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dog lovers community Group

dog lovers communityFor dog lovers, what kind of dogs you owned or would like to own? share your story here i own a labrador retriever name max...

7,73415194Jul 20097 mins agoSep 24
Single Parents Group

Single ParentsThe purpose of this group is to have a meeting place for single parents. We can share parenting tips, problems, frustrations, joys, laughter, and sup...

8,43011889Jun 20097 mins agoJul 2018
Poetry Group

Poetry GroupThis is a place where we can discuss new topics for poetry projects or challenges, talk about well known poets that we like - even Shakespeare! Hopefu...

7,53923970Jul 20117 mins agoFeb 28
Christian singles Group

Christian singlesThis group is for Christians who would like to meet other Christians to build a relationship for possible marriage...

3,2203184Jul 201511 mins agoMar 2021
looking for true love Group

looking for true loveim really looking for someone to love, tired of getting hurt. i have so much love to give....

1,254126Nov 201714 mins agoSep 2021
Cougar Where older women date younger men Group

Cougar (Where older women date younger men )where quality cougar woman seeking for a perfect cougar dating meets, share knowledge and experience about dating younger.....

9,78465259Mar 201157 mins agoSep 17
40 plus friendship group

40 plus friendship groupRelationships can be complicated and difficult but you can never have too many friends . The purpose of this group is to form fun friendships just for...

13,246115322Mar 20111 hrs agoSep 5
The Travellers Group

The Travellers Group!!!!!This group is for WORLD travellers who would like to meet a partner that also travels, Because lets face...

5,37679125Jan 20132 hrs agoFeb 2021
Native BBW Dating Group

Native BBW Dating GroupThis is a Indigenous native american BBW (BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN) Group for all Lovely and Curvy Native Ladies plus size native women and the MEN who lov...

44205Mar 20213 hrs ago
Sex lovers Group

Sex loversfor sex relationships , SEX chat , flirting , hot talk sexy chat etc...

31,759201991May 20123 hrs agoJun 8
Lonely but with hopes Group

Lonely but with hopes....I'm creating it for people that feel like me lonely but with hopes to find their charming person....

7,0258970Jun 20093 hrs agoDec 2021
karaoke lovers Group

karaoke loversto share karaoke songs and stories...

1,09423Jan 20124 hrs ago
Widows and widower meet and greet Group

Widows and widower meet and greetThis group was created for those who have known true love and lost it, but believe they can find it again. A place where others understand what you ar...

977512Apr 20175 hrs agoDec 2021
i want to go canada Group

i want to go canadahi hi come and join this group...

4,2713576Apr 20115 hrs agoJun 15
Alone and Broken Heart People Group

Alone and Broken Heart Peoplethis is the group dedicated to all those who are alone like me. so that we can share our feelings. because to be alone is very painful...

4,6646769Jun 20115 hrs agoJul 2016
30 Something Group

30 Something...This group is for those 30 something people who want to share and connect with other 30 something singles. Have fun and enjoy!!...

2,1971014Jul 20115 hrs agoOct 2012
Metaphysical and higher consciousness group

Metaphysical and higher consciousness groupThis group is to create an opportunity for people who are on the path of enlightenment to relate, share and discuss ideas, beliefs, wisdom...

3,8505638Jul 20115 hrs agoSep 5
Discordians must tick apart Group

Discordians must tick apartMain topic of the room is The Lady of Discord... Eris and How I Found Goddess And What I Did To Her When I Found Her. Yet we can talk about most thing...

27101Mar 20185 hrs ago
back to the roots Group

back to the rootswe have to learn again as we used to live, free from all that the system has, I can pass on a lot of old knowledge, crafts, in many ways,...

30902Apr 20186 hrs ago
Respect group

Respect groupRespect for all people...

708198Jun 20186 hrs agoSep 2020
Oddballs crazies and wingnuts unite Group

Oddballs, crazies and wingnuts... uniteThe Rev is taking some time off from crafting, creating and doing his thang. Taking a lil time to reach out to my wingnuts out there in the world....

33011Jun 20186 hrs agoJun 2018
Jobs Demands Offers Group

Jobs Demands & Offers Group(1).For members who are unemployed and are actively searching for jobs anywhere (2). Members who have information about jobs demands or offers anywher...

2,269412Jun 20116 hrs ago

ATHEISTS, AGNOSTICS AND FREE THINKERSGroup founded for like minded individuals....

1,923512Feb 20136 hrs agoAug 2016
Single Farmers Group

Single Farmerssingle farmers both men and women who wants to have formal chat in an effort to get to know each other and anyone who wants to take the opportunity to...

2,461717Jul 20116 hrs agoJun 2018
Internet business Group

Internet businessHome based businesses, the how and why this is a great idea...

2,159120Jun 20136 hrs agoMar 2021
Best friends forever Group

Best friends foreverthe purpose of this grp is to make gud and real friends,,,,,,,,i have created dis grp becoz i m friendly guy and i want alot of friends from all over...

1,892614Oct 20116 hrs ago
Interracial older women dating young guys Group

Interracial older women dating young guysThe purpose of this group is to bring people of all ages and races to share there experiences of life and looking for the one to make their lives atle...

57518Oct 20196 hrs agoJun 2020
Plattsburgh New York Group

Plattsburgh New YorkJust to share and chat...

18101Aug 20196 hrs ago
shy singles Group

shy singlesthis group is for shy people who sometimes find it hard to meet someone new.....

9,15875227Jul 20116 hrs agoJan 2021
true Born again Christians looking for marriage Group

true Born again Christians looking for marriageFemales sold out to God, ministry minded and marriage minded, a place to post if tat is you if there are any on this site, I joined due to it was call...

4,4691327Jul 20116 hrs agoOct 2015
friends4friends Group

friends4friendsThis group is simply for friends. It does not matter you are a man or a woman. If you look for somebody to talk to via the Internet this group is for...

2,7951035Sep 20126 hrs agoMay 2019
women 40 with small children still at home Group

women 40+ with small children still at home....the reason for this group is to discuss children and how our dating fits in. Do you find it hard to get a serious relationship going? How hard is it...

1,600316Sep 20126 hrs agoMay 2018
Hot Rods and custom classic cars Group

Hot Rods and custom classic carsim just interested in what people have out there stashed away....different countries have some real unique any car buffs here?...

2,406236Jun 20096 hrs agoMar 2013


3,7903327Jun 20096 hrs agoJul 2013
come chill relax and get to know me ill make it Group

come chill relax and get to know me ill make itmy group is for people to get to know other good people not just talk about sex but talk about interst and whatever else interesting people want to kn...

12,602113180Aug 20097 hrs agoOct 7
Kitchen Italian Genuine quick Group

Kitchen Italian Genuine quick........Delicious Italian Dishes, prepared in 20 or 30 minutes maximum. Buon Giorno e Buon Appettito!!!...

2,419346Feb 20117 hrs agoJul 2015
Lonely Heart Club Group

Lonely Heart ClubI decided to sponsor this group because I'm a seperated spouse and I'm seeking Love & Marriage for the second time around.If you...

7,3919875Apr 20097 hrs agoFeb 2021
spiritual science Group

spiritual sciencediscussions which try to merge the spiritual concepts with scientific ones....

2,647389Apr 20097 hrs agoApr 17
Vegetarian Vegan Group

Vegetarian & Vegan GroupFor vegetarian & vegan & fruitarian people to get to know one another, exchange recipes, ideas, post questions. For non-vegetarians t...

2,7171326Jul 20107 hrs agoAug 12
Guitar Players Group

Guitar PlayersTo exchange guitar works , ideas and discuss technique ....

2,161811Jul 20107 hrs agoMar 2012
where are the good women looking for a good man Group

where are the good women looking for a good manthis a place for singles to meet....

18,309260341Jan 20107 hrs agoApr 21
Online Live Nude Cam Job Invitation Group

Online Live Nude Cam Job InvitationThis group is being created so that people can find a profitable platform at home...

39321May 20217 hrs agoOct 8

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