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helloKolinda470Jan 23
Real Christian Singleschristianman4747570Dec 7
5'4"Spirit-Full &Led By The LORD!Holykis660Sep 17
Spiirt-Filled Christian Female Like Me!Holykis720Sep 7
bless the Lord christian singlesmitsylove2601Jul 2015Sep 4
Home For My Crown & Joy!!Holykis711Aug 27Aug 28
My name is .MichaelMarble_collecter1161Apr 2017Aug 25
Firstly, does anyone know of a really good Christian prayer Group/church/ where I can go to worshipgoldengloss530Aug 25
Love at first sightMarble_collecter690Apr 2017
I can not not believe 2Marble_collecter710Apr 2017
New in herefreshlie721Apr 2017Apr 2017
I CANNOT NOT BELIEVEMarble_collecter650Apr 2017
Trust in the Lordmitsylove2321Jul 2015Apr 2017
Good morning to all brothers and sisters in Christmitsylove2042Jul 2015Jan 2016
Trust in the Lordmitsylove2060Jul 2015
put God firstmitsylove2170Jul 2015
4MaryB: "do you need some ice? "(meet us in the ecards)

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