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  • Sweetheart6yaHidden Profile
    #1 I find for myself in dating that being an empath and knowing n more so feeling the other person as myself it cuts out alot of the obstacles of trying to understand where the other is coming from or if the person is truthful.

    For myself I work with energy and healing. I find my soul directs me than than my thoughts.
    The more I try to escape who I truly am, the more what I truly am engulfs me.
    Any more empaths here among us
    by Sweetheart6yaHidden ProfileOP Nov 2016 Donegal, Ireland
  • Richelieuskype1Hidden Profile
    #2 Hi
    I looking for someone to chat about abilities I gain last month, if there is another people with similar staff.
    by Richelieuskype1Hidden Profile Apr 14 Tullamore, Offaly Ireland
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