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The law of attraction (5)

Have u guys read about the law of attraction ? Do u think the understanding of it could actually help us create the type if life we want, and relationships we desire ! hug
I think that all of those mindsets are absolutely true.
I think..therefore I AM!!
The problem is: it is all original wisdom re-packaged for profit...we all have to pay the bills but we need to keep the bills low..haha
This concept turned upside down and with a new wrapper is "The Power of Positive Thinking" but if you want to take it to its origin you have to go back to ancient sumeria and beyond. This is the original thought that spawned modern mans "God" and we aren't supposed to discuss religion here (don't know how you can"t really)
ORIGINAL WISDOM....thats where ALL of this stuff comes from
Don't Kill...Don't Steal....Don't Covet! Ten Commandments....5 precepts.....etc all clumsy attempts of man's interpretation of wisdom as they try to make it "Law"
i'll have a breath now...haha
Malro u r right, we hav to discuss wisdom in context to our learning n conditioning; and all us hav bn conditioned with religious beliefs. Part of gaining wisdom is to unlearn most of what was put in our heads in learn new concepts ! We are the connection to the visible n invisible reality of this universe, n we need to tap within.
The law of attraction also implies that we are like magnets, n attract situations, people to us. And that Like attracts Like. According to this law, we are our job- to become what we want to attract ! hug cheers
Cool summer!! the thing about a magnet is that it has a negative as well as a positive. So in this energy we see the opportunity to see the positive in the negative and prevent the negative from affecting the positive...positively!!
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