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REAL Input from We the People to Sail out of FOG

REAL Input from We the People to Sail out of FOGSample issues I already have solutions for: Scam, ID Theft, Cybercrime (of the kind requiring your contract with an IT service or purchase of protect...

1601Mar 16
Radha Krishna and Gopi

Radha Krishna and GopiFind those who want to know? Who am I? Why I am human? Where do we go after death? How long we stay in Heaven or hell, is heaven/hell permanent? Why w...

4513Feb 5Feb 5
Test group

Test groupDetail fdafdsa fdsa fds fdsa fdsa fsd...

3801Feb 2
Foreign exchange investment exchange group

Foreign exchange investment exchange groupUsed to discuss foreign exchange market trends and quotes, but also to discuss new investment projects....

4200Jan 17
Foreign exchange market investment interest group

Foreign exchange market investment interest groupThe foreign exchange market is the most popular investment nowadays, and its profit is very high. I hope everyone can learn it together and earn profi...

3000Jan 11
Bdsm lovers

Bdsm loversThis group is a place for open minded individuals to discuss the topic of Bdsm fetish without fear of judgement....

6202Jan 8
single ladies seeking man group

single ladies seeking man groupEvery-one who's interested to join&chat also comunicate with people....

11104Jan 5
The Paradox of Life

The Paradox of LifeWe all need a space to vent, share and relate our experiences in a non judgmental, open, adult forum that appreciates diversity and encourages indepen...

5202Dec 21
Lusophony Lusofonia

Lusophony / LusofoniaWelcome to the Lusophony! Dedicated to all people who are interested and like the old and beautiful language of Camoes, this is the group to...

7511Dec 16Dec 16
Master seeking female sub

Master seeking female subfor females looking for a Male Dom...

5302Dec 15
Deep and dark

Deep and darkFor secret consultancy...

4711Dec 14Dec 14
Parlez franais Speak French

Parlez français / Speak FrenchAlimentation, amour, voyages, vins, animaux, Arts, cinéma, vidéo, sports, art de vivre, plaisir, livres, décoration, échanges, travail, passions, lang...

7923Nov 30Dec 4

HIV POSITIVE LIVINGI create ths group to teach each other about HIV some people are still scared to talk about it or even admit they still live in denail my aim as some...

9111Nov 25Nov 25
Women who wrestle

Women who wrestle.To allow those who share the interest of wrestling and or catfighting either generally or as a fetish to connect and/or interact....

6912Nov 23Nov 27
looking for true love

looking for true loveim really looking for someone to love, tired of getting hurt. i have so much love to give....

10904Nov 23
Cape Town Muslim dating for singles

Cape Town Muslim dating for singlesThe purpose of the group is to provide a platform for single muslims,, seeking their other half. To meet fellow singles, share experiences, learn fro...

7211Nov 19Nov 19
Lesbian lovers

Lesbian loversTo find a girl to meet...

11702Nov 6
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and EI Group

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and EI GroupTo provide a safe haven for those with MCS and EI. To provide a friendly atmosphere for the opposite sexes to openly talk with compassion and underst...

5101Oct 13
Italian Ceramic Animal Statues Group

Italian Ceramic Animal Statues GroupI started with (1) 84cm Black Panther from an importer & (1) 92cm? white 31yr old Jaguar statue ... I bought 10 more statues from the importer, wh...

6001Oct 3
The Secret to Manifesting

The Secret to ManifestingThe purpose of this group is to bring together like-minded members where we can explore ways to better use our marvellous mind, especially to create n...

7202Sep 25
TrioLove girls who like guys and girls

TrioLove, girls who like guys and girlsLooking to establish a true TrioLove Lifestyle....

12002Sep 3
Car Pool

Car PoolMy group Here to get me back home to the west coast thanks for your help im in Denver Colorado and could use a car ride out of this place the weather...

5801Aug 7
Concrete Plaster Lawn Ornaments Statues Moulds

Concrete / Plaster Lawn Ornaments, Statues &Mouldsl would like to meet others interested in making concrete / plaster lawn ornaments, statues & planters, with moulds....

6201Aug 4
Lets Communicate How will we know each other

Let's Communicate, How will we know each other?Ok, so I have looked in at the groups, joined some, try to communicate, but there is a lack of communication. We all know that some are here on CS loo...

14624Aug 3Jan 22
My diary

My diaryI like all tradition and culture...

10903Aug 2
Opportunities at home

Opportunities at homeI created this group as the interview manager,work at home and earn big paywith no stress...Can you do Data Entry?...

15724Jul 27Sep 13
EMICRO ONE electric microscooter

EMICRO ONE electric microscooterScootering ...all makes of electric scooters welcome ...some handbooks & 19 out of 20 independent reviews are sadly, almost completely lacking...

11001Jul 2017
Se habla espaol

Se habla españolUnir a los hispano hablantes de CS...

391454Jul 2017Aug 27
Left Wing Utopia

Left Wing UtopiaTo unite all of those with left wing sentiment and who want to know that they can always find someone to talk to and empathise with about similar thin...

13912Jun 2017
submissive men

submissive menI'd like to set this group up as a general discussion, or even a contact group. Share your views whether your a guy or girl. If you have any stories...

20803Jun 2017
Polyamory experience and chat room

Polyamory experience and chat roomConnectingsingles seems to be one of the sites where one can meet real people. Since there doesn't appear to be a polyamory discussion group, it may...

18803Jun 2017
Sri Lanka South Africa Pleasure Business travel

Sri Lanka & South Africa. Pleasure/Business travelThis is to assist those who want to be welcomed as a friend, not as a tourist and plan your journey to suite you personal needs and tastes. For trave...

12201May 2017
Sailing Around the World We Go

Sailing - Around the World We Go!I'm looking to get a sailboat, schooner preferably, and sail around the world. So I created this group, so I connect with others and maybe togethe...

14931May 2017May 2017
grannys Nights Feel free to talk text

granny's Nights (Feel free to talk/text)My intention to create this group is some of few members who are above 50 or divorced grand ladiesand who suffer to talk with youngers, so i created f...

31418May 2017
Widows and widower meet and greet

Widows and widower meet and greetThis group was created for those who have known true love and lost it, but believe they can find it again. A place where others understand what you ar...

27035Apr 2017
Global Language Exchange

Global Language ExchangeIf you would like to learn a new language, improve a language, and make friends while doing so, here is your place. This group if for everybody wh...

21402Mar 2017
spiritual beings

spiritual beingshi im sriram i started this group im a spiritualist here u may find new techniques and learn more and share more about spirituality its not religion b...

21622Jan 2017Aug 3
activity partners in Riyadh

activity partners in RiyadhPeople looking for dating in Riyadh, spend fantastic times or activity partners....

17621Jan 2017Jan 2017
First time using a dateing site

First time using a dateing site.Just to have a chat amongst ourselves maybe to get a few tips on how to use the site and what to look out for. Maybe to help build confidence......

28702Jan 2017
yoga and meditation

yoga and meditationsingle and open minded people who like to cross frontiers of routine, tradition and enclosure...

24402Dec 2016
Fun with Languages

Fun with LanguagesWho want to learn Languages with me,speak in more Languages,maybe we wilL travel together,find Friends.Who wants to learn German?...

27133Sep 2016
Bipolar Unipolar Depression Dating Schizophrenia

Bipolar Unipolar Depression Dating Schizophreniathis group is only for people who are suffering from Bipolar Unipolar Depression or schizophrenia who are finding it difficult to have a date or datin...

48643May 2016Jun 2016

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