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Top 17 most Common Scams on a Dating Site?1 hrs ago47,182373May 17
Top 13 warning signs that a member is a Scammer?2 hrs ago26,707503May 17
How do I Log Out?2 hrs ago9,2675May 25
Why can't I Login?27 mins ago6,9924May 17
What is Romance Scam?19 hrs ago4,815154May 17
How do I cancel my account?4 hrs ago4,14313May 25
Why is my profile NOT approved yet? Is something wrong?11 hrs ago3,40942Oct 2017
How can I know if a member is who they say?12 hrs ago2,26748Nov 2017
How do I join hrs ago2,1924May 15
Why did my profile get deleted?Aug 92,0368Oct 2017
How can I block a member and keep them from contacting me?Aug 111,84119May 17
I am not receiving mail notices from ConnectingSingles when I get email on the site.10 hrs ago1,8264May 16
Is Connecting Singles really FREE? If so, why?Aug 91,71818May 17
Can members be banned from this site?Aug 111,5804Nov 2017
Top 26 Scammer Excuses to get your email address?Aug 71,55658Dec 2017
So will I ever find 'the ONE' and who can I trust?9 hrs ago1,40276Nov 2017
How do I Edit my Profile?Aug 91,3467May 25
Why do I have to enter a Captcha Code every time I login?Aug 91,2611Nov 2017
Why is it bad to give out my email address when someone asks for it right away?Aug 91,25724May 17
How do I hide my profile?10 hrs ago1,1474May 25
What is Top 100 and how does it work?14 hrs ago9610May 25
My mail disappeared with a member I was talking to10 hrs ago9483Nov 2017
How do I post a Vlog (a Video Blog)?Aug 99300Oct 2017
I received a notice that I have mail on the site, but it is not there.23 hrs ago8694Nov 2017
Why did my photo get deleted (or get moved from being primary)?Aug 118660May 17
What happens when I cancel my account?Aug 108409Oct 2017
They say they can't upload a photo... how likely that is true?22 hrs ago83224May 16
Can I change my username?10 hrs ago7405May 25
What happens when I hide my profile?10 hrs ago72310May 21
How do I Reactivate my Account (after I have cancelled it)?5 hrs ago7083Oct 2017
Cookie Login Problems27 mins ago7020May 16
Why does my profile say that I'm online, when I'm not?Aug 86714May 17
How do I upload a photo to my Profile?11 hrs ago6383May 25
Someone on the site is asking me for money. Should I help them?Aug 86056May 17
What if I forget my password?12 hrs ago5510May 17
How do I change my password?Aug 105060May 25
How long does it take to Register?Aug 84813May 15
Why would someone ask me to mail or IM them on another site, when mail & IM here is FREE?Aug 104806May 17
What happens when I Block someone?14 hrs ago4701Nov 2017
How do I UN-hide my profile?18 hrs ago4500May 25
My password appears in the login box whenever I visit Connecting Singles. How do I stop this?Aug 84481May 16
The login page keeps appearingAug 74110May 16
Someone I was chatting with, now it says they are hidden. What does this mean?10 hrs ago4113May 17
What to consider when choosing my Username?Aug 84022Nov 2017
Why are my messages blocked?Aug 63951May 16
If I delete a sent message, does it delete it from the receiver's inbox?7 hrs ago3942Nov 2017
How do I delete my photo?Aug 103854May 25
How do I UN-block a member once I've blocked them?20 hrs ago3680May 25
I am having trouble uploading or emailing my photo.22 hrs ago3552May 21
How do I send my photos to CS by EMAIL?10 hrs ago3480May 25
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