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Sustainable Community Regional Victoria Australia Group

Sustainable Community Regional Victoria AustraliaI want to find people who are interested in setting up a community to live & grow veges on land in regional Victoria Australia....of course you need t...

21214Jun 2021Jun 2021
TrioLove girls who like guys and girls Group

TrioLove, girls who like guys and girlsLooking to establish a true TrioLove Lifestyle....

57503Sep 2017
dream research and discussions group

dream research and discussions groupif you think it is fun to expore variouse depths of meaning of dream interpretation you will like this group...

2,4593713Mar 2011Aug 2021
Environmental Health Group

Environmental HealthDiscussing Health and Environmental Issues affecting our everyday Well-being and/or Illnesses! Environment...

3,093508Apr 2009May 2021
Best Recipes Group

Best Recipes GroupFor all those wanting to collect a variety of excellent recipes, good enough to serve to the Queen. Please enter your recipe here.[/col...

2,6838321Apr 2010May 2014
friends with heart Group

friends with hearti am looking for people who love to chat and socilise with others. people who are willing to be there if anyone needs some advice on anything....

3,9277651Oct 2010Feb 2021
True love Group

True loveLove Thai people Foreigners...

12201Jul 2021
music and concerts Group

music and concertsjust want to get in contact with people who have an interest in music and concerts wherever they live...

2,9751518May 2009Jul 2021
Germans peoples Find For Mens Group

Germans peoples Find For MensFinding German men and women for getting married....

64413Jul 2018Aug 2018
back to the roots Group

back to the rootswe have to learn again as we used to live, free from all that the system has, I can pass on a lot of old knowledge, crafts, in many ways,...

30902Apr 2018
LBC Radio Fans People addicted to LBC Radio Group

LBC Radio Fans - People addicted to LBC RadioTo connect LBC Radio Fans - those who seem to be addicted to LBC Radio :)...

15701Jun 2021
rockville swingers Group

rockville swingersthis group is for locals to meet and form relationships, or have one night stands please join....

39003Jul 2019
Friends of Bill W Group

Friends of Bill W.For people to share their experiences, strenght and hope with eachother....

2,5572411Jul 2009Sep 2010
I want to be your only and unique love Group

I want to be your only and unique love!For people who agree that love means to love a special and unique person, not love itself... And btw, does the so called Big Love exist?? Or we just r...

4,775638Mar 2011Apr 2019
Bad Boys Group

Bad Boysmeet good friends....................................

2,4051539Jul 2013Jan 2014
Internet business Group

Internet businessHome based businesses, the how and why this is a great idea...

2,159120Jun 2013Mar 2021
women 40 with small children still at home Group

women 40+ with small children still at home....the reason for this group is to discuss children and how our dating fits in. Do you find it hard to get a serious relationship going? How hard is it...

1,600316Sep 2012May 2018
Interracial Native Dating Group

Interracial Native DatingAre you a single Native American and looking for some Romantic adventures? Then you come to the right place and welcome to the Interracial Native Dati...

20802Jan 2021
helping others Group

helping otherssimply created to help one another because we all were affected by covid ....please only real people here...match making is allowed too for us to meet...

10700May 2021
Tribal Native Passions Group

Tribal Native PassionsWelcome to "Tribal Native Passions" and don't be shy....this is the place to meet, greet, and even find love if you can with stand the heat to seek th...

17102Jan 2021

AUSTRIA GroupThose who are interested in TRAVEL and HIKING in Austria, their CULTURE (e.g. their great MUSIC CULTURE) and would like to...

1,9192210Dec 2012Sep 2013
Teachers of the World Group

Teachers of the WorldI thought it`d be fun to get to know and share experiences with other fellow teachers from all over the world. Interested?...

3,0973426Apr 2009Sep 2017
Foodies Corner Group

=Foodies Corner=Do you love food? Then join in sharing recipes, good restaurant advice and general chit chat surrounding glorious food!...

3,6188914May 2009Nov 2018
Analytical Minds Group

Analytical MindsEnjoy questioning questions? Finding reasons for the unreasonable? things like that? Come on in and see if this groups for you!...

6,41024539Apr 2009Aug 2019
No Covid hysteria Group

No Covid hysteriaAfter a year of constant bans and orders, it is clear from the sun that it is a virus, much less a deadly virus. If that were the case, I would have...

19632Feb 2021Mar 2021
God love Group

God love ??Pleople should not of black and yellow god love in your heart ?? Do believe Jesus is your lord and savior I’m strong with lord if believe in him...

15801Mar 2021
Nick Abbot Fan Singles LBC Radio Fri Sat Sun Group

Nick Abbot Fan Singles (LBC Radio Fri/Sat/Sun)To connect Nick Abbot Fan Singles (LBC Radio Fri/Sat/Sun) Find other Nick Abbot fan singles here - message them 100% FREE now :) Listen together...

15401Mar 2021
The Secret to Manifesting Group

The Secret to ManifestingThe purpose of this group is to bring together like-minded members where we can explore ways to better use our marvellous mind, especially to create n...

78337Sep 2017Dec 2020
Bipolar Unipolar Depression Dating Schizophrenia Group

Bipolar Unipolar Depression Dating Schizophreniathis group is only for people who are suffering from Bipolar Unipolar Depression or schizophrenia who are finding it difficult to have a date or datin...

1,09668May 2016Nov 2020
Blues n Blues rock Group

Blues n Blues rockFor all that believe, if it ain't got soul it ain't got nothing!!!??...

13401Feb 2021
Mountain bikers CS Group

Mountain biker's CSSharing all things to do with mountain biking, bikes, mechanical tips, riding techniques and tips, the different tracks and styles.. Anything up for d...

24042Aug 2020Jan 2021
Native American Passions Group

Native American PassionsNative Americans now have a great platform to connect with other singles who share a passion for Native American culture and keen to meet like minded...

20311Jan 2021Jan 2021
Motorcycle Riders Group

Motorcycle RidersDiscuss Rides and motorcycles...

4,4619925Apr 2009Jan 2021
Squash in Qawra Group

Squash in QawraThe play squash regularly in Qawra...

17501Dec 2020
Dating group for motorcyclists Group

Dating group for motorcyclists.For male and female bikers to find their life partner....

30712Apr 2020Apr 2020
Concrete Plaster Lawn Ornaments Statues Moulds Group

Concrete / Plaster Lawn Ornaments, Statues &Mouldsl would like to meet others interested in making concrete / plaster lawn ornaments, statues & planters, with moulds....

36202Aug 2017
AC DC and other hard rock metal bands Group

AC/DC and other hard rock/metal bandsIt's for AC/DC/metal fans....

2,545413Jun 2009Nov 2009
Sex group Group

Sex group! :)The purpose of my group is to find men, who want to talk about the sex!!!!! I created it, because I want to find very hot, handsome, attractive, roman...

75606May 2019
Willing To Move For Love USA SINGLES ONLY Group

Willing To Move For Love -USA SINGLES ONLYTo provide a place to find connection across state lines without limits of imaginary lines....

41804May 2018
spiritual beings Group

spiritual beingshi im sriram i started this group im a spiritualist here u may find new techniques and learn more and share more about spirituality its not religion b...

63734Jan 2017May 2018
Those drawn to the Viking Era 725 1100 AD Group

Those drawn to the Viking Era: 725-1100 ADI have started a local 'social' group where we interact about Viking Life creating our own 'kits', taking on a persona, having "Things" ( their view o...

12801Nov 2020
Mature women interested in younger men in Alabama Group

Mature women interested in younger men in AlabamaFor mature women to connect with younger men (mainly me)...

46603Jan 2019

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