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I'm creating it for people that feel like me lonely but with hopes to find their charming person. For any one that feels to give another shot....

hurtfull feelings (4)

I caught my wife in bed with another guy, this is what happened. I was at my house with my wife and her friend, my wife just walked out and asked me if I worked within that particular day, I replied yes, so she went on telling me to call in sick and I did and also followed directions. I parked outside of the apartment and opened the door slowly, I've heard weird sounds coming from the top floor apartment and thinking something was going on, so I ran towards the yells and quest what I found, her on top of some man screaming more, more, more! I blanked out and once I woke up I found myself on the first floor, my arm bloody and my hand grasping his hair with force, his face bloody and what I believe a torn lip. I was freaked out and released him so he fell to the floor, I looked up and there she was, shedding tears begging me to stop. When the cops came to my apartment he was arrested for home invasion and I was let go.

That guy was arrested for home invasion,the apartment was under my name and I was paying for the whole rent, same for the reason for why I was let go, it was my right. But now I'm divorced because it was my choosing, she choose another man, so I let her go free. I loved her so much, but after five years I'm ready to find someone who will love me and not another man. Me? Well I don't care if someone cares about this story. I'm just going have to see what happens within my life time, if I don't find nobody I guess dying old and alone is ok as well.

Keep on loving and
have a wonderful day

I wish you luck.. as that must of been a terrible experience. I can somewhat relate to it, as my man, (who I thought was my man) was a cheater for five yrs, and for five yrs I forgave him .. I dont know why! as I think a cheater is disgusting, I finally got my pride back and broke it off, six months now I have been ignoring him, and finally changed my email and phone number. He wants me back as who else would do the things I did for him and I was true blue never cheated, and helped him with a lot of problems in his life. Well now its MY life and he is out of it for good.. Our ages are far apart, but I thought I would give you my thoughts, and hope you find someone to spend your life with that deserves a nice man like you. You will not grow old and be alone im sure... Sara...applause
I Wish you good luck, Juve.

You are 26,
and you are too young for this awful story.
You just composed this story.
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