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80-year-old local farmar vs modern orthopedic doc (1)

I was not able to move my right shoulder above neck due to injury in an accident happened about 2 month ago. I used all medicine x-ray and prescription from the orthopedic specialists of hospital but all that proved useless.

The man i visited yesterday just treated my shoulder injury in one minute and no cost. On the spot he told me to raise hand srtaight upward and i am surprised to find moving hand without any pain.

Within one second he find the displaced muscle and make it alligned by rotating may hand in perticular way.

*All this proves that present time medical science is not the only one solution to all problems instead some ancient techniques are more useable and scientific than accaradiated degrees of health specialist except in the field of surgery.

*This proves that in the race of modernity humans had lost some real great knowledge and techniques and will increasingly going to do so perticularly in the field of higest order of supernatural zone of psycho.

*All this proves that so said experts are not truly best of available options.
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