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Those who are interested in TRAVEL and HIKING in Austria, their CULTURE (e.g. their great MUSIC CULTURE) and would like to meet each other. Sharing their experiences about their life or vacations there,and if you need - helping each others by practical travel advises. DEAR NEW MEMBERS! You are welcome in our society! From now on you can also invite new members, friends or whom you think wou... read more

EVENINGS OF TIROL or:Tiroler Abend (1)

I have been to Tirol this summer and I was lucky to see a local evening program of Tirol in a village there : TIROLER ABEND ( Zillertal folk music and dance with a lot of play in it. Fantastic good mood, public also ! I can offer it to anyone who once go to Tirol!
waiter ( I did not drink much, it would have been expensive...)
By the way, Mountains of Tirol were really amazing, 2000-3000 m high in Zillertal , I also enjoyed hiking!
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