example. Many people will be kind to the one they are dating, but it is more pretending for them. They are mean to others, and eventually will be mean to whoever they are dating.

Also, you mentioned independence. Sometimes people think I don't have that, 'cause I allowed my exwife so much, but the reality is I'm extremely strong willed. I just don't fight for the small meaningless crap. If you try to fight your kids all all the small crap, you will find them uncontrollable. If you pick your fights, they are easy to control.

Being non-judgmental is an extremely important trait.

Probably most important of all, as far as finding a spouse, is being willing to commit and stick to that commitment for life. When two people get married, they are supposed to consider their mate the last and only person on Earth, for romatic and s*xual purposes. Not even thinking of others.

A good mate will put the other person first in all things. This is not a one sided thing. Not a man pampering a woman, she should do the same for him.

If you think a guy should be "independent", you may confused his putting you first for a lack of persona or lack of independence.

Also, I think trying to control the other person is the wrong thing to do. If you want to reward good behavior, fine, but bitching is bad.


RE: I am Widowed, and Catholic. Am I a sinner?

First of all, a sin is a sin, regardless of what religion you are. I'm going to assume you are talking about wanting to find someone new since you don't have your husband anymore.

I could tell you many many things that Catholics do that are a sin. So why the hang up on this one? Jesus said the law has not been changed, so all those things are still sins.

I believe that sex before marriage is not actually a sin. What is a sin, is when you have sex with someone else, other than your first one. Whether or not you are married is paper work for man's laws, not for God.

Marriage is not supposed to be terrible, suffering through it and not getting a divorced. That is not what God had in mind. What God had in mind, was that two people would join and become one. They both are supposed to treat each other as if they are the only person in the world, for sex or romance of any kind. No one else exists, period!

Think about what you'd do with someone, and for that someone, if that person was the only person in the entire world. If you don't keep that person happy, you'll be all alone. In that situation, you really better make it work, right? You make sure that person is happy, 'cause your life revolves around that person. Both the man and woman are supposed to treat each other this way.

Your spouse has to come first. Your children do not come first, that is BS. Your children will love you no matter what, you have to make sure your spouse loves you, or you are doing bad for your children.

I believe any sex that is not with your first s*xual partner is technically "fornication". That being said, I'm divorced, and now looking for someone to "fornicate" with. That is not a bad thing.

In fact, I believe God has communicated with me, telling me that I will get remarried and have kids, and also (more important for me) that all is on schedule with his plan (which I was really worried about).

In my case, I have a plan that will bring World Peace and in so doing save mankind. To accomplish this task, I need to have motivation. If I can barely motivate myself to get out of bed in the morning, I'm not going to be able to do this task. I need something to live for and work hard for. Love is a very powerful motivator. Loneliness is a very powerful motivation killer! I'm not whining, I'm just stating the facts. If God wants me to succeed, it is very likely that he wants me to have someone to love, because without that, I'll more likely fail.

The rules are intended to make you happy. To give you a good life. Following the rules boosts your chances of happiness. Breaking the rules tends to make you miserable.

So, ask yourself, does God want you to be happy or miserable? Remember the marriage vow, "till death do us part". It is not "till eternity passes", it is "till death do us part". You are not parted, so you have fufilled your vow. You are now free to find another.

If Jesus was to meet someone who got divorced and remarried, and tells him he's forgiven, go and sin no more. Does that mean he should divorce that woman he's now married to? What if he's got kids with the new wife? Of course he's not supposed to dump her. He's supposed to treat her as if she's his first, and love her only, and no one else exists for him.


RE: Being a Native American Elder Spiritual Healer Gift or Curse ?

Found your profile interesting
Would love to know more about your spiritual gifts and how they give you joy

RE: Love For All

Hi, Just to know, you became straight after that? If so how did you do that? I mean you wanted to change the sexuality or it naturally happened? Answer only if you feel comfortable. Thanks

RE: Online dating is very challenging mmmmh

Worst still you can meet this men and all they think all women here are looking for online sex, and the best they can do is remove their pants.... Horrible! Coz of their age..

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Hello everyone

Oh my, it seems as though this group is inactive. Did everyone die? LOL!

Hello everyone

I'm Didi, and glad to know that there's a group of similar-aged (and hopefully, similar-minded) people that I can get to know and share with. Have a great day!

Tools scammer use.

I was scammed initially once I started using this site, that was a long time ago in 2009. My first experience was with military personnel. At that time I was inexperienced. Once I was able to talk for the first time immediately knew he was a scammer... I did lose some money, not much compared to being hurt. After that, I was never scammed.
Scammers start very lovingly, gaining your trust. They want you out of this site offering you their email.
They use very crafted profiles to trick you, be on the watch for that.
Compare their picture with their traits, some are faked.
If you encounter someone that attracts you and after some emails back and forth. Ask him to meet you. Do not offer any money. If he tries to convince you, make your own excuses. There isn't something more secure than a face to face. Be very careful, meet in a public place and be sure to bring someone with you that will be checking you out. In this encounter interchange IDs, so later you can do a background check (If it is the USA in every state) they are very affordable for only pennies).
We all live in a busy world and is very difficult to go on a date these times and more with a pandemic going on.
I know of several people that have met their partner on dating sites and are still together.
I met someone here finally but did not work.
I tried other options like magazines and I was lucky to find two candidates, one gentleman that was far off on age even if he did not look like it and another one that after going out a couple of times found out he was married and that was it.
At this time I have decided not to pursue anymore. I live a peaceful and busy life. Whatever years I have left I am enjoying it my way with friends, family, and my Dear loving Jesus that is with me always.SM

New blood..

I had a couple new guys riding my motocross track yesterday, it was a good afternoon riding with no injuries or crashes;; but the new guys weren't going to hard because they were learning the track..
Hopefully we will see more new guys riding my MX track over this year, there are a lot of dirt bike riders in my area that just cruise the gravel roads;; most of these guys probably can't ride off road very well...

Oh and this afternoon the Daytona supercross is on, it will be a great race on that huge SX track.. cheering

RE: Home

Hi Bernician. I just discovered this group and posted a thread here for the first time. Seems this group is completely dormant. Nice poem. SMwave

Hello everyone.

I am southmiami4321. Been on this site since 2009 (thirteen years). I joined because of love. Met someone, even relocated. It ended shortly, it just was not working. No need to talk about it. I relocated to Tampa ever since. Been on and off of this site but now I am kind on a regular basis. Mostly I am on the poetry corner, have learned so much there. Discovered this group and here I am.
I will be reading and posting as I go along. If anyone wants to read my poems you can find them on PC. I have deleted many of them and left the most current ones.
At this point in my life, enjoying my singleness. Can't complain. I would enjoy being pen-pals with locals in my city (Tampa). I am not interested outside of Florida.
See you soon! wave

SX season opener..

AMA supercross is on the east coast of the US now, the tracks and dirt are different on the east coast;; and we will see some others winning races, the 250 east series has kicked off with a lot of fresh new talent moving up from the amateur

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