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  • AHAU13Hidden Profile
    #1 It is hard to live in a World that the most of the people dont understand what you talking about.

    the answers are sooo easy. the univers is giving us every single day a sign.

    I already connect everything from the past to the future...from the deepest to the highest.

    Im waiting for the Evolution...
    It hurts to see a lot of pain, hate, fight and selfishness...

    To know everything and understand everything...also to accept and love it, is a gift at the same time a curse...

    Our History, is our NOW ...
    but to many people just Forget...Or try to use the power in a wrong way...

    the power is something big...what is not for using Games

    What about you? What do you think about? What do you feel?
    by AHAU13Hidden ProfileOP Aug 2011 Everywhere, Bayern Germany
  • lokhartHidden Profile
    #2 What we see in the world is a perfect reflection of our consciousness. sometimes I forget this but the signs are everywhere, We are a spark of divine inspiration. It our lack of understanding this that creates pain and suffering. There is such abundance in creation. All that we need is provided. It is only when we are not at peace with ourselves that we reject this abundance for the superficial. To quell our insecurities. But even then there is nothing to fear about that. There are consequences yes but in the end all paths lead to the one place. We are already there. The most important thing is to fear not, be at peace with ourselves and those around us and know that everything going to be alright....stay here now in the present. Joyfully expressing your godself despite all that you see around you. It is all a part of the whole accept it. It is beautiful.
    by lokhartHidden Profile Aug 2011 Perth, Western Australia Australia
  • burhan63
    #3 Its easy to understand all. I Will tell you when you ready to listen.regards
    by burhan63 Nov 2013 istanbul, Marmara Turkey
  • bigbuddyoflove
    #4 Hi,im Brett Turner i,m a Attic in outpatient i,m being always disturbed by evil voices , i,m t diagnosed as skitza frinia I,m Not i,m Not period i know to myself , i need help on a loving god for higher power . i realy need a referal please , i always hear nothing after prayer or thought but been lucky alot hmmm, i beleive in god but hes not around for everything i,ve learned by the voices hurting me etc . reply what would you sugest for god or high power to the universe etc , i,m just not getting the sign from any contacts praying or help please pr help i,m on 1 day cleen and sober in the morning please ,,,One Day at a time ,,, can you reply in morning around 9am please so i can study and pray by
    by bigbuddyoflove Jul 2015 walnut creek, California USA
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