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Bdsm lovers

Bdsm loversThis group is a place for open minded individuals to discuss the topic of Bdsm fetish without fear of judgement....

6202Jan 8
Foreign exchange market investment interest group

Foreign exchange market investment interest groupThe foreign exchange market is the most popular investment nowadays, and its profit is very high. I hope everyone can learn it together and earn profi...

3000Jan 11
Fun with Languages

Fun with LanguagesWho want to learn Languages with me,speak in more Languages,maybe we wilL travel together,find Friends.Who wants to learn German?...

27133Sep 2016
Guitar Players

Guitar PlayersTo exchange guitar works , ideas and discuss technique ....

1,744810Jul 2010Mar 2012
Master seeking female sub

Master seeking female subfor females looking for a Male Dom...

5402Dec 15
Australian Singles

Australian SinglesPeople in Australia looking to meet other singles for friendships, relationships, dating or other events...

3,4141626Jul 2009Feb 2017
Se habla espaol

Se habla españolUnir a los hispano hablantes de CS...

391454Jul 2017Aug 27
horse lovers

horse loversto share ideas on horse ownership...

3,5145820May 2009Jan 2013
come chill relax and get to know me ill make it

come chill relax and get to know me ill make itmy group is for people to get to know other good people not just talk about sex but talk about interst and whatever else interesting people want to kn...

11,310105170Aug 2009Oct 12

friends4friendsThis group is simply for friends. It does not matter you are a man or a woman. If you look for somebody to talk to via the Internet this group is for...

1,915923Sep 2012Aug 2016
Widows and widower meet and greet

Widows and widower meet and greetThis group was created for those who have known true love and lost it, but believe they can find it again. A place where others understand what you ar...

27235Apr 2017
Good men looking for classy but older women

Good men looking for classy but older womenThe purpose of this group is to encourage good people to enter into the group and really find quality people who enjoy quality lives - not expensive b...

1,417220Dec 2013
Lusophony Lusofonia

Lusophony / LusofoniaWelcome to the Lusophony! Dedicated to all people who are interested and like the old and beautiful language of Camoes, this is the group to...

7611Dec 16Dec 16
Deep and dark

Deep and darkFor secret consultancy...

4811Dec 14Dec 14
Coffee House for the Writers

Coffee House for the Writers!This group is a group of writers, by the writers and for the writers!...

2,681578Apr 2009Jun 2009
bloggers platonic stories ideas photo pets

bloggers' platonic stories,ideas,photo,petsany non-s*xual topics are ideal;post about your life, family,pets.if your blog is at the regular section it does appear on a google search[...

2,2324014Feb 2013May 2016
Ladies Find your man in here

Ladies Find your man in hereI have created this site for women to meet Men for chat / cam / play Post here to what you are looking for eg, Hook up / NSA / Long-term.............

1,876645Sep 2014Mar 2015
Asian Beauties

Asian BeautiesAnd the Men who Love to Love Them. This group is solely dedicated to bringing together all the Beau...

6,27464171Jan 2013Dec 5


3,3313326Jun 2009Jul 2013
DateHookup Rejects

DateHookup RejectsPeople from their late 30's to their early 50's can join...

3,26337712Mar 2011Aug 2012
TrioLove girls who like guys and girls

TrioLove, girls who like guys and girlsLooking to establish a true TrioLove Lifestyle....

12002Sep 3
Women who wrestle

Women who wrestle.To allow those who share the interest of wrestling and or catfighting either generally or as a fetish to connect and/or interact....

6912Nov 23Nov 27

HIV POSITIVE LIVINGI create ths group to teach each other about HIV some people are still scared to talk about it or even admit they still live in denail my aim as some...

9311Nov 25Nov 25
Hot Rods and custom classic cars

Hot Rods and custom classic carsim just interested in what people have out there stashed away....different countries have some real unique any car buffs here?...

2,132237Jun 2009Mar 2013
women 40 with small children still at home

women 40+ with small children still at home....the reason for this group is to discuss children and how our dating fits in. Do you find it hard to get a serious relationship going? How hard is it...

1,001212Sep 2012Aug 18
Cape Town Muslim dating for singles

Cape Town Muslim dating for singlesThe purpose of the group is to provide a platform for single muslims,, seeking their other half. To meet fellow singles, share experiences, learn fro...

7211Nov 19Nov 19
Asia Circle

Asia CircleThe group is open to all Asians and who feel like to be in Asia....

2,7083218Apr 2009Jan 2014
Baby Boomers 44 64

Baby Boomers (44-64)To connect with individuals in our age group that may have common interests, lifestyles, seeking relationships, fun, activities, travel, etc. Creat...

3,0913123Jun 2010Mar 2012

CLASSICAL MUSICDiscussion of the great masterpieces of the classical masters (composers). Teaching one another to get started learning to enjoy classi...

3,52411717Apr 2010Sep 2016
Friends of Bill W

Friends of Bill W.For people to share their experiences, strenght and hope with eachother....

2,1462410Jul 2009Sep 2010
art room

art roomTo display the picture as a online gallery...

1,13025Sep 2014Mar 2016
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and EI Group

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and EI GroupTo provide a safe haven for those with MCS and EI. To provide a friendly atmosphere for the opposite sexes to openly talk with compassion and underst...

5101Oct 13
music and concerts

music and concertsjust want to get in contact with people who have an interest in music and concerts wherever they live...

2,3881314May 2009May 2011
Global Language Exchange

Global Language ExchangeIf you would like to learn a new language, improve a language, and make friends while doing so, here is your place. This group if for everybody wh...

21402Mar 2017
Italian Ceramic Animal Statues Group

Italian Ceramic Animal Statues GroupI started with (1) 84cm Black Panther from an importer & (1) 92cm? white 31yr old Jaguar statue ... I bought 10 more statues from the importer, wh...

6001Oct 3
Polyamory experience and chat room

Polyamory experience and chat roomConnectingsingles seems to be one of the sites where one can meet real people. Since there doesn't appear to be a polyamory discussion group, it may...

18903Jun 2017
Tall singles

Tall singlesWell I am looking for a tall girlfriend and that is how came the idea. So all tall women of the group are invited to join...

75423Feb 2015
Alone and Broken Heart People

Alone and Broken Heart Peoplethis is the group dedicated to all those who are alone like me. so that we can share our feelings. because to be alone is very painful...

3,9796769Jun 2011Jul 2016
Single Farmers

Single Farmerssingle farmers both men and women who wants to have formal chat in an effort to get to know each other and anyone who wants to take the opportunity to...

1,841611Jul 2011Dec 2015
Opportunities at home

Opportunities at homeI created this group as the interview manager,work at home and earn big paywith no stress...Can you do Data Entry?...

15824Jul 27Sep 13
Teachers of the World

Teachers of the WorldI thought it`d be fun to get to know and share experiences with other fellow teachers from all over the world. Interested?...

2,6233417Apr 2009Sep 3
Canadian Hosers

Canadian HosersSocialize with fellow Canadians Use British spelling LOL Celebrate our 2 months of thaw...

1,6191111Apr 2011Mar 2015
Juneau: "Who's Singing?"(meet us in the quizzes)

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