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Motorbike Club

Motorbike ClubLooking to meet people who ride or pillion any type of bike...

40537Mar 2016
Prayer focus

Prayer focusThis is an actual response received at one of our Web sites: "I believe that my pride is keeping me away from the Lord and to excel in life. How do I...

1,113122Aug 2009Oct 2009
Ireland Group

Ireland GroupThis group is for all the irish ppl on cs to get together...

3,3962121Oct 2009Nov 2013

SwedenSweden, join all who living in Sweden, who like Sweden or who want visit... Ask questions, we try answer :)...

2,8591331Jan 2010
Best friends forever

Best friends foreverthe purpose of this grp is to make gud and real friends,,,,,,,,i have created dis grp becoz i m friendly guy and i want alot of friends from all over...

1,533612Oct 2011
God fearing Love

God fearing LoveTo find true love. God stay you have to love others the way he love us. This group is for people who believe love still exist. [...

67238Sep 2015Oct 2015
cat friends

cat friendsthis is a group for one of mans best friend...

2,3151217Sep 2009Aug 31
Kitchen Italian Genuine quick

Kitchen Italian Genuine quick........Delicious Italian Dishes, prepared in 20 or 30 minutes maximum. Buon Giorno e Buon Appettito!!!...

2,088345Feb 2011Jul 2015
Car Pool

Car PoolMy group Here to get me back home to the west coast thanks for your help im in Denver Colorado and could use a car ride out of this place the weather...

5801Aug 7
Gardeners Delight

**Gardeners Delight**Share gardening tips and stories with people from around the globe!...

3,25414319Apr 2009Aug 5
Concrete Plaster Lawn Ornaments Statues Moulds

Concrete / Plaster Lawn Ornaments, Statues &Mouldsl would like to meet others interested in making concrete / plaster lawn ornaments, statues & planters, with moulds....

6201Aug 4
spiritual beings

spiritual beingshi im sriram i started this group im a spiritualist here u may find new techniques and learn more and share more about spirituality its not religion b...

21622Jan 2017Aug 3
Sri Lanka South Africa Pleasure Business travel

Sri Lanka & South Africa. Pleasure/Business travelThis is to assist those who want to be welcomed as a friend, not as a tourist and plan your journey to suite you personal needs and tastes. For trave...

12301May 2017
dream research and discussions group

dream research and discussions groupif you think it is fun to expore variouse depths of meaning of dream interpretation you will like this group...

2,0303610Mar 2011Jan 2014
Fck The New World Order

F*ck The New World OrderI want people to wake up to what is happening in our world. Yes our world, not the greedy power hungry elitists who run it. If something is not done s...

3,2814721Aug 2009Sep 2011
EMICRO ONE electric microscooter

EMICRO ONE electric microscooterScootering ...all makes of electric scooters welcome ...some handbooks & 19 out of 20 independent reviews are sadly, almost completely lacking...

11001Jul 2017
The Things With Wings Group

'The Things With Wings Group'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb...

2,073413Aug 2012Jul 2017
Left Wing Utopia

Left Wing UtopiaTo unite all of those with left wing sentiment and who want to know that they can always find someone to talk to and empathise with about similar thin...

13912Jun 2017
Bad Boys

Bad Boysmeet good friends....................................

1,8751539Jul 2013Jan 2014

PhotographyWhether an enthusiast, pro or anything in between, this group is for all to discuss, offer tips and advice to other likeminded people who wish to lear...

2,1531015Nov 2010
Tattoo Lovers Looking To Get a New One

Tattoo Lovers- Looking To Get a New One?Tattoo Lovers- Looking To Get a New One? Find It Here For everybody looking at getting a new tattoo check out: This group...

93213Jul 2013
Sailing Around the World We Go

Sailing - Around the World We Go!I'm looking to get a sailboat, schooner preferably, and sail around the world. So I created this group, so I connect with others and maybe togethe...

14931May 2017May 2017
The Undiscovered Love Group

"The Undiscovered Love Group"If you are new to this dating site and want to be noticed more by other members, or if you haven't made any friends or good connections with other mem...

2,3501123Dec 2010Nov 2011
spiritual science

spiritual sciencediscussions which try to merge the spiritual concepts with scientific ones....

2,222366Apr 2009Apr 2011
yoga and meditation

yoga and meditationsingle and open minded people who like to cross frontiers of routine, tradition and enclosure...

24602Dec 2016
Traditional Dating

Traditional DatingThis is a group for people who do not want to play "the guessing game" of trying to figure out if the person you are dating has old fashioned traditio...

2,0272113Jun 2011Jan 2016

PhotographyThis group is for photography enthusiasts looking to learn and share new photography tips and tricks. Feel free to share your views and advice. This f...

2,4153720May 2011May 2014
activity partners in Riyadh

activity partners in RiyadhPeople looking for dating in Riyadh, spend fantastic times or activity partners....

17621Jan 2017Jan 2017
Buddhist Singles

Buddhist SinglesJust a group for other like minded men and women who are also followers of the Dharma to hang out and chat with one another :)...

86306Nov 2014

AUSTRIA GroupThose who are interested in TRAVEL and HIKING in Austria, their CULTURE (e.g. their great MUSIC CULTURE) and would like to...

1,460229Dec 2012Sep 2013
The Sisterhood

The SisterhoodThis group is for wom...

3,7761232Apr 2009Sep 2009
Muslim people in the world

Muslim people in the worldi like know about muslim people aruond the world , their realationship , their culture , their problem , ......... you can share this with all people...

4,28610147Dec 2010Sep 2016
Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle RidersDiscuss Rides and motorcycles...

3,9289622Apr 2009Apr 2015
Best Recipes Group

Best Recipes GroupFor all those wanting to collect a variety of excellent recipes, good enough to serve to the Queen. Please enter your recipe here.[/col...

2,2038319Apr 2010May 2014
AC DC and other hard rock metal bands

AC/DC and other hard rock/metal bandsIt's for AC/DC/metal fans....

2,213412Jun 2009Nov 2009
For everyone who loves God and who seeks God

For everyone who loves God and who seeks GodIn this group you can share your own thougts about God,Creator,ask questions,debate,give testimony .....

3,3885627Aug 2009Feb 2014
karaoke lovers

karaoke loversto share karaoke songs and stories...

77423Jan 2012
true Born again Christians looking for marriage

true Born again Christians looking for marriageFemales sold out to God, ministry minded and marriage minded, a place to post if tat is you if there are any on this site, I joined due to it was call...

3,9981324Jul 2011Oct 2015
Rock Music Music Amazing

Rock Music + Music = Amazingwe just join Rock People who are Rock and listen Rock and Love rock and Rock. Ok? Yeah !...

1,73155Nov 2010Dec 2010

MICHAEL JACKSON, I love you…My Tribute to Michael Jackson's life & allow others: 1: To help resolve their grief over his untimely loss. 2: To express their POSITIVE feeling...

1,643124Jan 2010Apr 2013
Foodies Corner

=Foodies Corner=Do you love food? Then join in sharing recipes, good restaurant advice and general chit chat surrounding glorious food!...

3,0838814May 2009Jul 2013
Music Trivia Quiz Fun

Music Trivia Quiz FunThis group has been created so that we can torture one another with yet more trivial banality than one could have thought possible. For example, just...

1,681175Apr 2009Nov 2009

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