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Here is a list of Religion & Beliefs Groups. A Group is organized to give members who share a common interest, background or belief a place to share ideas and discussion about their specific interest. It's often hard to get to know new people in a big place. Joining a small group will help connect you to like-minded members in a more intimate environment. Join a group or start your own! Click here to create a group.

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ATHEISTS, AGNOSTICS AND FREE THINKERSGroup founded for like minded individuals....

1,531513Feb 2013Aug 2016
I promise to God to remain a virgin till marriage

I promise to God to remain a virgin till marriageSex outside marriage is sin ! This group also exists on Facebook. We must show the Gods power to this world....

1,611914Dec 2011Feb 14
girls who want to marry

girls who want to marrygirls who only want to marry...

1,407627Aug 2015Jan 12
Christian singles

Christian singlesThis group is for Christians who would like to meet other Christians to build a relationship for possible marriage...

1,4722341Jul 2015Jan 23
people looking for honest love

people looking for honest love ...This group is to help other loving people find true love in a cold fearful world ... THIS IS NOT A SAME SEX ABOMINATION GROUP WHAT SO EVER. PLASE DONT...

2,3331472Nov 2012Sep 9
Radha Krishna and Gopi

Radha Krishna and GopiFind those who want to know? Who am I? Why I am human? Where do we go after death? How long we stay in Heaven or hell, is heaven/hell permanent? Why w...

4713Feb 5Feb 5
Jesus is the only way to the kingdom of God

Jesus is the only way to the kingdom of GodThis is for people that love jesus and know that he is the only way to the kingdom of god if you do not ever except Jesus christ as your lord it is bl...

2,5603018Apr 2010Nov 2016
Widows and widower meet and greet

Widows and widower meet and greetThis group was created for those who have known true love and lost it, but believe they can find it again. A place where others understand what you ar...

27235Apr 2017
Cape Town Muslim dating for singles

Cape Town Muslim dating for singlesThe purpose of the group is to provide a platform for single muslims,, seeking their other half. To meet fellow singles, share experiences, learn fro...

7211Nov 19Nov 19
Prayer focus

Prayer focusThis is an actual response received at one of our Web sites: "I believe that my pride is keeping me away from the Lord and to excel in life. How do I...

1,113122Aug 2009Oct 2009
God fearing Love

God fearing LoveTo find true love. God stay you have to love others the way he love us. This group is for people who believe love still exist. [...

67238Sep 2015Oct 2015
spiritual beings

spiritual beingshi im sriram i started this group im a spiritualist here u may find new techniques and learn more and share more about spirituality its not religion b...

21622Jan 2017Aug 3
spiritual science

spiritual sciencediscussions which try to merge the spiritual concepts with scientific ones....

2,222366Apr 2009Apr 2011
Buddhist Singles

Buddhist SinglesJust a group for other like minded men and women who are also followers of the Dharma to hang out and chat with one another :)...

86306Nov 2014
Muslim people in the world

Muslim people in the worldi like know about muslim people aruond the world , their realationship , their culture , their problem , ......... you can share this with all people...

4,28610147Dec 2010Sep 2016
For everyone who loves God and who seeks God

For everyone who loves God and who seeks GodIn this group you can share your own thougts about God,Creator,ask questions,debate,give testimony .....

3,3885627Aug 2009Feb 2014
true Born again Christians looking for marriage

true Born again Christians looking for marriageFemales sold out to God, ministry minded and marriage minded, a place to post if tat is you if there are any on this site, I joined due to it was call...

3,9981324Jul 2011Oct 2015
The Holodeck

The HolodeckThe Holodeck is a simulated reality facility located on starships and starbases in the fictional Star Trek universe. The holodeck is depicted as an en...

1,452403Jul 2009Jul 2009
johnjobo: "what do you think is"(meet us in the forums)

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