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Maltese Golf lovers that cannot afford the clubs Group

Maltese Golf lovers that cannot afford the club'sIn Malta, Golf is a sports restricted to the very rich. But this is artificial. The State does not want to sponsor the game in order to leave it for...

4301May 22
Tattooless Fans Seeking Tattooless Fans Group

Tattooless Fans Seeking Tattooless FansTo help tattooless people find other tattooless individuals...

15402Jun 2021
Polyamory experience and chat room Group

Polyamory experience and chat roomConnectingsingles seems to be one of the sites where one can meet real people. Since there doesn't appear to be a polyamory discussion group, it may...

72126Jun 2017May 15
Anti Scammer Group

Anti Scammer GroupPurpose of this group is for caring members to bring awareness and enlightenment to members about the pitfalls, pain and suffering caused by the ruthl...

21525Mar 2021Apr 2021
Real dating people online Group

Real dating people onlineTo find true dating real people serious but fun...

40305Aug 2019
Fck The New World Order Group

F*ck The New World OrderI want people to wake up to what is happening in our world. Yes our world, not the greedy power hungry elitists who run it. If something is not done s...

3,8735125Aug 2009May 12
xnx573nd Group

xnx573nd[email protected]#[email protected]$%&$#%--%$&--&%% Girls%%%%&--$##$&++-&%$#%...

55903Apr 2019
Metal Group

Metalyou are playing or listening Metal-music...

26112Oct 2018May 5
single ladies seeking man group

single ladies seeking man groupEvery-one who's interested to join&chat also comunicate with people....

1,289322Jan 2018Oct 2021
Best friends forever Group

Best friends foreverthe purpose of this grp is to make gud and real friends,,,,,,,,i have created dis grp becoz i m friendly guy and i want alot of friends from all over...

1,892614Oct 2011
spiritual science Group

spiritual sciencediscussions which try to merge the spiritual concepts with scientific ones....

2,647389Apr 2009Apr 17
Medicine Group

MedicineI'm creating this group to meet people around the world who work in medical industry (like me). And also we can talk and discuss about diagnostics, di...

42814Jun 2018Sep 2020
English Teachers Group

English TeachersWe can exchange tests,teaching matterials and form international sister school projects together....

2,8881419Aug 2009Aug 2018
LBC Radio Fan Singles For LBC Radio Fan Singles Group

LBC Radio Fan Singles - For LBC Radio Fan SinglesLBC Radio Fan Singles - For LBC Radio Fan Singles Find and message people via this page who love LBC Radio - just like you do :)...

9301Mar 15
Marriage Minded Seeking Marriage Minded over 40s Group

Marriage Minded Seeking Marriage Minded - over 40sThis is to help people seeking a serious relationship, with marriage in mind :) Over 40s...

32905Oct 2020
Poetry Group

Poetry GroupThis is a place where we can discuss new topics for poetry projects or challenges, talk about well known poets that we like - even Shakespeare! Hopefu...

7,53823970Jul 2011Feb 28


3,7903327Jun 2009Jul 2013
Tattoo Lovers Looking To Get a New One Group

Tattoo Lovers- Looking To Get a New One?Tattoo Lovers- Looking To Get a New One? Find It Here For everybody looking at getting a new tattoo check out: This group...

1,31533Jul 2013Aug 2021
Scammers Group

ScammersFor people to be aware of much people are here with fake profile!!BE AWARE!!!!!...

21813Jan 2021Mar 6
Love giving o*al Club Group

Love giving o*al ClubHookup and having fun and getting naughty a partner to fulfill your fantasy...

67934May 2019Sep 2019
Russia vs The World Group

Russia vs The WorldThe purpose of my group is to see if there is real understanding, love and compassion left in this world, or are we the people being indirectly contr...

9301Mar 1
Se habla espaol Group

Se habla españolUnir a los hispano hablantes de CS...

3,0884710Jul 2017Feb 16
Crown affair group

Crown affair groupFor women wishing to share ideas and benefit from my opinion on all matters. Must desire healthy lifestyle and come up with tasty recipes, which shoul...

11611Feb 15Feb 15
cat friends Group

cat friendsthis is a group for one of mans best friend...

2,6701217Sep 2009Aug 2017

SPANISH SPEAKERS OR LEARNERS GROUPConversación, literatura, foros, arte, chistes......

3,51915139Jan 2013Dec 2016
Experience A New Life in Ethiopia Group

Experience A New Life in EthiopiaI would like to introduce my country Ethiopia to the world, especially those group interested in experiencing new life and want to get off the routine...

28902Jun 2019
BENIDORM 2010 April 10 17 Group

BENIDORM 2010 ( April 10-17 )A place to share information on travel, accommodation, activities etc .. anything basically. Here's to a fantastic CS event folks :-) Big than...

2,5967113Feb 2010Mar 2010
Pacific Islander Group

Pacific Islander GroupIt's 2022 and welcome to the group. While we are seeking our future companion, let's not forget to discuss on issues affecting our small islands espec...

10902Jan 15
Native American BBWS Group

Native American BBWSNative Americans now have a great platform to connect with other singles who share a passion for Native American culture and keen to meet like minded...

28504Jan 2021
Buddhist Singles Group

Buddhist SinglesJust a group for other like minded men and women who are also followers of the Dharma to hang out and chat with one another :)...

1,565212Nov 2014Oct 2019
Lonely but with hopes Group

Lonely but with hopes....I'm creating it for people that feel like me lonely but with hopes to find their charming person....

7,0258970Jun 2009Dec 2021
Respect group

Respect groupRespect for all people...

708198Jun 2018Sep 2020
The Sisterhood Group

The SisterhoodThis group is for wom...

4,3811235Apr 2009Sep 2009
Swirls Club Interracial dating Group

Swirls Club: Interracial datingThis group is for all the people Black and White who want to love and be loved by any person that has true love. Critics are welcome but plse, no rude...

6,1863584Jun 2010Dec 2021
Interracial older women dating young guys Group

Interracial older women dating young guysThe purpose of this group is to bring people of all ages and races to share there experiences of life and looking for the one to make their lives atle...

57518Oct 2019Jun 2020
Classic Foreign Art Films Group

Classic/Foreign/Art FilmsFor those interested in films beyond this week's Hollywood blockbuster. (And for poking fun at same.) Discuss, analyze and recommend films!...

2,738309Apr 2010Mar 2016
Cougars and cubs Group

Cougars and cubs!Are you a mature lady?Do you prefer younger males? Join in! Are you a male?Are you under 35? Do you prefer mature ladies? Join in!...

11601Oct 2021
Native American Passions Group

Native American PassionsNative Americans, Aboriginals and First Nations are out there who want to meet you! Joining our group is the first step in meeting that special person...

9401Oct 2021
Native American BBWS Group

Native American BBWSWelcome to "Native American BBWS" and don't be shy....this is the place to meet, greet, and even find love if you can with stand the heat to seek the...

11001Oct 2021
Plattsburgh New York Group

Plattsburgh New YorkJust to share and chat...

18101Aug 2019
The Travellers Group

The Travellers Group!!!!!This group is for WORLD travellers who would like to meet a partner that also travels, Because lets face...

5,37679125Jan 2013Feb 2021
Super Sized BBW and Men who adore them Group

Super Sized BBW and Men who adore themFor people with things in common to meet...

92774Apr 2019Jun 2019

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