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Q. Why did my photo get deleted (or get moved from being primary)?

A. Photos are an option, not a requirement. If you wish to have a photo with your profile, upload photos according to the rules. Photos that break the rules or are not appropriate for this site are deleted.

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. Your photo represents you to members who don't know you and, like it or not, you will be judged by what you choose to display. So think about what your photos 'say' about you.


  • PRIMARY photo must be of YOU and must show YOUR face clearly.
  • Do NOT include CHILDREN for SAFETY reasons.
  • Must match your stated gender.
  • No celebrities, models, copyrighted or altered images, cartoons, or drawings.
  • No special effects or frames.
  • No nudity, obscenity, sexual or offensive photos, display of weapons, or illegal activity.
  • No photos in which you are, or appear to be under age 18 years.
  • Tiny photos do not post well and will be deleted.
  • Dark, blurry or poor quality photos will not be posted.
  • Must be in .jpg format, no larger than 200kb.
**A nude or obscene photo will get you permanently banned from this site.

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