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Here is a list of Groups ordered by Last Viewed, posted by members. A Group is organized to give members who share a common interest, background or belief a place to share ideas and discussion about their specific interest. It's often hard to get to know new people in a big place. Joining a small group will help connect you to like-minded members in a more intimate environment. Join a group or start your own! Click here to create a group.

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dream research and discussions group

dream research and discussions groupif you think it is fun to expore variouse depths of meaning of dream interpretation you will like this group...

2,3803713Mar 201135 mins agoAug 13
people looking for honest love Group

people looking for honest love ...This group is to help other loving people find true love in a cold fearful world ... THIS IS NOT A SAME SEX ABOMINATION GROUP WHAT SO EVER. PLASE DONT...

3,3431584Nov 201256 mins agoJun 6

SCOTLAND GroupTo promote Scotland and it's culture, scenery, history, humour, poetry, music, literature, art, architecture...

6,42022545Dec 20091 hrs agoNov 3
single ladies seeking man group

single ladies seeking man groupEvery-one who's interested to join&chat also comunicate with people....

1,128321Jan 20182 hrs agoOct 1
Medicine Group

MedicineI'm creating this group to meet people around the world who work in medical industry (like me). And also we can talk and discuss about diagnostics, di...

35113Jun 20182 hrs agoSep 2020
looking for true love Group

looking for true loveim really looking for someone to love, tired of getting hurt. i have so much love to give....

999124Nov 20173 hrs agoSep 21
Sweden Group

SwedenSweden, join all who living in Sweden, who like Sweden or who want visit... Ask questions, we try answer :)...

3,4781336Jan 20103 hrs ago
Online Live Nude Cam Job Invitation Group

Online Live Nude Cam Job InvitationThis group is being created so that people can find a profitable platform at home...

18312May 113 hrs agoAug 9
Cougar Where older women date younger men Group

Cougar (Where older women date younger men )where quality cougar woman seeking for a perfect cougar dating meets, share knowledge and experience about dating younger.....

9,43863250Mar 20113 hrs agoJul 2020
I want to get married Group

I want to get marriedDo you still believe in marriage in nowadays?or you prefer to stay single?...

12,658114257Dec 20093 hrs agoJul 3
dog lovers community Group

dog lovers communityFor dog lovers, what kind of dogs you owned or would like to own? share your story here i own a labrador retriever name max...

7,13614991Jul 20094 hrs agoSep 1
i want to go canada Group

i want to go canadahi hi come and join this group...

4,0293173Apr 20115 hrs agoAug 23
BBW Fan Club Group

BBW Fan ClubThis is a BBW (BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN) Group for all Lovely and Curvy Ladies and the MEN who love us. Go ahead and Join this is a great way to conect wit...

36,827375301Apr 20095 hrs agoAug 20
Native BBW Passions Group

Native BBW PassionsWelcome to "Native BBW Passions" and don't be shy....this is the place to meet, greet, and even find love if you can with stand the heat to seek the o...

11601Jan 76 hrs ago
Widows and widower meet and greet Group

Widows and widower meet and greetThis group was created for those who have known true love and lost it, but believe they can find it again. A place where others understand what you ar...

823510Apr 20176 hrs agoDec 2
Teachers of the World Group

Teachers of the WorldI thought it`d be fun to get to know and share experiences with other fellow teachers from all over the world. Interested?...

3,0163426Apr 20096 hrs agoSep 2017
Fun with Languages Group

Fun with LanguagesWho want to learn Languages with me,speak in more Languages,maybe we wilL travel together,find Friends.Who wants to learn German?...

51134Sep 20167 hrs ago
40 50 year old Group

40-50 year oldwhere people our age can mingle......

7,0662392Mar 20117 hrs agoNov 2020
where are the good women looking for a good man Group

where are the good women looking for a good manthis a place for singles to meet....

17,915254337Jan 20107 hrs agoSep 13
The Sisterhood Group

The SisterhoodThis group is for wom...

4,2711235Apr 20097 hrs agoSep 2009
LGBT Group

LGBTFor me personally I am confused and I would love to get advice from anyone willing to give it. This group doesn't accept hate of any kind and I would...

2,773841Sep 20147 hrs agoAug 9
No drama No games No liars Group

No drama, No games, No liarsThis group was created to weed through those who are not here for a real relationship....

16,187260418Apr 20118 hrs agoFeb 10
travelling partner Group

travelling partnerPurpose is to connect people who like to travel and discover the world. And for those who want to find a t...

8,614138170Nov 20108 hrs agoFeb 9
Best Recipes Group

Best Recipes GroupFor all those wanting to collect a variety of excellent recipes, good enough to serve to the Queen. Please enter your recipe here.[/col...

2,5948321Apr 20109 hrs agoMay 2014
Retired Group

Retired GroupRetirement is a milestone in life. Freedom from the work environment allows time to be use for our own pleasure. Singles in retirement can have a ha...

4,0459732Apr 200911 hrs agoMar 2019


1,412111May 201412 hrs ago
music and concerts Group

music and concertsjust want to get in contact with people who have an interest in music and concerts wherever they live...

2,8871518May 200912 hrs agoJul 27
Nick Abbot Fans LBC Radio Fri Sat Sun Group

Nick Abbot Fans (LBC Radio Fri/Sat/Sun)To connect Nick Abbot Fans (LBC Radio Fri/Sat/Sun)...

7001Mar 2013 hrs ago
Gamers Club Group

Gamers ClubThis group is opened for members who would like to find people that have the same interest as themselves. Those who smash in Xbox, play on PS3 or any...

3,2382218May 200914 hrs agoJan 2018
Motorbike Club Group

Motorbike ClubLooking to meet people who ride or pillion any type of bike...

65638Mar 201615 hrs ago
karaoke lovers Group

karaoke loversto share karaoke songs and stories...

1,04123Jan 201215 hrs ago
Motorcycle Riders Group

Motorcycle RidersDiscuss Rides and motorcycles...

4,3789925Apr 200915 hrs agoJan 2
Native BBW Dating Group

Native BBW Dating GroupThis is a Indigenous native american BBW (BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN) Group for all Lovely and Curvy Native Ladies plus size native women and the MEN who lov...

18304Mar 715 hrs ago
irish singles Group

irish singlesGeneral discussion group talk about anything...

5,1341755Jan 201016 hrs agoDec 2017
spiritual beings Group

spiritual beingshi im sriram i started this group im a spiritualist here u may find new techniques and learn more and share more about spirituality its not religion b...

57034Jan 201716 hrs agoMay 2018
Single Parents Group

Single ParentsThe purpose of this group is to have a meeting place for single parents. We can share parenting tips, problems, frustrations, joys, laughter, and sup...

7,92611890Jun 200917 hrs agoJul 2018
Poetry Group

Poetry GroupThis is a place where we can discuss new topics for poetry projects or challenges, talk about well known poets that we like - even Shakespeare! Hopefu...

6,98523667Jul 201117 hrs agoNov 19
Inter Racial Relationship Group

Inter Racial RelationshipTo create one race among all races, ensure friendship, love, affection and common sense that we are all one in all we are not different from one anoth...

10,624106167Aug 200918 hrs agoJun 24
United In Age Gap Dating Group

United In Age-Gap DatingThis is a meeting place at Connecting Singles for guys seeking to date younger women, and younger women seeking to date older men. Preferably for long...

8,59179174Nov 201018 hrs agoAug 24
Swirls Club Interracial dating Group

Swirls Club: Interracial datingThis group is for all the people Black and White who want to love and be loved by any person that has true love. Critics are welcome but plse, no rude...

5,9853483Jun 201018 hrs agoAug 19
Atheists Agnostics Free Thinkers Skeptics Group

Atheists, Agnostics, Free Thinkers, SkepticsWelcome to the god-free zone. Void of religions, hokus-pokus and guilt. "All religions think other religions are full of superstitions and worship f...

3,2361721Sep 200919 hrs agoAug 2014
Traditional Dating Group

Traditional DatingThis is a group for people who do not want to play "the guessing game" of trying to figure out if the person you are dating has old fashioned traditio...

2,5462325Jun 201120 hrs agoNov 8

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