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RE: harley riders

You sure are good looking, I gotta 03 lowrider.

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Greetings from the beautiful country of Belarus! I am looking for a serious relationship. let's get acquainted.


Looking for a sexy woman in Fl, Ga,Tn

How loneliness is damaging to health.

Hello Brendancy and Friendship4ever.
Being lonely is the current event in the news today.
The surgeon general said it's like smoking for many years.

I thinks sometime, just talking to other people can boost one's mood. cheers


Hi to the small family who has joined her seems with the No's..wewill still ve lonely. I just joined . please others that read..if you are alone..loney..and feel it..drop in here..the saying goes the more the merrier. I do most deffinetly not work for Connecting singles .but when I spotted this idea for lonely and alone people to come together to share and chat .its a marvelous idea. Love to meet and talk. Brendan.

How to combat loneliness

The research suggest that lonely people should join groups to interact with other people.
They also suggest going out shopping, walking, taking public transportation to meet people.

Times have change. Since the Covid pandemic people don't want to be in crowds anymore.

So what are the current ways to interact with people to combat loneliness?

How loneliness is damaging our health.

Hope I'm posting in the group

Loneliness affecting health


New here

Hello,.. I hope everyone's having a great day. I am looking forward to meet someone genuine here.

RE: Just stating my support.

Me to
Can you share your experiences ?

RE: Hello lol

So what experiences do you want to chat about ? wink

Hello lol

Just noticing not many people joined this group lol so I thought that I'd be the first to say hi on here lol.rolling on the floor laughing

My spiritual experience.

So I have great history in this, I am very spiritual, and have a gift within my spirituality.
I can read others both physically and spiritually. I have done so many readings for people and have always gotten it right, never been wrong ever.
I meditate daily and do breathing practices. And of course with the meditation comes recovery along with strengthening spirituality. It's very interesting being so spiritually gifted.

Has anyone here actually ever seen a ghost ?

I heard so many stories from people but, idk some seem laughable at times. I'm very spiritual and have an ability to read others physically and spiritually so I'm (psychic). But I have never felt energy of a ghostly presence before, and I have tried very hard. So idk, it's interesting, but I believe the the spirit moves on after death.

Just saying how much I love tattoos.

Just saying that I love tattoos so much.
I have seven tattoos, three on my arms, one on my back and one on my stomach. And one on each of my legs, or thighs lol. All were very painful lol but worth it.

Just stating my support.

Just saying that I fully support the LGBT community. I have alot of history within it, with close friends. From bi and trans I have been very close to, through out all the negatives from people being rude to embarrassing to overall hateful towards them. Anyway I support the LGBT community 100%.

My overall experience.

Well I have been vegetarian since the age of 12, I have noticed that I rarely get sick or have any physical issues at all. I also water fast three days of the week, two days minimum. I don't exercise at all, but atleast I am vegetarian. I eat a low amount of food regularly, about 400 - 600 calories per day, which is why Im under 90 pounds lol. But again it's all plant based and I feel great physically.

RE: single 50 year old lonely women

For real i am singel from Down town Hamilton.

Old lady

I m so into old lady's if someone interested that pl write me.lips

RE: Glad to meet u all

Hello dear how you doing...I am Snjaa from SLheart beating

RE: I see, there is not yet any discussion message...

Not much going on in any group.

They are all inactive.

Best method to avoid duplicate contacts.

Does anyone know how/where to view deleted contacts?

1. I usually delete any contact who does not respond within a week.

2. Given that there are thousands of members on this site and I do not have a good memory, what can I do to avoid recontacting those deleted contacts?

3. The above is a waste of time and I don't want to appear to be hassling anyone.



I agree, there's to many hero's being examples to the world when really they can become a good example of how to get hurt or die..

I see, there is not yet any discussion message...

Interesting, that this group "needs to exist" ,
in view of.... all people on such a site should be real, isn't it ?

RE: Dangerous..

Enjoying the outdoors and being absolutely safe at the same time, is always possible.
It just needs to leave out 'playing the hero' .. handshake


Will we see some sort of restrictions about going to the beach or going diving or fishing here in NZ ?
People need to know their limits with any outdoor activities and practice will give a better chance of survival, and a better experience..


We have some dangerous outdoor activities in NZ that seem so easy, fun and natural.. But our drowning rate in NZ this year alone is 20, last year we broke our record with 91 people drowning..
Do we bite more than we can chew when it comes to the ocean ? or is just poor judgement ?

Blessings from Kenya

New here . A marriage build on a Godly foundation will withstand the storms . Through prayers and fasting, with thanksgiving, we dedicate our future spouses.
Blessings from Kenya

RE: Monsanto seed banned in Germany

I'm sure Germany has brought Monsanto now they are flying under the name Bayer now..

The Monsanto seeds produce the crop but the seeds from the crop don't sprout up at all, Heritage seeds are an old seed strain that many people here in NZ recommend for on going crops..

RE: hi... im new.

Yes you are absolutely right. We can't understand anything at once. Our life is belons to us so life is short we must enjoy it.

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