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When I was a child, I remember that my school had a merry-go-round. A popular game was for a bunch of kids to pile on while another group tried to spin it as fast as they could – in an effort to throw the riders off. I also remember that the best position to be in was directly in the center. When I would stand in the center of that merry-go-round I was not afraid of falling off like the other kids because all I had to do was stand while they hung on to the bars for dear life!

When you are in balance with the world, you are like the kid who stands in the center of this merry-go-round. You see clearly in all directions. You are in a state of being that is effortless. You are content, unafraid and have a general sense of well-being. From this position it is easier to see the glass as half full. We feel confident, grounded and comfortable, especially compared to those who are using all of their energy just to hold on. I think most people would agree that it is preferable to stand in this place of balance… so what happens that we move from this place at the center and lose our balance?

Life happens. The world is spinning at the speed of life and we can become complacent during the times when it spins slowly. When an event happens to take our attention away from this balance – such as kids, the house, the car, work, illness or death – the unaware can quickly lose balance. When these events occur there is a brief moment between what we “think” of the occurrence and how we “feel” about that event where we forget to be AWARE.
Life and world events can knock us off balance my friends, always remember the merry-go-round effect and center yourself back to balance so your path and direction are clear with clarity.
Love and Peace to all, for all is one.
Thank you for reading my blog/forum...
Good analogy, balance on the merry-go-round and balance in life.

What are some of your technique for keeping that balance?

Give us some tips and some tricks.
yes, i played on the merry-go-round as well, preferring the center. how do you keep in the center, now that the merry-go-round is much bigger? (ps. awesome photos on your profile)
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