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Fu kit Bucket List Group

Fu.kit Bucket ListOpposite of bucket list...

5801Mar 2726 mins ago
The Holodeck Group

The HolodeckThe Holodeck is a simulated reality facility located on starships and starbases in the fictional Star Trek universe. The holodeck is depicted as an en...

2,020335Jul 20091 hrs agoJul 2009
Language Swapping Online Group

Language Swapping OnlineLanguage Swapping Online If you have 1 or 2 hours spare weekly, to teach each other via video call - for females or males Try to learn a new lan...

33917Mar 20222 hrs agoMar 10
friends4friends Group

friends4friendsThis group is simply for friends. It does not matter you are a man or a woman. If you look for somebody to talk to via the Internet this group is for...

3,0831034Sep 20122 hrs agoMay 2019

AUSTRIA GroupThose who are interested in TRAVEL and HIKING in Austria, their CULTURE (e.g. their great MUSIC CULTURE) and would like to...

2,8192522Dec 20124 hrs agoNov 15
dog lovers community Group

dog lovers communityFor dog lovers, what kind of dogs you owned or would like to own? share your story here i own a labrador retriever name max...

8,55713296Jul 20094 hrs agoAug 2023
The Undiscovered Love Group

"The Undiscovered Love Group"If you are new to this dating site and want to be noticed more by other members, or if you haven't made any friends or good connections with other mem...

3,0751125Dec 20105 hrs agoNov 2011
Interracial older women dating young guys Group

Interracial older women dating young guysThe purpose of this group is to bring people of all ages and races to share there experiences of life and looking for the one to make their lives atle...

1,019117Oct 20195 hrs agoJun 2020
How loneliness is damaging our health Group

How loneliness is damaging our healthOlder people who are lonely can join this group so we can build a community of CS. We can talk to each other about any topics, make friends, reach out...

472136May 20235 hrs agoDec 13
Willing To Move For Love USA SINGLES ONLY Group

Willing To Move For Love -USA SINGLES ONLYTo provide a place to find connection across state lines without limits of imaginary lines....

67609May 20186 hrs ago
Sweden Group

SwedenSweden, join all who living in Sweden, who like Sweden or who want visit... Ask questions, we try answer :)...

4,1101355Jan 20106 hrs agoAug 2023
Single Farmers Group

Single Farmerssingle farmers both men and women who wants to have formal chat in an effort to get to know each other and anyone who wants to take the opportunity to...

2,777825Jul 20118 hrs agoApr 12
true Born again Christians looking for marriage Group

true Born again Christians looking for marriageFemales sold out to God, ministry minded and marriage minded, a place to post if tat is you if there are any on this site, I joined due to it was call...

4,8081332Jul 20119 hrs agoApr 13
Best Recipes Group

Best Recipes GroupFor all those wanting to collect a variety of excellent recipes, good enough to serve to the Queen. Please enter your recipe here.[/col...

2,8734820Apr 201010 hrs agoMay 2014
Widows and widower meet and greet Group

Widows and widower meet and greetThis group was created for those who have known true love and lost it, but believe they can find it again. A place where others understand what you ar...

1,330719Apr 201711 hrs agoApr 12

INCREDIBLE INDIAI have noticed that many non-Indians have multiple wrong ideas about India and Indians. It’s time to revive. "We owe a lot to the Indi...

4,5134923Nov 201111 hrs agoAug 2021
Se habla espaol Group

Se habla españolUnir a los hispano hablantes de CS...

3,4124514Jul 201711 hrs agoJun 2023
Buddhist Singles Group

Buddhist SinglesJust a group for other like minded men and women who are also followers of the Dharma to hang out and chat with one another :)...

1,794211Nov 201412 hrs agoOct 2019
The Secret to Manifesting Group

The Secret to ManifestingThe purpose of this group is to bring together like-minded members where we can explore ways to better use our marvellous mind, especially to create n...

98336Sep 201712 hrs agoDec 2020
Tattoo Lovers Looking To Get a New One Group

Tattoo Lovers- Looking To Get a New One?Tattoo Lovers- Looking To Get a New One? Find It Here For everybody looking at getting a new tattoo check out: This group...

1,57744Jul 201312 hrs agoApr 2023
Retired Group

Retired GroupRetirement is a milestone in life. Freedom from the work environment allows time to be use for our own pleasure. Singles in retirement can have a ha...

4,8789638Apr 200913 hrs agoMar 2019
Single parents Group

Single parentsIt's for single mothers and fathers who are serious in a serious relationship...

370412Jan 202313 hrs agoAug 2023
Thailand Group

ThailandDogs. Love. Free languages classes...

22002Jul 202114 hrs ago
Mafilly Group

MafillyHello My Friends Contact me Instagram??

12011Oct 3115 hrs agoOct 31
Ireland Group

Ireland GroupThis group is for all the irish ppl on cs to get together...

4,3402030Oct 200916 hrs agoOct 7
irish singles Group

irish singlesGeneral discussion group talk about anything...

5,5691860Jan 201016 hrs agoMay 8
Misfits Group

MisfitsIf you feel like you don't really fit in any of the groups listed so far then join here....

4,2139414Jul 200916 hrs agoAug 2011
people looking for honest love Group

people looking for honest love ...This group is to help other loving people find true love in a cold fearful world ... THIS IS NOT A SAME SEX ABOMINATION GROUP WHAT SO EVER. PLASE DONT...

4,45916107Nov 201217 hrs agoFeb 18
Environmental Health Group

Environmental HealthDiscussing Health and Environmental Issues affecting our everyday Well-being and/or Illnesses! Environment...

3,469366Apr 200917 hrs agoMay 2021
Profile Content Group

Profile ContentI have used a tag 'Erotic Chat' , 'Sex Chat', in my Profile Chat, basically because I would like a nice lady/Woman who may also like to enjoy chatting...

22003Feb 202318 hrs ago
Lets Communicate How will we know each other Group

Let's Communicate, How will we know each other?Ok, so I have looked in at the groups, joined some, try to communicate, but there is a lack of communication. We all know that some are here on CS loo...

1,172820Aug 201718 hrs agoJun 2023
Concrete Plaster Lawn Ornaments Statues Moulds Group

Concrete / Plaster Lawn Ornaments, Statues &Mouldsl would like to meet others interested in making concrete / plaster lawn ornaments, statues & planters, with moulds....

49102Aug 201719 hrs ago
First time using a dateing site Group

First time using a dateing site.Just to have a chat amongst ourselves maybe to get a few tips on how to use the site and what to look out for. Maybe to help build confidence......

94405Jan 201719 hrs ago
single ladies seeking man group

single ladies seeking man groupEvery-one who's interested to join&chat also comunicate with people....

2,269436Jan 201819 hrs agoJul 2023
Poetry Group

Poetry GroupThis is a place where we can discuss new topics for poetry projects or challenges, talk about well known poets that we like - even Shakespeare! Hopefu...

8,11917470Jul 201123 hrs agoFeb 2022
Polyamory Group

Polyamory GroupGenerally people who seek to be in a (serious) relationship with more than one person, can man or woman or other, can be hetero, gay or bi and so on,...

43037Jan 202223 hrs agoSep 2023
You can find Love Again Group

You can find Love AgainThis group is created for people who believe they can find Love again....

26626Oct 1623 hrs agoDec 13
Weight management Group

Weight managementDue to the sensitive nature of this group I will limit it to invited members only for the moment just to see how it works out but if you do want to jo...

6,5546875Apr 200923 hrs agoJan 2011
Best friends forever Group

Best friends foreverthe purpose of this grp is to make gud and real friends,,,,,,,,i have created dis grp becoz i m friendly guy and i want alot of friends from all over...

2,126716Oct 201123 hrs agoSep 2023
Adult Breastfeeding have you tried it Group

Adult Breastfeeding, have you tried itThe group was made by me and for me. Hoping to get other people like me involved in the fetish ....

15901Sep 202324 hrs ago
Asian Beauties Group

Asian BeautiesAnd the Men who Love to Love Them. This group is solely dedicated to bringing together all the Beau...

9,68577210Jan 2013May 24Jun 2022
LGBT Group

LGBTFor me personally I am confused and I would love to get advice from anyone willing to give it. This group doesn't accept hate of any kind and I would...

3,8731555Sep 2014May 24May 22

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