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I'm creating it for people that feel like me lonely but with hopes to find their charming person. For any one that feels to give another shot....

Lonliness is such a horrible feeling... (3)

Well, I have been divorced now for over 4 yrs. I have never had to live alone until now. I find it hard to enjoy myself. I do have the "hope" that one day? God will find my match. Yet, alone ness is different than being lonely. I just feel like I am in a place in my life where I must begin to love myself. Then, perhaps I wouldn't be so lonely.
Hi ;)

No fear,.. you're not alone in this one
Ihave never been married,no kids and live alone i havent been lucky to be with someone they all lie or have cheated Ionly have 2 relationships that was it seems they all Didnt have all his ducks in a row or his all his marbeld lined up in a row Im on several dating web sight i have been on some dates of course obviously none worked out still Single and living alone i often cry with nooone special yet. i dont even have not another woman friend to confide in Inperson. Im at my wits end feels like im a misfit and dont have noone . Icame from a broken home live in diffrent orpanages mn group homes that has caused me to be shy and not all that trusting of people and especially me I came from the school of Hard Knocks, My Mom passed away from 2 types of cancer and my dad died of a heart attack i thin i was told he had prostate cancer and my hasf brother passed on with aids i have 1 sister lives about 30 min from me but doesnt come by or even call obviously her husband is controlling and my oldest i dont know hy she doesnt but i think its just wanting to live near them yet thier grown i havent even met them I just feel like Im in jail or like im in adog pund or soemthing
At least you have Your family or how ever how many female friends you have I odnt have noone in which makes me feel over whelmed n hopeless im at a cossrads But atleastyou have Your family and whatever how many frineds that actually want to do thing with you ;)hug bouquet
Not having female friends can certainly make loneliness more difficult. I can clearly understand how you feel. Seeing all the films with women together during life's toughest times makes me long for such. You are not alone.wave
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