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Grow your own food Group

Grow your own food Groupa hands on group to discuss the raising of meat and the growing of fruit and veg the easy way, bee keepers welcome, all my methods are old fashioned a...

2,7521036Apr 2009Nov 2011
Prayer focus

Prayer focusThis is an actual response received at one of our Web sites: "I believe that my pride is keeping me away from the Lord and to excel in life. How do I...

1,113122Aug 2009Oct 2009
Music Trivia Quiz Fun

Music Trivia Quiz FunThis group has been created so that we can torture one another with yet more trivial banality than one could have thought possible. For example, just...

1,681175Apr 2009Nov 2009
AC DC and other hard rock metal bands

AC/DC and other hard rock/metal bandsIt's for AC/DC/metal fans....

2,213412Jun 2009Nov 2009
Lonely but with hopes

Lonely but with hopes....I'm creating it for people that feel like me lonely but with hopes to find their charming person....

6,0088459Jun 2009Jun 2015
New Zealanders anyone interested in them

New Zealanders & anyone interested in them!Just want to see how many NZers on here and see if they are having success with this sight and hopefully this group will help with that!...

3,0862719Apr 2009May 2016
I want to be your only and unique love

I want to be your only and unique love!For people who agree that love means to love a special and unique person, not love itself... And btw, does the so called Big Love exist?? Or we just r...

1,628418Mar 2011
Concrete Plaster Lawn Ornaments Statues Moulds

Concrete / Plaster Lawn Ornaments, Statues &Mouldsl would like to meet others interested in making concrete / plaster lawn ornaments, statues & planters, with moulds....

6201Aug 4

RASTA LOVERSTHIS GROUP IS MADE FOR THE RASTA / DREADLOCK LOVERS! Find you girl or boy that rasta and reggae connect them! peace love unity :)...

51704Feb 2016
First time using a dateing site

First time using a dateing site.Just to have a chat amongst ourselves maybe to get a few tips on how to use the site and what to look out for. Maybe to help build confidence......

28902Jan 2017
Rock Music Music Amazing

Rock Music + Music = Amazingwe just join Rock People who are Rock and listen Rock and Love rock and Rock. Ok? Yeah !...

1,73155Nov 2010Dec 2010
Women who wrestle

Women who wrestle.To allow those who share the interest of wrestling and or catfighting either generally or as a fetish to connect and/or interact....

6912Nov 23Nov 27
Master seeking female sub

Master seeking female subfor females looking for a Male Dom...

5402Dec 15
Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle RidersDiscuss Rides and motorcycles...

3,9289622Apr 2009Apr 2015
yoga and meditation

yoga and meditationsingle and open minded people who like to cross frontiers of routine, tradition and enclosure...

24602Dec 2016
Environmental Health

Environmental HealthDiscussing Health and Environmental Issues affecting our everyday Well-being and/or Illnesses! Environment...

2,479454Apr 2009Dec 2012
grannys Nights Feel free to talk text

granny's Nights (Feel free to talk/text)My intention to create this group is some of few members who are above 50 or divorced grand ladiesand who suffer to talk with youngers, so i created f...

31418May 2017
cat friends

cat friendsthis is a group for one of mans best friend...

2,3151217Sep 2009Aug 31
Friends of Bill W

Friends of Bill W.For people to share their experiences, strenght and hope with eachother....

2,1462410Jul 2009Sep 2010
Classic Foreign Art Films

Classic/Foreign/Art FilmsFor those interested in films beyond this week's Hollywood blockbuster. (And for poking fun at same.) Discuss, analyze and recommend films!...

2,3293010Apr 2010Mar 2016
Bad Boys

Bad Boysmeet good friends....................................

1,8751539Jul 2013Jan 2014
Deep and dark

Deep and darkFor secret consultancy...

4811Dec 14Dec 14
Global Language Exchange

Global Language ExchangeIf you would like to learn a new language, improve a language, and make friends while doing so, here is your place. This group if for everybody wh...

21402Mar 2017
The Travellers Group

The Travellers Group!!!!!This group is for WORLD travellers who would like to meet a partner that also travels, Because lets face...

4,42177114Jan 2013Aug 12

HIV POSITIVE LIVINGI create ths group to teach each other about HIV some people are still scared to talk about it or even admit they still live in denail my aim as some...

9311Nov 25Nov 25
Ladies Find your man in here

Ladies Find your man in hereI have created this site for women to meet Men for chat / cam / play Post here to what you are looking for eg, Hook up / NSA / Long-term.............

1,876645Sep 2014Mar 2015
Foodies Corner

=Foodies Corner=Do you love food? Then join in sharing recipes, good restaurant advice and general chit chat surrounding glorious food!...

3,0838814May 2009Jul 2013
Jobs Demands Offers Group

Jobs Demands & Offers Group(1).For members who are unemployed and are actively searching for jobs anywhere (2). Members who have information about jobs demands or offers anywher...

1,830413Jun 2011
Traditional Dating

Traditional DatingThis is a group for people who do not want to play "the guessing game" of trying to figure out if the person you are dating has old fashioned traditio...

2,0272113Jun 2011Jan 2016
Im a nerd and im proud of it

I'm a nerd and i'm proud of itthe purpose of the group is to get other members online to express what they would like about anything nerdy or geeky. It was created so that maybe me...

1,912169Jun 2009Aug 2014
Lets Communicate How will we know each other

Let's Communicate, How will we know each other?Ok, so I have looked in at the groups, joined some, try to communicate, but there is a lack of communication. We all know that some are here on CS loo...

14724Aug 3Jan 22
people looking for honest love

people looking for honest love ...This group is to help other loving people find true love in a cold fearful world ... THIS IS NOT A SAME SEX ABOMINATION GROUP WHAT SO EVER. PLASE DONT...

2,3321472Nov 2012Sep 9
music and concerts

music and concertsjust want to get in contact with people who have an interest in music and concerts wherever they live...

2,3881314May 2009May 2011
Se habla espaol

Se habla españolUnir a los hispano hablantes de CS...

391454Jul 2017Aug 27
Foreign exchange market investment interest group

Foreign exchange market investment interest groupThe foreign exchange market is the most popular investment nowadays, and its profit is very high. I hope everyone can learn it together and earn profi...

3000Jan 11
Coffee House for the Writers

Coffee House for the Writers!This group is a group of writers, by the writers and for the writers!...

2,681578Apr 2009Jun 2009
where are the good women looking for a good man

where are the good women looking for a good manthis a place for singles to meet....

15,738236279Jan 2010Nov 19
blueners official f4f club

bluener's official f4f clubhuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

11,4212,10811Jul 2012Apr 2013
Analytical Minds

Analytical MindsEnjoy questioning questions? Finding reasons for the unreasonable? things like that? Come on in and see if this groups for you!...

5,57824433Apr 2009May 2013
Test group

Test groupDetail fdafdsa fdsa fds fdsa fdsa fsd...

3901Feb 2
irish singles

irish singlesGeneral discussion group talk about anything...

4,3671753Jan 2010Dec 23
Ireland Group

Ireland GroupThis group is for all the irish ppl on cs to get together...

3,3962121Oct 2009Nov 2013
riannie: "Does anyone really know me?"(meet us in the quizzes)

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