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Best friends forever Group

Best friends foreverthe purpose of this grp is to make gud and real friends,,,,,,,,i have created dis grp becoz i m friendly guy and i want alot of friends from all over...

2,095715Oct 2011Sep 23
Best Recipes Group

Best Recipes GroupFor all those wanting to collect a variety of excellent recipes, good enough to serve to the Queen. Please enter your recipe here.[/col...

2,8464819Apr 2010May 2014
Sweden Group

SwedenSweden, join all who living in Sweden, who like Sweden or who want visit... Ask questions, we try answer :)...

4,0271354Jan 2010Aug 6
Adult Breastfeeding have you tried it Group

Adult Breastfeeding, have you tried itThe group was made by me and for me. Hoping to get other people like me involved in the fetish ....

13201Sep 17
Environmental Health Group

Environmental HealthDiscussing Health and Environmental Issues affecting our everyday Well-being and/or Illnesses! Environment...

3,436366Apr 2009May 2021
People addicted to LBC Radio Group

People addicted to LBC RadioPeople addicted to LBC Radio...

8202Sep 8

ATHEISTS, AGNOSTICS AND FREE THINKERSGroup founded for like minded individuals....

2,089412Feb 2013Aug 2016
Addicted to LBC Radio singles Group

Addicted to LBC Radio singlesAddicted to LBC Radio singles...

10702Sep 8
friends4friends Group

friends4friendsThis group is simply for friends. It does not matter you are a man or a woman. If you look for somebody to talk to via the Internet this group is for...

3,0531034Sep 2012May 2019
Im a nerd and im proud of it Group

I'm a nerd and i'm proud of itthe purpose of the group is to get other members online to express what they would like about anything nerdy or geeky. It was created so that maybe me...

2,3691811Jun 2009May 2018
30 Something Group

30 Something...This group is for those 30 something people who want to share and connect with other 30 something singles. Have fun and enjoy!!...

2,4321014Jul 2011Oct 2012
Single parents Group

Single parentsIt's for single mothers and fathers who are serious in a serious relationship...

339411Jan 2023Aug 28
Metaphysical and higher consciousness group

Metaphysical and higher consciousness groupThis group is to create an opportunity for people who are on the path of enlightenment to relate, share and discuss ideas, beliefs, wisdom...

4,2855138Jul 2011Sep 2022
First time using a dateing site Group

First time using a dateing site.Just to have a chat amongst ourselves maybe to get a few tips on how to use the site and what to look out for. Maybe to help build confidence......

89404Jan 2017
Metal Group

Metalyou are playing or listening Metal-music...

42112Oct 2018May 2022
Respect group

Respect groupRespect for all people...

9431610Jun 2018Sep 2020
Guitar Players Group

Guitar PlayersTo exchange guitar works , ideas and discuss technique ....

2,349811Jul 2010Mar 2012
Interracial Native Dating Group

Interracial Native DatingAre you a single Native American and looking for some Romantic adventures? Then you come to the right place and welcome to the Interracial Native Dati...

42203Jan 2021
Profile Content Group

Profile ContentI have used a tag 'Erotic Chat' , 'Sex Chat', in my Profile Chat, basically because I would like a nice lady/Woman who may also like to enjoy chatting...

19503Feb 2023
Photography Group

PhotographyThis group is for photography enthusiasts looking to learn and share new photography tips and tricks. Feel free to share your views and advice. This f...

3,1363319May 2011May 2014
love to see a lady in hose and heels Group

love to see a lady in hose and heelslooking to meet ladys that like to wear hose and heels...

39702Dec 2019
Experience A New Life in Ethiopia Group

Experience A New Life in EthiopiaI would like to introduce my country Ethiopia to the world, especially those group interested in experiencing new life and want to get off the routine...

41703Jun 2019
art room Group

art roomTo display the picture as a online gallery...

1,62826Sep 2014Mar 2016
Single Parents Group

Single ParentsThe purpose of this group is to have a meeting place for single parents. We can share parenting tips, problems, frustrations, joys, laughter, and sup...

8,953087Jun 2009Jul 2018
Gamers Club Group

Gamers ClubThis group is opened for members who would like to find people that have the same interest as themselves. Those who smash in Xbox, play on PS3 or any...

3,5321817May 2009Jan 2018
Photography Group

PhotographyWhether an enthusiast, pro or anything in between, this group is for all to discuss, offer tips and advice to other likeminded people who wish to lear...

2,8081020Nov 2010Aug 2018
Motorbike Club Group

Motorbike ClubLooking to meet people who ride or pillion any type of bike...

86438Mar 2016
Real dating people online Group

Real dating people onlineTo find true dating real people serious but fun...

67229Aug 2019Feb 2023
Outdoor Activities Group

Outdoor ActivitiesTaking time out to appreciate the simple things in life......

22843Jan 2023Jan 2023
come and laugh Group

come and laughI want to make people laugh, because it is the best medicine for fresh heart...

49113Feb 2020May 2021
yoga and meditation Group

yoga and meditationsingle and open minded people who like to cross frontiers of routine, tradition and enclosure...

75303Dec 2016
Asia Circle Group

Asia CircleThe group is open to all Asians and who feel like to be in Asia....

3,3743120Apr 2009Jan 2014

INCREDIBLE INDIAI have noticed that many non-Indians have multiple wrong ideas about India and Indians. It’s time to revive. "We owe a lot to the Indi...

4,4784923Nov 2011Aug 2021
blueners official f4f club Group

bluener's official f4f clubhuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

12,43107Jul 2012May 2020
Looking for my soulmate group

Looking for my soulmate groupFor members on the lookout for the same interest of a serious relationship . Chatting together and then who knows what life can bring ?? !!...

34703Aug 2021
Motorcycle Owner Group

Motorcycle Owner GroupThis is a group dedicated to meet bikers who have own motorcycle that might like to meet and greet, If you're interested in, welcome to this group. we...

1,179129May 2016Mar 2022
Thailand Group

ThailandDogs. Love. Free languages classes...

20102Jul 2021
Tattooless Fans Seeking Tattooless Fans Group

Tattooless Fans Seeking Tattooless FansTo help tattooless people find other tattooless individuals...

31402Jun 2021
spiritual science Group

spiritual sciencediscussions which try to merge the spiritual concepts with scientific ones....

2,78409Apr 2009Apr 2022
Medicine Group

MedicineI'm creating this group to meet people around the world who work in medical industry (like me). And also we can talk and discuss about diagnostics, di...

55313Jun 2018Sep 2020
cat friends Group

cat friendsthis is a group for one of mans best friend...

2,8121017Sep 2009Aug 2017
BENIDORM 2010 April 10 17 Group

BENIDORM 2010 ( April 10-17 )A place to share information on travel, accommodation, activities etc .. anything basically. Here's to a fantastic CS event folks :-) Big than...

2,7806313Feb 2010Mar 2010

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